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 Also the cotton twill 320g fabric.    None of those are particularly heavy - they're mid-weight for cotton and cotton/linen.  
Something closer to white / lighter than oatmeal, like sand or cement.   
Oh I carry my computer, books, travel toiletries, chargers, etc... in mine.  I wouldn't be worried about the sturdiness - it is pretty serious.
Tanino fit a full size larger than tagged.  But if your foot is wide and you're saying that width is OK without sizing down, then maybe you made the right choice.Yes.  We got some good outerwear coming.  Also 6 new makers coming into the fold this fallWell, we will have some stock
 Email us and let's see if we can add a 46 to style(s) you want.  We sent the order this morning so we can probably add a pair or two at this point.
 It's going to be more Tanino - baby calf, leather, canvas and a snuff suede that is lighter than the previous one - really nice color.  
No Buttero pre-orders this season. We did it last season to accommodate those who think they are between sizes, but the number of half size orders was so minuscule that it's clear that a pre-order process isn't needed
They're starting to tickle in but we won't have them all in hand until mid September or so.
Started by making sandals in the Bronze Age?
New Posts  All Forums: