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The Paris was picked up by someone else earlier in the day.
I believe it was a previous yarn. The closest in the current lineup would be lichenVery coolVery niceIt's actually their own fragrance called "Aqua di Ginosa"Really nice meeting you too. Thanks for stopping by
 All the Inglese shirts have that fragrance.  The difference with your MTO shirts is that you opened the box probably a week after they were packed.  When they're stored on our shelves for a while, the scent tends to dissipate a little
Hi Im in your Leica base selling your wares
Harris Tweed
Not really. Depending on mills, getting a significant break on price from the normal cut length rate kicks in at 25 or 30 meters. We'd need to get 10 jackets made and pricing would still be crazy high. Not as high as making one jacket, but still very high.
There's a couple of Delfino books in there
You should definitely assume some amount of shrinkage, even if minimal. If it's borderline tight before wash, you need to size up.
 Still waiting for a few jackets
 Those little eyes peaking out of the pocket are priceless
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