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I guess it depends what the weekend is and how many outfit changes you're planning, but I'd say that I could definitely fit what I need for a weekend in this bag
Father's Day contest winners:   Thanks to all who participated - it was a lot of fun to see the pics, and sometimes read personal context behind them   Top 9 votes - get featured on a social media grid tomorrow (IG, FB).   Please let me know your Insta handle if you'd like to be tagged :) - @chickenfark - @1969 - @ErikJN - @OccultaVexillum - @randomkoreandude - @baltimoron  - @heldentenor - @PCK1 - @Synthese   Top 3 votes - you guys get a $50 credit in your...
Same as previous seasons.  Size down unless you plan on wearing as outerwear on top of same size jacket.   Generally speaking, one size down from your Valstar size
They're shirt makers - they can make anything.
First half of October
 Not yet
 I'm waiting for a more committed answer from Ginosa but my guess is October
Sorry about that - please reload the page - should be AOK now
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