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I take my usual Euro size (44). So I size up from CP/Buttero
Few more days for these pre-orders
They're built on the same Serena sole. Of course, every foot is different with regards to volume and width - but for most people, taking same size as CP is the right answer
Yes many people do that because of the thinner or no-show socks usedUnless your toe area is very narrow, most people do size up 1/2 for U. The last is not longer, just more tapered from the ball of the foot to the toe
Same size as CP. there's an SF code (SF10) but it doesn't apply to the current footwear promotion.43 in both
They're almost sold out. I think we have two pairs left so why nuke the price for two pairs and put the other retailers in a weird spot? 15 is still more than 10, no?
I can't. That's why we carry both. You know how veg tan feels and how it evolves. Maybe you want another like that, maybe you want to try something softer and smoother.
The leather is very different. Soft baby calf vs thick veg tan leather
 As a general rule, if it doesn't day "Final Sale", it is not final sale.   We can help with sizing though
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