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@Claghorn , what do you think?  
Love that Drake's tie !
I agree, of course. However, if one decides to mock someone else for his supposed lack of proper schooling and education, it may be a good idea to check one's spelling and avoid having such a statement riddled with elementary school mistakes, no? What do they say about stones and glass houses?
Favorite part
Airbnb and VRBO
 For wool solaro, I'd say no, no and no.   I happen to like the feel of cotton trousers and they make me feel more comfortable in warm weather than most wool offerings, so I'd say that cotton solaro wears cooler than most wools for me.  Linen is the coolest wearing of all for me personally. 
Actually, classic Solaro cloth is wool.  I personally like the cotton offerings, but most purists would never touch cotton Solaro.   The Smith Solaro makes no sense whatsoever for me (way too hot wearing for summer) but some of the alternative offerings in lighter wools are nice and wearable.
Caccioppoli has various versions/colors in wool (s130, I think) + several shades in cotton.  You can see one of the tan cottons + the blue cotton solaros on our site if you're interested.  
No extra $,  just need to ask.  Some people find it too scary (vertigo) so, for some reason, I haven't had issues getting the table.     Border is only 10-15 miles away so I'm sure you can see it from those cliffs up top.
New Posts  All Forums: