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The green is not shiny at all.  The blue is a little more sateeny 
 I wear this all the time.   Like, today.
 It is not in the MTM swatch books
We don't do those on the site homepage as it requires a high level of familiarity with the cut and what to expect from an MTO, and we'd rather reserve those offerings for a more educated customer (like you guys)
The ROI of an MBA for career-switchers switching into a much higher paying job is pretty high.  Payback for most career-switchers into a Wall St job is 2-3 years.     Business school is hard work but especially in the first year, juggling with classes, grade performance and summer recruiting.  Second year is more of a breeze if a full-time offer is in the pocket
I think this one would be a nice addition to the RTW rack so I'm willing to fill the rest of the orders with RTW sizes if we get to 6 pre-orders
Yes, it's a saturated medium blue linen   
I don't want to block ads (they keep SF alive) but I'd love to block autoplay ads... is that an option with adblock?
Can't really see much of a difference.  So if it's a toss-up visually, go with which feels more comfortable
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