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Scott & Charters (or any of the various shops that sell S&C rebranded with their label)
Cold wash, hang dry
 Correct We just restocked 8 styles in pretty much all sizes.  As always, typically no more than 1 or 2 units per size
Yep same size in P2 and F
 Half of them arrived and were dispatched.  Another batch is being shipped from Ginosa this week and we're hoping we can dispatch them a week later when they land A couple of fabrics (Alumo and G&R) were really late to be delivered by the mills to G. Inglese
Nothing new coming on our side.  
I think we're agreeing here.    You can go to The Kooples (gasp) and get a leather jacket for $1000 but it is not anything we at NoMan (or many here TBH) would consider as a good option.    So, yes, the streets are filled with low-quality, lower-priced fast-fashion DRs, but that doesn't actually mean that there's plethora of options for those of us looking for the better products.  
We're selling them for $1,085 suede and $1,185 for horse.  (the GBP probably helps with cost...)   I'm curious who you think offers something nice that's not made in a LCC, and at better value.   As a buyer, I find that either we fall into fashion leathers that are often flimsy lambskin and not always well made, or tough-as-nail moto/repro jackets that make you weep for the first 50 wears.   As you can imagine, we see a lot of stuff, a lot of brands and makers.   I don't...
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