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Go for satin or shantung lapels. Black tie is not the time to be shy with subtle lapel facing. Embrace the festive nature of that garment. Please don't put two vents in there
So who here is coming tonight?
I'm not sure. I would think it should be OK but NR doesn't own the factory so whenever they run out of anything, we have to wait until the next season production to get it.Just a few more hours. I don't understand how you can see or gauge the rise of the trousers from this pic since the waistband is covered. They could come up to his ribs and you wouldn't see it on the pic (they don't btw... They're the usual medium rise trousers)
I would produce the receipt to show her that it was absolutely not cheap.
Are you going to give a piece of fabric to Carl to burn?
One thing to note about Schneider pre-orders: if you are a size VII, please be informed that we are probably not going to stock this size this coming fall season. So, if you have your eyes on any of the pieces being discussed here, pre-ordering will be the way to go.
You would need to have a negative 150% margin to make well constructed pants in good quality fabrics outside of a low cost country that could retail for $50. anyone who has bought quality cloth and can do the math of multiplying minimum wage by number of hours of work required to make trousers will reach the same conclusion.
 Salt & pepper will resolve a little bit darker than PoW from a distance 
 Size V for a lean fit, size VI for a looser/roomier fit Illustrative explanation: A size V will fit like what you see on the model.    A size VI will fit you like the IV on Kyle.   You can see the difference in fit, shoulders, etc... a little drop in the shoulders and roomier overall 
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