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This is an awesome new development by Inis Meain (linen knitwear ftw!) and you, our friends, will be the very first people in the world to be able to order it.  Not only order it, but order it in the color and size you want...   More info tomorrow            
Very nice @chickenfark !   I like that palewave vibe ( © @dieworkwear )
I'd like to help but I don't know anything about this Alden Barrie last. I'll let those who do, post their size recommendation. All I can say is that they run TTS as far as I'm concerned.
We're stocking all the sizes that this maker offers.  Size 2 is the largest they do
Is February soon?
Just like any rollable hats - fold it onto itself, roll gently.  
  And for those who prefer to un-weird the brim, leave your hat flat on a table for a day or two
 Yes that would take any tailor 2 minutes
 The linen content adds a little bit of that streaking in the fabric that is typical of cotton/linen mixes.   I think that the main difference is that it is not woven like a traditional seersucker and the puckering and rumpling really happens only after the garment is washed.  The swatch itself (pre-wash) isn't puckered - but the end result is.
Those pants look really good on you
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