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They actually arrived today as well
Received our new shipment of Calabrese bags today. It included restocks of black Napoli bags and both colors of the boiled wool/leather ones. And 8 new styles that are all freaking awesome - some full leather ones (including a leather/suede combo) and several more seasonal canvas/leather combos (including a seersucker and a striped cotton). Photos to come... But I'm excited by these arrivals
First part of @Synthese's interview with the maestro is up on the blog : http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/82100863077/an-interview-with-stephan-schneider-part-1-by
Don't mind the idea of a loft space in general if square footage is limited and ceilings are particularly high. The execution here is pretty awful though. I'd also want to be 100% sure that whoever is doing this is experienced in building structurally sound lofts, especially if it hangs over a an area where people hang like a kitchen and not a closet.
It's about the same weight as the navy. Less coarse of a weave. It's really nice too.
^ my best guess : 40 on P2, 40.5 on U
I agree with that.  US7 should be a good fit for 39 in Buttero.
Unlikely.  Takes a while to make and they're very seasonal.  If you see something you like, grab it now.  (<-- I know I keep saying that but that's true, especially of seasonal items)
Nice shoes too!
Or 5-pocket cords. Faded jeans will work too.
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