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We have the H&S Dakota book here. What do you need?
They do. "Small travel duffle". 17"
It's 20x10x10
It is the most handsomest travel bag I know
Original estimated delivery was for mid-November but there's been some delays in manufacturing and the latest update this morning is that we should have them in 2 weeks.
Very nice. Coat by Despos?
 OG Evisu
Any alteration tailor can shorten those sleeves. Probably $20-30. Nothing to loose sleep over
guys - I'm sending the Formosa orders to Naples and fabric orders to the various mills today.  If you plan on pre-ordering something and haven't yet, now is the time for another couple hours.
 It's a trim coat for sure, but very smartly tailored.  The sleeves are slim but curved - this is not a coat to be worn on top of a sport coat, the sleeves won't work.  They will feel great with a sweater.   The armhole is one of the smart tailoring features: there is no arm scye.  The cut of the sleeves is similar to the denim jackets, long panels that fold under the arm.     All in all, a really really sharp looking coat - very trim and very comfortable at the same time....
New Posts  All Forums: