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I think that you will find different answers for different people.   I personally feel like a 16 oz worsted is as warm as a 10/11 oz flannel.
Parenting priorities... as if we didn't have enough topics to all disagree on  
 Yep.  MTO/MTM is the same thing for Sartoria Formosa (both were completely foreign concepts to them until I asked them to do it, of course - all they knew was bespoke).  We get significant savings on fabric when we do runs (hence the better pricing for GMTO) and more efficiency as well. Single order MTO/MTM is $2,090 + fabric (or not, if the customer brings his own).   10% off for SFers.  I think that's a fantastic product for that money, but I guess that's subjective....
Yes, very much the same effect and contrast.  Is that one also Drapers/VBC?
September is the target
@PCK1 you will need a size 7 in GRP polo
Ok so you need 43 or 43.5 in Castañer
Buttero Tanino are in euro sizing - are you a 42 or 43? I personally hate tight espadrilles so much. So much. This is one type of shoes that I need to be able to slip on and off easily. Castañer fit on the snug side of tts.
Yes. Size up from your normal (US) letter size
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