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Welcome to the NoMan family, Lesca !   We're very happy to have another French maker in our store.     Great little family business with a very unique taste anchored in mid-century modern traditions and proportions.   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/makersinfo/view/id/182/            
 Yep that plan is already in the works
 That would be very $$$ though.  I'm sure we can find alternatives in wool/angora or wool/cash mixes that come without the premium pricing of the LP tag
Vancloth is the same idea
I'd recommend your normal size. But going up one wouldn't be the end of the world IMO
If that's the one I'm thinking of, it is much greyer and a bit darker than the one referenced here. It's also only 9 oz
That could be nice. If we get a few more people interested, I can look for suitable fabric options.
Yes. Half size down pretty much across the board w Heschung.
Not all shirts are cut the same way and the pattern determines how the sleeve head fits the upper arm - so comparing shoulder measurements if you're comparing shirts patterned very differently can sometimes result is confusion (at best) or panic (at worst). Moreover, you'd be comparing shirting (that has zero give or stretch) with piqué (which has stretch and give). Maybe clementines and oranges then?We'll have a 42 at the trunk show so you can gauge for yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: