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I did. But most bankers or clients don't care as much and wear Brooks suits. Some exceptions here and there though
No one on Wall Street would notice the difference in shoulder expression. I would go further and posit that the vast majority wouldn't even notice if a suit had patch pockets. I spent 15 years on Wall Street and this is my experience. What people do notice is whether you look too "dandy" for the job - usually that means "fancy" pocket squares or suiting fabric that is too unconventional (including what we here consider classics like a POW). Some things also only...
Yeah that's definitely easier...It's dirt cheap in France
SF10 does not apply on sales items.Re: first time buyer discount, an email gets automatically sent with instructions if a signup is eligible (signed up during the promotion and never made a purchased from us).
Is it really going to rain everything day? Ugh
First things first... Who's going? @EFV @Mr. Claymore @unbelragazzo
Here, we post and discuss good looks and products seen at Pitti this season, potential SF meet ups, dinners, etc... Maybe, for once, we can focus on all the good stuff instead of posting the clown outfits and whining about how ridiculous they are?
Terre de Sommières
He missed peak normcore by a couple years
They look like 1998 Hogan shoes found at Century 21
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