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No I don't think the sleeves are quite that long.
Combo breaker guys - don't forget to look here and vote. This process is only twice a year http://www.styleforum.net/t/512554/ideas-for-sartoria-formosa-s-s16-suits-sport-coats/
 Anyone else here finds this one delightfully retro?  
 I'm surprised we have ANY size left in that one, to be honest.  Must not be photogenic, because it's a great shirt
 Typically yes if 42.5 F or P2 last, then 8.5 Barbanera For belt sizing, we recommend measuring your own belt from the tip of the buckle to the hole you use the most - that's your Farnese size (in centimeters)
Are you Founder Circle? If not, discounts won't be active until Tuesday
XXL if you plan on wearing it mostly with the liner on, and on top of a suit/jacket
The adding to your cart and see what price is at checkout. I apologize for these issues. We switched to a new faster server with caching software but there are issues with caching some elements in some pages. It's very unfortunate but the correct price will always be the one in your cart at checkout.
this tie?
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