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There are no flannel options in the spring/summer swatches (which we just received, but haven't received the price list yet !!)   murl,  cheating on Formosa with Ring Jacket?  
 Just curious.  Was he rigging?
Was he sailing when he was arrested?
I think we need to give credit @DLJr for starting his bespoke Formosa jacket in that Moonbeam and giving ideas to all of us... :)
Drakes PS coming right up !     Regarding ties, two remarks: (1) one never has too many ties (I think that's a Luciano Barbera saying, or maybe it was about shirts, well I think you get the point); (ii) you actually never know how much you're going to wear a tie until you've had it in your closet for a bit and have noticed how much you reach for it (it's a weird thing, I found it pretty much impossible to predict);  (3)  based on (ii) above, from time to time, cull the...
 Closing this in a couple of hours and collating the sizes to send to Naples.   Last chance to be able to not say in a few months "I should have pre-ordered this!!"  
Not for a while. We just started this tee in the store. There's only one size that's currently OOS and we have tons of the other sizes.
That's correct.
This was done intentionally. Because of the "load more" script bug, I didnt feel like it would be a good idea to fill the new arrivals page with a barrage of ties and push all the other stuff off the page.
Drake's ties are up   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/makersinfo/view/id/113/                        
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