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 Likely the week after July 4th
 Unfortunately it doesn't look like this will be possible.  We're nearly sold out of them
 I can if you guys want to Here's Corbu in the original glasses he designed for himself with Bonnet.  The Lesca Corbs is an acetate re-edition of that design 
 Yes Here you go - thanks to @Tirailleur1 for modeling and for the intense gaze Burt   Corbs:   Gaston (matte):   Gaston   Pica :  
 Is your hair cut very short ==> sz 1Is your hair bushy  ==> sz 2
 The straw hat is not as soft and malleable as the paper hat so it effectively fits a little bit smaller.  I'd say a typical 56-59 should go with 1 and 59-62 with size 2
Something tells me there's going to be a whole lot of sizes coming back (or simply cancelled/changed orders) in the next few days so you will, in all likelihood, get the size you need.
If only you were coming to the SF trunk show, I'm bringing a bunch of bunches.
If you're looking at the real horn Lesca Pica, we have two units and one has slightly more visible grey streaks - so let us know which you prefer when you place your order.
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