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That is SS15 so there's plenty of time...
Which one?
Interesting, thank you.   We're adding a couple of knitwear makers this fall (Gray and GRP, both from Italy) but I'm interested in hearing more about Esk.
3 r 2
We're restocking Tanino lows in cuoio, white and navy, and Tanino highs in black as part of our incoming FW order.  Also adding a few things
Same as last year (camel, blue and grey mix) + burgundy Thanks for the recommendation - if I read correctly, they don't actually make the sweaters, correct? Nothing on the horizon.  We restocked twice in the last 9 months
8.5 cm (as a little change from our usual 8cm Drakes)
 That was just a vote, not a pre-order.   Now that there's a winner, we placed an order with Drakes and are waiting for a confirmation on the delivery date.  We're doing the madder self-tipped and the cashmere guncheck one untipped and handrolled
New Posts  All Forums: