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I take the same size in everything ts(s) (size 5)
 No.  It isn't super warm like you'd expect a down-filled jacket to be, for example.  I'd say that it gets too warm above 70-75 or so (depending on how you run)
Hi @PaintSplattered , in this particular case, it is not due to us not wanting to carry larger sizes, but size 5 is the largest size that ts(s) makes.    We're always happy to accommodate all sizes during pre-orders (we actually encourage this, as we slowly re-focus our size range for the regular season).  
Are you in? 
Nice piece on @Tirailleur1 in the VV : http://www.villagevoice.com/arts/niyi-okuboyejo-s-menswear-line-brings-ancient-nigerian-art-into-modern-american-fashion-8579218
'Nastase kissed my sister' would make for a good t-shirt
Did @Mr. Six post some?
Yes it's hard to compare shoulder measurements there. It's prob more useful to compare them to a sweater of yours.
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