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That tie isn't particulary ballsy IMO - especially in the summer when pastel color ties are (and should be) coming to the forefront.  Lighter blues and greens and peach make for great sunny weather ties
Not just the Atelier line.  AFAIK, a lot of the Norwegian welted footwear is made in Alsace, while most of the goodyear and other constructions are made in Hungary. 
nah, white socks are pretty awful in any business suiting environment.  The connotations are quite negative and strong.
This week
Well, I don't blame anyone for asking. The coats look very similar on pictures. And it's always possible that we may have made a calculation mistake when pricing it...Anyhow, just wanted to clarify it here.
Quick PSA : I received several PMs and emails pointing out that the Eidos navy donegal overcoat we are selling is also sold at another store at a much lower price - and asking why. We typically do not mark up our products more than others so that would indeed be puzzling. The answer is simple : it is not the same coat. As confusing as it may be, the style of ours is different (lapel shape and width in particular) and the construction is superior (fully canvassed vs...
Some are bound to come back... We've had several people order multiple jackets and sizes.
The grey plaid overcoat wasn't photographed in the lookbook, I think
52L 3 roll 2
I would add that the Lorenzo cut wears a little shorter in the front than measurements would indicate.
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