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Nice work Brian
Excellent assortment. 1 unicorn, 1 dragon and 1 Mughal
We did but it's sold out now - along most of the Schneider scarves. We recently received large shawls like that from Suzusan (japan) and they're incredible. We also have a couple of Begg stoles with similar dimensions - but not the heft of the Schneider or Suzusan ones.
@ianGP killing it
Styling & illustration (c) @Tirailleur1
It's the best make-up of that coat this season.  By a mile.
Couldn't even find a cab.   Was the first time ever that I see Uber showing no cars available in all categories.   
woop!   Newc - don't see anything wrong on the flat jeans pic - the way they fold around... hmm.. you know, well, they may be a tad too pulled up 
Europrep - this is impeccable !   Newcomer - I like the leg of the slim tapered a little better on you but the top block looks a little more scrunched and weird than the slim straight - maybe pull down on them a tad bit?   The denim will definitely get more comfortable and mold to you but the waistband will not stretch much really.
Yea I don't think you can draw conclusions on the effects of caffeine withdrawal based on a day where you were given anesthetics 
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