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it's bada$$
More Inglese shirts are now up online.  Couple of Monitaly pieces (mountain parka and shorts made from recycled US military tents) are coming right behind.  
I wear flannel like that up to the mid to high 60s.   I would put it away when temperatures hit 70.      And I thought I ran hot!
The U.S. agent is in NYC, just a a few blocks away.
Unfortunately, all the photo samples are going back to Inis Meain.
That's not the intended use. While some may find a way to make it work with a shirt, it would generally look dorky. It eould be best to wear it in a way that keeps the open neck - so either as first layer or on top of a tee with a wide scooped neckYes, it's the use of multiple colors of yarn instead of one color (or sometimes two shades of the same color)
It should apply to everything.
With the SF10 discount, that shirt is $119, with free shipping. That's 55% off a retail price that's already lower than most retailers. If your side is still in stock, I would recommend not to wait too long.
End of week
I just saw that one coming. Very very good color choice for the tunic. I may get one like that for myself
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