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That robbed penalty is going to haunt us
Shirts are by a wide margin the hardest product to fit various bodies universally well. There are just too many variables (neck proportion vs chest vs sleeve length) to get a perfect fit RTW - unless by going too big everywhere (normal MO of RTW shirts) and letting everyone deal with excess fabric as they wish. So it's not surprising that the Mazzarelli with their "comfort" fit pose less fit issues than the slimmer fit Inglese. Completely logical. There may also be...
meh that's pretty normal.   Olympics and World Cups get us all excited about sports we usually don't watch much.  I'm not American and even I watch more football games during the world cup than the whole couple of years before it...
Q : where to watch live online now that univision has discontinued their live stream?
Yes there were two 50 Guys sorry I've been MIA for a few days. Between travel to Paris for ss15 buy and massive issues getting back (cancelled flights and all) + I'm moving today in 120 degree weather = not on top of everything Mr six , that sounds like a good idea
Monitaly always delivering on great outerwear. Looking forward to our first delivery for fall/winter. Spent some time with Yuki Matsuda today viewing SS15
Oliver Spencer & Buttero? 
Even with derbies/bluchers?   My experience is that I pretty never have instep issues with bluchers because the lacing opens up completely and I can adjust it around my instep in a way that's not possible with oxfords.   I like F and P2 the most in terms of shape/aesthetics.  My feet aren't that difficult to fit so I usually find a size that works for me in every last out there - it's very rare that I eliminate a last entirely because I cannot find a size that fits me.
 er... how do you know that?  
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