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Actually WS is cashmere. SE is the code for silk
Don't size down on the polo shirts. The sizing is TTS and they shrink more than dress shirts (although mostly in length)
 You will need XL
 That would be m best guess
  I think it would work well for what have in mind.  The tonal buttons help make it appropriate for evenings/ nights out.  The GRP cotton cardigans are not coming back this summer
 We bought every piece up to VII for the last 5 seasons, but they didn't sell so we scaled back this season.
Hey that's my trademarked eyebrow raise!     Very nice - starting to get warm down under?  Flannels are out and tropical wool is in?
If there was too much fabric in the seat and thighs, it's very likely that you were wearing them lower than intended. You may not be used to higher rise trousers and ended up wearing them where you felt comfortable having the waistband (probably too low for that cut)
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