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Patrick R cleaning up before it's too late !  
It's nice and I liked it enough when we saw it in person, but the brown/charcoal balmacaan we bought is quite a bit nicer IMO.
They're perfect!
Carry over from the 46 measurements - we'll fix those, thanks
Bunch of new and restocked Rotas are up online now               
If omitting 2 and 4 entirely is an option, I agree with ^
3 1 4 2
Comparison shot.   Fox is very slightly darker - almost same shade of grey.   Texture is obviously different  
Can you hard refresh?  There must be a cache issue here
Actually, most 50R were pre-ordered when we took pre-orders a few months ago The grey Fox flannel one is available in 50R right now and some restocks are coming on previous styles Flapped pockets.  One got tucked in somehow and we missed it.
New Posts  All Forums: