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 None - RG decided to sell those exclusively through Grailed (presumably so as to not have to pick favorites among its retailers?)
It is obviously white and gold.       noobs
All Rota for spring are now up online.  We're already selling out of some sizes        
 No worries - I love posting teaser pics !
  We're up with the first batch.   Second half hopefully by end of next week       
 Cold water soak.  flat on table/surface.  Gently stretch with your palms down, small movements all along the length, rather than one big pull
BTW, big PSA for people here who are used to buying tailoring from us:   we are no longer doing Tailoring Credit, starting from this season.    It was a concept that most new customers did not understand, and it made it unclear what price were the items until you hit the checkout page.   We've adjusted all prices on Formosa already to include the tailoring credit by default, and we'll continue to do so with Rota, Eidos, etc...  So all prices will be more straightforward...
 Working from home right now to get the first batch up - stay tuned
 It is
 I think we've always done Schneider up to VI for tops and up to VII for pants, no? Geller 52 is here to stay!
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