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So we just restocked the navy birdseye Sartoria Formosa suit in a number of sizes.   The fabric we originally used ran out entirely so we found the closest possible substitute in a navy birdseye from Lanificio Drago, which looks completely similar but a little softer and slightly lighter than the Carnet Piccadilly one (10 vs 11 oz).     Still waiting for a few more to come in but almost all sizes are now in stock.    We also restocked most sizes in the grey flannel and...
Buttoning your jacket when wearing a tieless BD shirt : this is where you fail
It's not warm. The cotton canvas is reasonably thick but there no wool or quilted lining or anything that would provide warmth on a cold day. It is a roomy fit though, so that provides ample room for layering.
Canta - do you have those magnetic collar stays too?
It's just easier to put them on when the strap is open than closed. At least it is for me.
I think it would look smashing in regular notch lapels. The Formosa lapels have enough va-va-voom to make that cloth sing
Mouth, meet money.
 It's more see-through but heavier in weight and sturdier than bemberg/cupro Bemberg is lighter weight and softer
I'm with UC's crew and ready to battle  
 I thought that ermazine wore warmer than typical bemberg/cupro - is that incorrect?  
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