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 I think Jon Moy is consistently hilarious but may well be an acquired taste
Couple of spontaneous write-ups about the Merino re-issue :   http://sabotagetimes.com/fashion-style/stephan-schneider-x-nmwa-merino-coat-aw11-re-issue/ http://four-pins.com/style/stephan-schneider-merino-coat-reissue-no-man-walks-alone-exclusive/
which, combined with my already full closet, makes it even harder to pick only a few pieces every season...This is one of them
Navy as well
My new quilted ts(s) blazer.  I like it      [[SPOILER]]
USPS unless customers want to pay absurd $ for express UPS shipping
It's a worsted from Minnis Classics - 12/13 oz
Some new stuff on this photo here  
Welcome to the club!
New Posts  All Forums: