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For sure.  It is sized for a relaxed look.  
 Correct.  Kyle can confirm (he's in the office with the color cards) but I think that 245 is the donegal we used this spring for our crewneck.  It's really good   [[SPOILER]]
This is my linen IM in Balla color. It's a khaki-tone natural color.
As an aside, don't sleep on Gentian linen. It's really great for summer. I think that maybe @dieworkwear has one?
It is not. In good IM fashion (we love you guys!), they send samples that are made in yarns that are not available for order. That one is a donegal linen that is not offered here
It's 250 and it's black/white/grey. No green at all
The one with numbers is 100% linen donegalThe one with dark natural and ardee colors is 100% linenThe one with Arpa and Sevilla colors is cotton/cash/silk
We need an FAQ page just for this IM order
Went to an amazing restaurant in Paris last night - fantastic all around, small room with only a few tables, inspired cuisine.  Not even that expensive.   I think I will keep this one a secret or it will become impossible to get a table there going forward.  
The curvature of the glasses make me look like a pregnant Orangina bottle with an asymmetrically oblong head - but that's a cool jacket :)
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