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Sorry we had a couple of setbacks with product photography that delayed some drops. We're back on track and should drop a few things next week - ts(s), Leder and Camoshita
It's Tobacco
Gotcha - yes we've received part of the order and we'll be able to put everything up once we have all styles and sizes (same for Formosa) - should be a couple weeks.
Interesting.  I'm a 6 in all Schneider sweaters and outerwear, but I need a 7 in shirts.
I think it would fit most of the modern laptops actually, but probably not a 15" laptop  Inside compartment measures 9.5" x 13.5".   A Macbook is 7.75" x 11".  A Macbook Pro 13 is 8.6" x 12.4".  Macbook Air 13 is 9" x 13" so would be the largest laptop I would put in there For reference, the Rake mag is 8.75" x 11.75"  I think I just have big hands...  
So I'm really excited about this new collab design with the good folks at La Portegna       We're going to do a round of custom orders in the next few days - pick your leather color, your monogram initials and color, and get the perfect portfolio for you (or a wonderful gift)
They are The boat builder in 30% cashmere is unreal IRL.     I'm so glad IM was able to work with us to develop the winter tunic because I don't think there are that many winter sweaters out there with a relaxed vibe like that.  Very cool - will look perfect with washed jeans
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