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Not this time. We've done 1 or 2 of those per season for the last 3 seasons.The most awesome checks this season were the two we picked. The large scale flannel plaid in particular is fantastic.Sorry we cannot do that for pre-orders. Maybe if/when Eidos restarts its MTO/MTM program with usThe exception of course is the suit sold as separatesNo. All trousers and sport coat preorders are the styles as described (the ones we will be stocking).I pushed Antonio on giving...
For field jackets and hunting jackets, we will stock far less fabrics than shown here (probably just two per style). For suits and sport coats, we will stock most of what is seen here, if not all.
We'll have overcoats but we don't need pre-orders for those. Sizing is fairly standard and they don't sell out as fast as other products.
No, because our measurements are taken with garments on hand - and we do not order 44 for the rack. Grading is fairly linear though, so you should expect 44 to fit one size smaller than 46I believe longs start at 50 but I will check
 Alright here we gohttp://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/29900_100#post_8312444
The main post above is now updated with Suits, Sport Coats and Trousers.   All pre-orders are now listed.  
 The navy one has more texture, almost a boucle texture.  It reminded me very much of the Camoshita long duffle coat that we sold last year.  Maybe a little less of a granular texture than the Camoshita, but in the same vein.  The boiled wool this season was a bit stiffer than this navy.    
 44 is available - we took orders for 44 in the past.  It was an error to indicate a range starting at 46 on the pages.  It is now fixed
 Not really...  We're under tight timeline to submit RG orders so we'll open up quick bomber pre-orders tomorrow and they'll be up for 48 hours (mid Tue to mid Thur)
The Japanese sateen cotton is midnight navy btw, it's quite dark and I mistook the shots for a dark charcoal     (^ this is a different jacket style, but the same fabric)
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