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I'm curious to see what people will suggest.  We get that question a lot and I don't have a better answer than Net-a-Porter right now...Yes.  MTO, MTM or bespoke only
 That's correct.   We can also do MTO at any time, which may be better for anyone who needs to specify a specific length (rather than S or L)
It was quite crippling actually.   It was not so much the amount of snow but the slushiness and then freezing of snow.  Roads in the city are still a bit of a mess.  Traffic is unbearably slow
Even bespoke cut from my individual pattern will not fit exactly the same from one jacket to the next. There are so many tensile property and weaving variations from cloth to cloth that expecting exactly the same fit is futile. I pre-order and get the same size in Formosa (and Eidos) every single time - while they all feel a little different, it's never warranted a change of size for me. I don't think pre-orders, custom orders and MTO are for everyone. It's a...
One style of easy pants and some navy cotton seersucker trousers.
We have long sleeve polo shirts from G Inglese and we will have a few this season from camoshita, Naissance and even Frank Leder.
Anti-polo groupthink is most powerful of all sf groupthinks. Can't be topped. Final level boss.
@MrVenneri you also tried on the merlot linen jacket from last summer, right?  Do I remember well that it was also too snug in sz 50?
 With the increase in pre-order activity, we order a lot less units for the rack now.  I think this is the direction our tailored business is going now.  More pre-orders, MTOs, etc... less depth of inventory.  I feel that it's more exciting to have 7 or 8 styles per season than spend all our buy budget on deeper inventory for 3-4 styles.  
 I measured them this morning to make sure we're showing correct information.  Shoulders are generally about 1cm narrower than they've been on most fall winter styles.  I've noticed the same thing last spring.  The summer styles were cut a little bit narrower and slimmer than the winter styles.  
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