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Dressing the part  
They could at least offer larger size options when they market wholesale and then retailers making their buys can decide whether or not they have customers for the larger sizes. The problem is that (IIRC) for example RG's size grid doesn't even go above 52. It's not like RG 54 would be for giants either...
If we do our job semi-properly (big if! ) , all new drops will show up in the new items section
They're like - yo why can't we get a TOJ too like our obnoxious cousin?  
To clarify, we don't have this in place yet.  That's the plan and Antonio also wants to do it, but we don't have swatches, process, etc... in place at this point
 For tops :2 = 36/XS3 = 38/S4 = 40/M5 = 42/L Trousers are roomier - prob full size
 We'd need a small army of interns to make this happen. Or delay everything until early October when we'll have everything ready...  somehow, that doesn't sound like a great idea...
 Nothing set yet but open to suggestions of past grailtastic styles. In the mean time, this season is out of this world - very very strong Schneider season
 Yes, Four Pins 's editor-in-chief if Lawrence Schlossman, the author of FYM.   That's essentially the tone of the publication.   
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