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Walking a few blocks with @dieworkwear to grab a drink and a bite on Saturday was eye-opening to me.  There's no shortage of "interesting" "street action" in SF.   What was very surprising for me as a newyorker is the total absence of beat cops on the street.  However, every time I stopped by the Starbucks at the corner of Powell and Cyril Magnin for the three days I was there, there were 6 to 10 uniformed cops having cappucinos and lattes.   Morning, evening and night....
  We'll be posting some info - we managed to convince ts(s) to do a special re-issue for us.  Three swatches - no burgundy available though - light grey, charcoal and navy this time.  All excellent choices for that particular design
    so...  about this... 
Dionisio can fix whatever needs fixing next time you see him.
Which one specifically? I just tested it with two different sport coats and code was working
Inis Meain MTO options and colorshttps://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=inskntmto
Last day for Inis Meain MTO orders. We will be shutting those off on Monday to send the order to Inis Meain
So good
The Paris was picked up by someone else earlier in the day.
I believe it was a previous yarn. The closest in the current lineup would be lichenVery coolVery niceIt's actually their own fragrance called "Aqua di Ginosa"Really nice meeting you too. Thanks for stopping by
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