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 I think it's also partly (maybe even mostly) to gauge how much you want the job.   Simply doing this work and preparing the presentation, is a good indicator that you want to be part of this.   It's so easy to pretend you want the job.  Sometimes, asking candidates to work a little harder separates the truly motivated ones from the rest.    
That's... awesome They also changed the yarns a little bit in the new Glenroyal book - but I like the old one better
50-60s this coming week in NYC 
I'm not sure I discussed that but I went through a whole bunch of Fox flannel and tweed swatches to select the ones we wanted to have made up in caps. This is our collection of Fox caps - if any of them is also available somewhere else, that would be quite the coincidence. The reason why this should be of interest, is that we can have fun with this. Like a good old GMTO where we can collectively select cool fabrics to make up into caps. Maybe different cap shapes too.
this is what we do! [[SPOILER]]
There's just no good way to measure the waist on drawstring trousers - any measure makes little sense.  Some drawstring are more shirred than others and are larger when not cinched.   For those, just go with your normal Schneider trousers size. 
  That piece is just cool - looks good on you
hmmm... where did you find the link you clicked?  It may be a wrong URL
 Flat on a table, all buttoned.  Measuring full pit-to-pit and x2.   A few inches off? Page is still there:http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/how-we-measure
Go for V if you're looking for a cool, draped, relaxed fit like your pics 1 & 2   Go for IV if you prefer an awkward, too lean, closer fit like your third pic
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