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 Thanks for your input.   Note that, just like for FW16, we're not ordering ANY Longs or Shorts for the rack.   If you need a size in Long or Short, pre-ordering it is the way to go.
 That's correct
 Sorry, no odd sizes. These are all pattern measurements in centimeters - so the shoulder measurement is not across the yoke, but the measure between the collar and the shoulder seam.  This seam: 
The pants?
Military green SLW is awesome IMO
 Only 2 more days to place pre-orders in any color or size you'd like for Norwegian Rain's new spring/summer styles!    If you need help with sizing, let us know.  In the mean time here are some measurement grids from Bergen - all in centimeters  Double-Breasted: Geneve  Bumfreezer  CPH
Remember that the Ghurka shorts use straps and side closures, so sizing there is probably relatively fluid.    I would imagine your size would be 34 if your Eidos dress trousers size is 50.
 I color-corrected several pictures across other monitors.   Things should be better now
 I'd say maybe > 6" or so?  As you can imagine, there's an element of subjectivity here. Shorts are really really good this season.
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