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Forgot this one?  
 I'm a 5 - I think @Synthese too?
  Kyle will post all details but in a nutshell: US36 is a size 2; 38 = 3; 40 = 4 and 42 = 5
 Later today.  We'll open up orders for just a few days, as these will need to go through production asap if you guys want to have them before winter.
You have such long fingers @patrickBOOTH !
 What makes you think she almost spat on you and not on me?  I'm eminently spit-worthy! We did see a quick drug deal across the street a block later btw - and it was just 7pm !
Walking a few blocks with @dieworkwear to grab a drink and a bite on Saturday was eye-opening to me.  There's no shortage of "interesting" "street action" in SF.   What was very surprising for me as a newyorker is the total absence of beat cops on the street.  However, every time I stopped by the Starbucks at the corner of Powell and Cyril Magnin for the three days I was there, there were 6 to 10 uniformed cops having cappucinos and lattes.   Morning, evening and night....
  We'll be posting some info - we managed to convince ts(s) to do a special re-issue for us.  Three swatches - no burgundy available though - light grey, charcoal and navy this time.  All excellent choices for that particular design
    so...  about this... 
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