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Oops yes. Auto correct fail
that was a perfect op. Btw it was Manton not whnay
Yes. As made up (sage wool twill)We weren't planning on doing that, but we're planning on doing another a mid-season MTO round as usual
Keep some dry powder for the Inglese and Rota pre-orders in a week or two...
So... Do you still want an answer? [[SPOILER]]
Sneak peek   
 Correct - both the LP double-faced and the herringbone.  They're similar in weight to the grey herringbone we had this season.    The medium weight ones (grey melange and blue donegal) are in the mid-300g area
 You mean, Team LPBGTBWEFJ ?     Good choice!  
 A lot less contrast and less yarn colors than that fabric (basically just the two shades) - a much softer look overall.   Hard to say but this seems unlikely.  That collection is shown much later in the year (like Japanese brands) and usually, the order window is very short.
 The blue "donegal" birdseye.  Same exact weight at 340g.  The medium grey melange is also about the same weight
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