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No worries murl. Just send them back. I'm sure you'll find other good stuff. (Like maybe an olive cotton suit? )
You know that there's only one possible reply to this, right?
Cardigan fit looks odd but shirt fit is good IMO, especially pre-wash and for that type of shirt. It doesn't show off your Mr Incredible physique though
Definitely XS
You guys and your superhero drops! My cardigans don't bunch at all at the bottom - they stretch tight around my child-bearing hips.
I have to say for those who haven't handled the VBC Revenge Tropical cloth that it's magic stuff.  You can crumple it in a ball and keep it tight in your hand for 20 seconds and there are no wrinkles at all.    It deserves an infomercial with the Shamwow guy
 Vote for your top 5 jackets and top 5 suits if it's too hard to vote yes or no :)
 The canvas linen is very very different in feel and texture from a traditional Italian or Irish linen.  It has a slightly washed out look, is very textured (almost like a small scale burlap) and very flexible (rather than marking creases like typical linen) The shades of the mohair and linen canvas are VERY close (that lighter-than-navy navy) but the linen is slightly more raw denim looking in color.  No teal tinge, maybe a tad more indigo.  The mohair has a very slight...
  Formosa people,  this is the time for you to weigh in and help decide what we're making for spring/summer   http://www.styleforum.net/t/512554/ideas-for-sartoria-formosa-s-s16-suits-sport-coats/0_100   I'm happy to discuss and give more info on any of these cloths, but I think it would be neater to have all those discussions in that specific thread (so we can all keep track)  
Any questions?   
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