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We did that a couple of times on the CM side. Was a few years ago
I don't mean to disparage the responses given re Borrelli and Barba fits vs Inglese, but the reality is that they don't have much value since there are many different fits - for all three brands.  Every retailer dictates the fit of the shirts they buy from these three makers - I have Borrelli shirts in the same tagged sizes, some fit like tents and others are extra slim... Same goes for Barbaa, and frankly for Inglese too.  We dialed down the specific fit of our G. Inglese...
btw, you guys are so sleeping on the Calabrese knit silk pocket squares - it's not even funny at all.  Those are so unique and a completely different texture in the pocket
^ you forgot to mention angry, xenophobic, bitter guys.    There's a few here too
 That's weird - I'm 6' 2" and never found ts(s) to be short - if anything, the shirts are quite long.   FWIW, ts(s) has always been designed for the western market from Day 1 (not unlike EG), so this is not one where sizing gets difficult.  No, sleeves are not adjustable.  The polo shirts sleeves are 2 cm shorter than the corresponding sized dress shirt's, pre-wash.
Yes. Sleeve length unchanged.I may create a subset of fabrics that gets scanned and put online for MTO shirts. Otherwise, next trunk show or pretty much anytime for people who can come by our office.We won't do BD collars yet as we haven't prototyped it and i don't like the idea of selling something without presenting a sampleThe shirts are not cut )( so is it possible that yours is too tight, creating a stretched shape in chest and hips?
No immediate restock but I will be placing a restock order next week with Inglese. In that context, we'll be opening up pre-orders (or a committed restock, if you prefer) here.One piece of feedback that has been recurring is that the length shrinkage was greater than people expected/liked so we agreed with Angelo to make the next series 3 cm longer, so that the length will be good post multiple washes.
Anyone looking for a job? http://www.extracrispy.com/culture/136/now-hiring-extra-crispy-is-looking-for-a-bacon-critic
That is correct. Dimensional weight can be higher than actual weight
UPS should not charge you for the dimension or weight entered - the quoted rate is indicative only. they scan and weigh all packages when they process them at the facility and adjust the rate (up or down) on the basis of the actual dimensions and weight. The express shipping part sucks
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