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Is that the same guy confirmed with Ebola who took the subway to brooklyn last night?
Eidos MTO/MTM is open for orders. At this point, we'll only be doing MTM in person and MTO as mail order - unless the MTM is a very simple modification of a regular size (e.g. add an inch here or take in an inch there). I really loathe online MTM and I don't want to go that direction. Also we'll be doing an Eidos MTM event at the upcoming SF trunk show in NYC and Antonio and Quinton will be there to fit you and help you pick fabrics and details. For that event, No...
Ya. febreze that dirty sheep!
Stonewall Inis is up
You've got to become a Bravoreality star first! 
 It speaks to the power of the Eidos brand that you have put an Eidos lapel pin on a Sartoria Formosa jacket...  Kudos to Antonio for building that brand !
murl - that knot is just too skinny for your build - the blade width has nothing to do with it.  You need to try a double FIH or something like that
Quick PSA :  as you guys know, we supplemented the group MTO sport coat orders with a few pieces for the rack (in order to reach the minimum cloth order actually), so there's a few Fox Brothers char blue herringbone flannel and a few Drapers blue hopsack sport coats that will hit the site soon.  Just so you know, that's all we have in those.          
Color and material have almost more of a visual effect on tie width than the actual measured width.  I cannot tell you how many times people have held a tie and said "too bad it is not X cm", then measured it and were surprised that it was.  The lining and tipping also has an effect on perceived "real estate" of the tie.
I would never call you an idiot ! But I will quote you here so that you can look at it in a few months when you've come to your senses and realized that 1/4" of silk is not significant enough to pass up on great ties
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