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No worries. I wasn't responding to you, just agrreing with Synthese. You're free to dislike his look.
Isaac is the nicest dude.
Moving the cuff (and placket) isn't that big of an alteration actually.
 As long as cuffs are tight enough (which is such an easy tailoring operation = move the button), there should be virtually no difference if the way this falls or the amount of cuff you show in a robopose.   Because a shirt should stop at the base of your thumb bone anyway.
Yes, if they're veg tan leather, they'll darken a bit
 I can understand that.  Even for a summer jacket, you'd go with a regular soft shoulder?   
It isn't a fad for them.  It's the default shoulder for sport jackets.   It is often used for more casual suits, but otherwise rarely used for more conservative suits.
 Agreed.  Everything else is so good.   And with longer pants, the socks color wouldn't even matter. I don't think I would call this a look that's trying hard.   It looks like a dude who's dressing for himself.  
Fall winter 15 
 I'm not claiming to be an expert, or more an expert than anyone.  It's just my personal opinion looking at that shoulder.  I would probably caution against going for a spalla camicia based on that picture, and maybe revert to something a little simpler. I'm not sure I can explain why that shoulder is not well executed, because it is an aesthetic point of view.  Just like a buttonhole can look beautiful or grossly done, so can a shoulder.   Objectively speaking, it is...
New Posts  All Forums: