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Yes there were two 50 Guys sorry I've been MIA for a few days. Between travel to Paris for ss15 buy and massive issues getting back (cancelled flights and all) + I'm moving today in 120 degree weather = not on top of everything Mr six , that sounds like a good idea
Monitaly always delivering on great outerwear. Looking forward to our first delivery for fall/winter. Spent some time with Yuki Matsuda today viewing SS15
Oliver Spencer & Buttero? 
Even with derbies/bluchers?   My experience is that I pretty never have instep issues with bluchers because the lacing opens up completely and I can adjust it around my instep in a way that's not possible with oxfords.   I like F and P2 the most in terms of shape/aesthetics.  My feet aren't that difficult to fit so I usually find a size that works for me in every last out there - it's very rare that I eliminate a last entirely because I cannot find a size that fits me.
 er... how do you know that?  
Will you send them some gefilte fisch ?
Some do. A lot of people use us to know their size and then order somewhere else though. Who knew an online-only store could become victim of showrooming? Lol
Come on. No one lounges around in an Inverallan - it rough as an urchin chainmail coat...
I have a freakishly high instep due to multiple basketball ankle sprains, and have no issues fitting into F. YMMV of course F and P2 are my favorite lasts right now. P2 is the most underrated of all - people change their mind instantly about it once they try it on.
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