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 What a question.  Do you really think that we would sell two different levels of construction with no appreciable difference other than the fact that one is more expensive than the other?   What would that be, some sort of social experiment?   A blatant attempt to gouge our customers? There is a significant difference between the two levels - one has hand-stitching everywhere, hand-rolled hem, etc... white the other has 5 hand passes.  That's a couple of hours of extra...
Hmmm... I guess you could wear both depending on the look you prefer (M would leave a very small part out of the buckle, L would have a longer tail) These belts naturally have a LOT of stretch in them because of the linked construction. Stretches when pulled and then bounces back
Yes it will most definitely darken and patina
Awesome. Looking forward to organizing a real cool trunk show And @unbelragazzo can get another dinner jacket
 Yet, I have not encountered one customer of ours who tried both UAB and NMWA trousers, and did not vastly prefer the NMWA cut with the slightly higher rise.   Every single person thinks the NMWA cut and rise are just right. Sometimes, things are just in my head - but this is not one of those.  
 There's quite a bit of flexibility as you can imagine, given that you can insert the prong between any of the links.   We'd recommend S for a typical 30-32, M for a typical 33-35, L for a typical 36-37  Around the waist !  
Yes, restock is coming soon
Very nice - great choice of tie and square too 
x-posting fit of the Leder deuschleder coat - this is the XL on me (also featuring the burgundy wool shirt )  
  Ask and you shall receive (yellowish pictures of me) !  This is the XL on me     And this is the Large  
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