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Great pics. Niyi was certainly on point with his collection and looks for this "Pitticolor" theme
 I think they're fine for any season, but if anyone prefers to have both winter wool bags and summer canvas/cordura bags, I'd be more than happy to oblige them!  
 As of latest update (June 10), the estimated ship date was "around June 25".   I'll update everyone as soon as we've received the piece and are ready to cut the lengths.
The flip top backpacks are super easy to operate.  The long tabs can actually not slip out of the metal buckles, so one pulls them open and flip the top back to open the backpack (there's a drawstring underneath to also keep the bag contents secure).  To close it, flip the top back up and pull the tabs to secure it close.  
 I was told the whole order was shipping mid-June - I've asked for another update but there's unfortunately nothing I can do beyond pushing on everyone's behalf.  I'll let you know what I hear.  It sounds like there's been several delays (across MTM orders, special projects) over the last few weeks - probably because they're also producing the stock order for FW15?
 The Moon tweed collabs    
 ?   It was amazing this morning on my way to work - not too hot or humid, lovely breeze.  So much nicer than yesterday's muggy weather.
They're ready to drop but we're focusing on the sale right now and dropping new stuff may be confusing.
Wut? It's so nice out there today.
Please don't return empty boxes to us - that would make UPS happy and rich but would be a waste of money and carbon.
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