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 I'm not claiming to be an expert, or more an expert than anyone.  It's just my personal opinion looking at that shoulder.  I would probably caution against going for a spalla camicia based on that picture, and maybe revert to something a little simpler. I'm not sure I can explain why that shoulder is not well executed, because it is an aesthetic point of view.  Just like a buttonhole can look beautiful or grossly done, so can a shoulder.   Objectively speaking, it is...
I was going to post the opposite statement
Btw, I probably should have posted this here too. I know several of you wanted to see the new NoMan cut. First peek
The characteristic styling elements of that coat are that it has a strong shoulder (padded) and a very low buttoning point.  It gives it a more fashion forward silhouette than the type of jackets we sell from the Italian makers or Camoshita
The stuff at the show is most likely Ciro model.   Our new style is somewhere between Lorenzo and Ciro, with some changes.
 Yes we have Fahrenheit in two fabrics - Night and Ocean  There are several fabric books prepared by Eidos.   Eidos MTO/MTM is limited to those fabric books, no CMT.    It is not possible for us to photograph or scan all fabrics, but we can try to pre-select some based on what a remote customer is looking for.  Otherwise, it is much better to be here in person and see the fabric books.  MTO is standard sized, MTM allows for some modifications from standard sizes, like...
 That's the jacket of a Tallia di Delfino fresco suit. I'd say a couple weeks or so  Yes, but do you know your size?
Fresh out of the box - worldwide premiere pics of the new Eidos cut for NoMan :          Thank you @NickPollica for working with us to improve an already great design !
Our developers have been trying to fix it forever. Something in the interaction between the main store software and the shopping software that conflicts... I'm thinking we're probably better off having a non-linked tracker there rather than continue to spend developer $ on trying to fix it
New Posts  All Forums: