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Looks great. Very light brown horn buttons, 3 patches?
How to wear black denim trucker jacket ...
 Time for babouches ?
 There's a swatch in the Tallia di Delfino Burghera book that is reasonably similar and available  
If enough people want the navy chalk stripe, we can do the navy chalk stripe I'm just showing what I'm most lusting after right now for fall/winter I've also been thinking of getting for myself a suit made of H&S Dakota Plains 13 oz navy whipcord - but this may be too much for you guys...
Couple are up now - another one next week
Question for Formosa aficionados : we are starting to define the assortment for fall/winter.  What would you guys like to see?  We will be doing just like this season and offer a pre-order option for every suit and sport coat that will be stocked RTW, so everyone can get their size and/or split sizes for jacket & trousers.   Feel free to post pictures of make-ups that you'd like   I'll start :  a chalk-stripe grey flannel DB   
 ^These guys?
 Thanks   If too long, I would just roll/fold them back once - it looks good and isn't a tailoring headache
^ that's a fantastic choice - hard to beat I like this one too - but not very seasonal for spring/summer http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/navy-gingham-self-tipped-wool-tie.html
New Posts  All Forums: