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 Sorry I missed the "why" I think it's been discussed before... great shoes, questionable business practices/strategy.   Is there anyone left in the US that carries AS?   
 For sure
 We have a few brands that we sell that are more commonly available (Drake's comes to mind) but we do so because we really love the brand.   Carmina is not only widely distributed but it is also sold directly by Carmina under its own retailers - so I'm not sure that we want to step in this...
 I would guess that you're 30 pounds lighter than @Synthese 
 You're definitely not the only one!   This is precisely the reason we developed this rollneck in that yarn with Inis Meain -  you get the look of a turtleneck but with a lot more softness and flexibility around the neck.  It is hard to fully understand until you handle the yarn - those who visited the recent trunk shows could tell.
 He did not size down at all.  The bison one he was wearing in all those pics is a 42, which is his normal size.  
Kent brush
ha ha  #styfodude material right there
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