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That made-up coat looks quite a bit darker than the cream/brown swatch. Both look like suiting to me as well. The scale of the mini-houndstooth feels a bit small for a sport coat project. Ok for a blazersuit though
Yep. Moisture + removable insole = potential squeaking. Removing moisture with talc / baby powder should work for a while
Nice, ragazzo! That grey jacket is an old custom sport coat in W. Bill tweed. That would be a separate project (if the cloth is still available). That said, we have a special project for Fall with Cantarelli : Harris Tweed sport coats
Here's another shot of the fabric I just came across on the blogosphere
Yeah it was a joke about how the trousers espouse your buttocks perfectly Fit looks great and slim - only you can tell how they feel and if they are too tight when worn. On pics, they're just really flatteringI don't find them too short either. Pretty much perfect length actually. Saved a few alterations bucks there...
^ rated R !
 You would wear a RTW tailored jacket?   I take that as a challenge for our Eidos buy meeting on Monday...
 ts(s) sizing is actually reasonably simple and consistent IME.  For tops,  2=36/XS; 3=38/S; 4=40/M and 5=42/L.   I wear 5 in everything from shirts to jackets and outerwear
There's a limo company that runs shuttles straight between ferry dock and the UES. 8 seater vans. So easy and you don't have to deal with the shite that LIRR is on weekends
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