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We have a couple more
FC, I love those swim trunks !
I think it's actually a perfect project to run right now. Deliveries won't happen until late fall / early winter anyway so that's enough time to get final alterations done and line it up for your Bahamas vaca in January, then it will be all broken in and a perfect fit comes spring
Wow you guys are pretty good at this! Some of you can wax poetic about clothes better than we do. You should write our product descriptions Keep in mind (2) (b) in your entries if you want to make it to the winners group
I don't know how cold it gets in SF but I wouldn't wear mine in the winter in NYC - 240g cloth, 1/4 lined =       Everyone has a different sensitivity to temperature, and it's not like the cloth itself screams summer like a light linen or a seersucker,  but I prefer to use this coat in spring/summer weather.
CONTEST TIME !! Hear ye, hear ye, come forth and win...     So work is getting a little slow and everyone is bored, waiting for their summer friday or the start of their vacation - whichever comes first...   Don't despair, we at NoMan like to keep our friends entertained and have concocted a little game just for our StyFo followers.   It is called "A Few of My Favorite (Slept-on) Things".  No you will not have to find cream colored ponies or bright copper kettles in...
You can go really snug on the leather Buttero because they will soften significantly and give you more room.  I wouldn't go too tight on the canvas ones because they won't move as much.   So that's something more to throw into the sizing question
Because of the August shutdown in Italy and everything else that's in the queue for the tailors there, I'd say at best early November now.  That said, it's a spring/summer jacket...
From Vass in Budapest.   They're so pretty
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