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I wear VI in Schneider outerwear and would take 5 in the ts(s) coat (one of the most slept on items of the season BTWIMO)
Very slim leg with a comfortable top block
 That looks really good.  At the risk of repeating myself, what you describe is the intent of this design.  The Arctic liner will keep you warm, so the cut of the BF is not designed to have very thick layers underneath.   Sometimes, it's harder to assess the fit of something with internal padding like that - it will feel snug (because padding), but that's the point.
guys - any specific requests for fit pics?   
We're holding our fall preview / popup event tomorrow and Saturday here in NYC - everyone who's local, please stop by!   This may be a good opportunity to play dress up and take some shots wearing some of the new fall merchandise - we'll try to do that and post them up here
 For those most bitter cold days, the Moscow will undoubtedly offer more wind and cold protection.  It's longer, cuts the wind and the arctic liner insulates really well. 
@edubs01  they're up now
 It depends on whether you want to layer underneath.   I would say 50 should work for you, unless you'd need to wear a suit/sc underneath
^ correct.  Sam trousers are some of the best casual pants I've seen in a while.    Sal trousers in cream corduroy are freaking unbelievable too
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