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Do they offer repainting services? (5)    Mine have about 1/3 of the original paint left on them
Sounds good we'll have pub jackets in the next MTO. For Vass, better start with a last that is not already inordinately narrow in toe box (like U). Even wider fitting U will be a problem. Starting with P2 is the right way to go IMO for someone with really wide feet.
 Not sure what H means for you but Vass MTO offers 5 width:  extra-narrow, narrow, regular, wide and extra-wide.    We've had many MTO orders for wide and extra-wide fittings.   What customers noticed is that the increments between widths are not as big as some other shoe brands
For those not on our email list, we are running a winter promotion: 20% off all outerwear and winter accessories with code VORTEX
 We offered that multiple times (maybe 2 or 3 times).   We can offer again
 What styles do you think we're missing when we do MTO events?   The only way those work for Inis Meain without disrupting their production dramatically, is to limit ourselves to a few styles at a time (and offer a wide variety of yarns).  They are not set up to make 12 different styles in one or two unit volumes for multiple days.  Doing so increases the risk of QC issues and sizing variance. 
 I'm really not sure what point you're trying to make here but I'm referring to the NoMan family here (what family are you referring to?).   We're the US retailer for Vass, the only one actually, so we're well positioned to service US customers without having them worry about duties threshold to keep in mind, expensive shipping if an exchange is needed, or really any other additional complications that occur when making purchases overseas.    My initial point was about...
Mine is the SS16 version that we sold in the summer. AFAIK, there's only one sizing across retailers. The FW items are often cut a little larger than the summer ones (room for layering)
Mine is XLSeen here:http://www.clutchmagjapan.com/en/journal/1472454599
I don't care about cornering any market. I just want our customers and SF family to know that we can facilitate the make of shoes that we don't currently retail, with the amazing quality that Vass offers, with the advantageous pricing obtained when ordering as a group, and above all, with the peace of mind that comes from ordering from No Man Walks Alone. You'll never pay shipping, duties, you'll never have to "work around" your legal obligations when ordering from...
New Posts  All Forums: