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 This beauty  http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-silk-linen-tie-white-orange-lilac-diamond-print.html 
 How about something like this    or like this  
Cut the thread - don't pull on it.  Is it coming out of the outseam?  Never seen such a long thread sticking out like that... did you get the leg altered?
I've had berliner weissen, geuzes and krieks.  None of them had that overpowering saltiness to them.  I wonder if the batch we got of that Westbrook was bad or what.  The salt level made it really difficult to drink. I don't pretend to be a beer expert, or even a connoisseur, but is the Westbrook Gose controversial at all among beer aficionados - or do you guys all love it?    
Beigel Bake on Brick Lane, man.
It may be an acquired taste but we both thought that the flavors, sourness and salt levels were out of control, over the the top. I can see the same flavor profile dialed down to a really pleasant beer for warm weather - I do - but not with the amped up saltiness like this. It was a bit vulgar, for lack of a better word - I wanted to cut it with water and drop a few ice cubes in there. I know... crazy talk. But I guess sometimes it's good to get the perspective of a...
I love that review
 Do you want to put in another shirt order? 
 Yes, regular cotton laces too.  We have a couple extra here - we can send you one
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