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6 pieces from 48R to 54R
You mean 50 in LBM? Normally 38 US? You'd be a 3 in ts(s)Second question is hard to answer but you can use size filters to go through categories (maybe use 38, 48, 50, S, 3 for tss)Belts should arrive by end of March
We find a longer cardigan for you btw.  Next fall, prepare your wallet
Prob 5 too.   There's only sizes 2 and 3 left at this point - so for guys that are typically 36 or 38
 5 across all ts(s) 
Strangely, we still have a few of those quilted jackets left in smaller sizes (2=36, 3=38) 
That V is fine - especially if that's a morning picture
Well, streets need to be cleared because emergency vehicles are on wheels - imagine how f'd up things would be if snowfall had been really bad and emergency vehicles couldn't get through. In other news, all flights into JFK and EWR are still being cancelled and we're stranded in Paris for another day. It blows
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