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  Rota has shipped a good part of the season before the August break but they were not able to ship it all.  So we have a number of trousers already but are waiting for the final delivery early September to be able to ship people their complete order Eidos has not shipped anything yet, but they are typically not among the first in the season  We just received a small first delivery with some ties, couple squares and scarves.  More will come early Sep
There are a lot or merchants in Italy that put together their own selection to sell to tailors. The most famous are Drapers and Caccioppoli now, but there's plenty other smaller ones. All those airy hopsack are probably made by VBC or another large mill - maybe with different specs / yarns, maybe not.
Ha ha. If buyers knew which pieces will sell best, believe me they would buy just those. It's impossible to know. Every season proves us wrong on what may or may not sell well.
A store front in the right location is an excellent marketing tool. It can help online sales tremendously, add legitimacy, etc... If the store is nicely designed and assorted, it will get you months of free PR from all the press always looking to tell you what's new in NYC. online doesn't get press. At all. There's more to the ROI of a flagship store than simply the direct sales in that store.
You have a point of course, but Irish linen is a good compromise for those who don't like the rumpled look of Italian. If that makes any sense, it develops big wrinkles and folds (especially behind the knees and in the elbows) but still hangs straight because if its stiffness. Italian linen gets more rumpled and wavy.
The shorter lining makes it possible to button without the awkward bulkiness the Merino had. The construction of the lining is also improved to reduce the bulkiness. Having tried it on and buttoned it all the way, I can attest it is an improvement.
Christian Kimber Pre-Orders   For the Christian Kimber fans out there (that includes yours truly), we've worked with Christian on a very special round of pre-orders for you guys.   Christian, who as most of you know, has a great eye for pocket square design and color combinations, came up with two lightweight scarf designs that are beautiful, subtle, tasteful and feel fantastic in a mix of Modal, linen and silk.   We are offering them as a special pre-order right now,...
Not that bad !   Great Friday look :)
Fantastic jacket !
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