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Sorry jet, I don't understand the question.  If by "fs" you mean Formosa, then that's not the case.  Eidos is quite a bit less expensive than Sartoria Formosa.  And the suits are all 3-piece too (something to factor in when comparing costs).
Styling details like notch or peak, double stitching or not, etc...   Probably a no on true 3 button as I believe that is typically cut differently (cut and shape of canvas, etc...) so that would be a pattern change.  But 2 buttons (or even 1) instead of 3r2 should be fine as I don't believe that affects the patternCorto = shortUnfortunately, not all have landed yet.The Eidos glenplaid is also a flannel wool
Yes to all of that.   We cannot make changes to the pattern (e.g. lower shoulder here, extreme drop there) but as long as the rtw pattern is preserved and Formosa does not need to alter it into a new pattern, every other detail is up to the customer (fabric, pockets, lapels, shoulder expression, lining color, etc...)
We can take measurements ourselves any time at the office, or Dionisio from Formosa can of course do so when he is in town.   We are planning to do a fall trunk show but neither date or location is set yet - hoping to do that as a SF group trunk show like last year.
Yes - same collar and shirt patternsBespoke shirts really only makes sense with in-person appointments for measurements, cloth choice, and eventual pattern adjustments after a few wears/washes.  
If you're the 44C who ordered this Formosa guncheck sport coat, please be advised that Kyle could not help from trying it on before packing it up !  
Yes, one of the new Inglese.   There are no new Mazzarelli shirts coming to us.   Our dress shirts are now exclusively Inglese for RTW - G. Inglese (fully handmade) and Giovanni Inglese (partially handmade) labels - and Formosa for bespoke.
That one did not have a sexy name... Color 35
I'd say the two size difference between Formosa and Cantarelli is pretty unusual based on our other customers.  Most will wear a size up from Formosa in both Eidos and Cantarelli
New Posts  All Forums: