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You're thinking of Camoshita
Nope. Everything is 8.5 cm. Untipped ties can feel narrower because the tie is a bit more conical and less flat than a tipped tie, but the width starts the same
And that's probably after spending a couple hours digging. People go through dozens of thousands of pages of Wikileaks to find stories; they can surely go through a couple hundred pages of posts, to come up with a much more interesting story than the nuclear bunker.
How do people in SF pick up dog poo? In wilted lettuce leaves?
Oh come on, are you on the bandwagon of bashing the press as only interested in reporting juicy? Please don't fall for that trumpistic cynism.You don't think that there's enough good reporters at NYT, Wapo, NYer, etc... to treat this with journalistic integrity and really dig deeper into the mine of posts and have a real, strong paper on an increasingly interesting figure if the as administration? One could write a 8-page profile with all the information available here,...
Totally agree with this. It was a lazy article where the journalist found one thread and constructed a story around a few crunchy posts/quotes. Nuclear was never even Manton's primary topic here, and certainly not any kind of obsession.But if we nuke everything after a couple of bad journalistic efforts like these, then that is all that will stand.Is it possible that some better journalists will spend more than an hour going through his posts and build a much more...
I'm not commenting on the article itself but on the fallout here resulting in discussions about nuking forum sections, mass deletion of post history, etc... It's like we're realizing that we've been writing on an internet forum. First thing I thought when I saw the first articles about Manton was that journalists will quickly find the goldmine that is his very long and prolific activity on SF CE
I'm surprised to read that anyone is shocked or concerned that their posts on an internet forum can be read by others, and that they may be judged on the basis of the ideas they put forth or the arguments they make. Isn't that obvious? Aren't we responsible adults here?
Measurements table show 52R and 52L
Yes and yes.No because Sam is no longer in the Eidos lineup
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