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Black Friday... when some people who never spent a penny with us want to stack discounts, get free returns and, of course, immediate response to their emails overnight during Thanksgiving holidays. They should rename the day Entitled Friday or something. All this to say that we're thankful for you guys and our regular customers who understand that we're a small business and that there are human beings, with a life, behind this operation. That's what I'm thankful for !
That fabric is really nice.
Not the Eidos Ulster or Leder great coat - they're long Yes to the Eidos raglan styles, LBM styles or Leder soft tweed coat - all are on the shorter side
Still Life is the model name. It can be made in 20 different fabrics. Even if they sometimes look similar, different stores order different fabric options.
 Sorry about that.  Send us a quick email and someone will ship you your keys
 All the garments should have been shipped with keys.  Just not the scarves.
Just to be clear - as far as we're concerned, there's nothing wrong with sale shoppers.   Most of us shop at full price for stuff we really want now and think is fairly priced AND also shop when things go on sale or a promotion is extended.   This is great and I would never chastise anyone from buying things on sale or using promotional codes/events.
 That is simply not possible, unless you did not use SF10 when you bought your pair.  If that's the case, send us an email and we'll adjust for the SF10 discount you may have missed.
 Also this 
The KS melton coat is significantly heavier and stiffer than the Eidos raglan coat.   Thinks of the weight and rigidity of the KS coat as a long melton peacoat.   The Eidos is unlined and a softer/lighter overcoating fabric.   
New Posts  All Forums: