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Always!   Love that tie, by the way
More like 10 minutes but I hear you. It's real work. It's worth it, though. Only then can you realize how versatile and well designed this coat is.It just looks great without the hood & liner too. Very clean and completely different from the hooded mode.
Cloth weight. I'm not the guy advocating 16 oz cloth or nothing, but 9 oz is really light and to me that weight just doesn't jibe well with a birdseye weave. 10-11oz is a better weight for birdseye. It will look and drape better
It looks surprisingly great without the liner and hood, buttoned all the way up to the throat latch.
Definitely not "that bad". Just bulkiness caused by the thick knit liner. I've worn it many times all buttoned - still looks a lot cooler open.
Birdseye is a great weave - both DB and SB. I think navy birdseye is an absolute must-have in any closet. So is grey sharkskin.
Yes we do a lot of those
Looks great buttoned without the knit liner. Looks better unbuttoned with the knit liner
I can tell you how it is. If we list 3 measurements, some people will demand a 4th. If we list 4 measurements, some people will demand a 5th. If we list 7 measurements, some people will demand 10. Some people ask us to measure the specific piece that would be shipped to them because there's manufacturing variance between two different size M of the same style. Some people send us a list of 12 items for which they need 6 measurements. Sometimes they say please. ...
Heavier sharkskin > lighter birdseye Heavier birdseye > lighter birdseye
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