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^ rated R !
 You would wear a RTW tailored jacket?   I take that as a challenge for our Eidos buy meeting on Monday...
 ts(s) sizing is actually reasonably simple and consistent IME.  For tops,  2=36/XS; 3=38/S; 4=40/M and 5=42/L.   I wear 5 in everything from shirts to jackets and outerwear
There's a limo company that runs shuttles straight between ferry dock and the UES. 8 seater vans. So easy and you don't have to deal with the shite that LIRR is on weekends
I guess I'm the only one who loves getting to Fire Island? Ferry is reasonably close to the city and then the ferry ride, up on the deck is a perfect 30 mns decompression chamber. Everything shifts : from work to play, from stress to relax, from city to beach. I love getting across on that ferry deck.
I will wear mine in the winter with a green cashmere turtleneck and that will kick ass Someone good at Photoshop make this happen!
More FW previews. We loved the textures - you guys will be happy with Schneider this season...
You guys are killing it with the entries. Kyle and I will also post ours. I feel that we have a slightly different perspective because we see and touch those garments so my picks will probably be reflective of pieces that are incredible IRL and maybe to which pictures don't do justice
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