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 I was wearing the Medium sample.    I would need a Large
 Same idea with the micro-pattern, but the brown one this time has a raised texture to it.
 We don't have that info. 
 Honestly, they were just the most attractive, coolest fabrics.  The brown has a unique texture, the two donegals are fantastic, and the Japanese cotton/poly has a great hand and stiffness - it's an opportunity to do something different and a little more technical with the succesful FJ shape
 Thanks for your input.   Note that, just like for FW16, we're not ordering ANY Longs or Shorts for the rack.   If you need a size in Long or Short, pre-ordering it is the way to go.
 That's correct
 Sorry, no odd sizes. These are all pattern measurements in centimeters - so the shoulder measurement is not across the yoke, but the measure between the collar and the shoulder seam.  This seam: 
The pants?
Military green SLW is awesome IMO
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