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Open neck shirt Crewneck knit Turtleneck knit ^ those work best with denim & sport coat. Turtleneck being the option that looks most badass V neck knitwear Cardigan ^ these can work but require more thought and execution prowess (especially v necks which can look really stale and Banana Republic circa 1999) Shirt buttoned up all he way with no tie ^ this can look fantastic but is hardest to execute well. Need a very specific color palette and cuts + a good amount of...
I'm pretty no one ever has to wear a tie with jeans. It's an excellent way to fall into the 90% stitchy referred to.
Nice gloves could also work in the smaller sizes
Suzusan shawl, cashmere ombré scarf, Ettinger tote?
I was asking lefty - trying to understand how shoulders can be messed up if the jacket needs to be shortened and buttonholes to be cut.  If there are no buttonholes yet, it would be very odd to shorten a sleeve from the sleevehead.
They're fine.  Machine-sewn.   I never asked for handsewn buttonholes - too expensive and not worth the cost to me.
They shortened the sleeves from the sleevehead?
He's been doing my alterations for about 10 years.  Very diligent - and if something is not to my liking, he will re-do it as many times as necessary.     Yelp is a horrible source of information for reviews.  Most people posting reviews there have no ideas what they are talking about, across all categories.  It's basically the equivalent of asking your poorly dressed, clueless colleagues for tailor recommendations.      Stick to recommendations on this forum and...
Why don't you just go to Wilfred ?
I believe that's the GRP lambswool A1   I love the clear frame Lunettes sunnies btw !
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