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Gonna look nice in black 
 I'd echo the sz Large recommendations
Why do I always look so pissed? I promise, I'm happy!
CPH looks so cool open - they really nailed that inside placket.
Yes I believe the back has the NR patch/logoI would agree with Small without a jacket and much layering.The LW denim material is visually similar to the regular NR fabrics - has that woven texture to it, and slightly mixed color yarns for a less uniform color.The SLW fabrics are a departure from that woven look and are completely smooth with a matte finish. They feel much more technical, for lack of a better word. Very light wearing, but drapes nicely. It reminds me of...
Yes. Same sizes as me
CPH stands for Copenhagen
We just posted our pre-orders for SS17.    Great new lightweight materials and warm weather construction http://www.styleforum.net/t/517870/no-man-walks-alone-mto-and-pre-orders-thread-central-thread-for-all-projects/0_100#post_8507409
There are 4 styles
 Zero chance.   We'll stock a couple of styles in store too but it will be very limited.   Sizing is very straightforward though.  It becomes more complex in the winter when adding arctic liner, etc... but here, sizing is TTS across the board.  The sample I have on is an M and I need an L.  
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