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A bit late to the partay but I wanted to say that this is outstanding.
Yes Traffic on the home page and sale URL are very high right now.  It isn't moving.  I'd suggest waiting it out for a while and trying again in a couple hours
Collar popped and waist drawstrings cinched a bit = getting the best out of the Eidos field jacket
Can't blame a community for developing a feeling of community.
But then you never get any jackets finished with working buttonholes? They never match the original buttonholes...Idk, maybe I'm a little too cavalier with this, but it doesn't bother me to have my local guy finish the sleeves on my Formosa jackets.
bit of a risky proposition to have them hemmed and finished in Naples without anyone from Formosa measuring/seeing you. I would not recommend. I'm pretty sure you can find a local tailor for machine-made working buttonholes?
It is very cost-effective marketing and they know it. It allows some of these guys to achieve a notoriety that they could never dream of achieving based on their talent (or lack thereof) alone. With notoriety comes more business and opportunities, and money. I mean, think about the life of Lino before and after the #menswear / Sartorialist coverage. Would he be able to sell hundreds of the most insultingly stupid overpriced neckties with an inane number 7 of them? ...
EFV does a nice job at catching them. The biggest problem is that it is incredibly easy to get some good shots of the peacocks outside - you don't even have to ask, they're all posing already, they even know where the good light is - but it is a lot harder to catch those who are simply well dressed and working the show. For one, they're mostly inside anf the light is nowhere as sexy; and when they're not inside, they're simply arriving or leaving. So you do get a few...
Bespoke tailors do not exhibit at Pitti. It is a trade shows for ready to wear brands. So you will find Kiton, Isaia, Sant'andrea, Sartoria Partrnopea and the likes - but not the bespoke tailors.A lot of bespoke tailors come to Florence for Pitti though - a ton. Some are there to meet their overseas partners (trunk show hosts), some are there to conduct fittings, but they all take some time to walk the trade show. I haven't seen from those established master tailors...
I think I see about 20 or 30 outfits every day there that I think are really great and tasteful. Sure, that's a minority as most are either simply unremarkable (vast majority that are too boring for street photographers and bloggers and that no one therefore ever sees on the internet) or full-retard peacocks (who do it for publicity, not to advance the good taste agenda). I think that, as a general rule, if your Pitti outfit get blogged a lot, it can mean either (a)...
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