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 Hi @NickPollica     This is size 52R (I wear 54L in Eidos, but prefer 52 for most outerwear) Fit feels a slight bit trimmer than previous incarnations of the jacket.  Sleeves are a little bit shorter too  (I guess feedback about those being too long was taken into consideration)
Yep - boxes just landed from the land of bacalao and pasteis de nata !
It's coming in piecemeal. First few styles just landed and we'll be contacting customers about those pieces. Other styles are still to come.
Talking about field jackets, we just received our first Eidos shipment and the blue donegal field jacket is a show-stopper
 wow I have no recollection of that - I can cut a piece of the swatch and mail it to you
 What the murl said ^
 That's correct - I got my length from @tchoy  Camoshita has a tonal navy wool seersucker this season - we'll be dropping that later this week.
 I do?  Which ones?
 How big is your head?  Remember these are cloth, not blocked felt, there's a little bit of give there.  
Want to look (almost) as cool as this cat?           We've got you covered now 
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