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I recognize these people. On the right, our landlord, in the middle is UPS and I'm the dude on the left.
I don't want anyone to feel guilty about returning or exchanging things, as long as you do it in good faith.     If I sometimes vent about a handful of nightmare customers, it isn't meant to make everyone else feel bad about buying and exchanging/returning.  It's a very small number of people who seem to consistently purchase and return - I'm guessing this is some sort of shopaholic condition, something pathological - nothing at all like the return rates you guys are...
 That was a joke - sorry if it wasn't obvious or funny enough!    Of course we would not allow anyone to order all sizes - we would reach out to help with sizing before processing and shipping the order.    Even three sizes of the same item is overboard in one order.  I'm pretty sure we can help anyone narrow down to 2 sizes.  
 S&C cashmere crewneck?  I would say Medium For Port Flannel - your extrapolation is pretty much spot on
 Someone bought all the sizes because he wasn't sure of the fit
 I have a solution for you : order these three + a pair of grey flannel ones.    
That stonewall turtleneck is a beauty  
 Not really.  The magic of precision timekeeping is part of the interest watch enthusiasts have for timepieces.  Otherwise, it would be like jewelry to them.  What is fascinating about watches is that it's a bunch of gears powered by a wound spring (a little like a wind-up toy) that can also keep accurate time up to 1 or 2 seconds a day - that's 0.002% accuracy!   There's something really compelling about a mechanical machine that is capable of doing that - and the people...
And clip-on ties have the most consistent knots
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