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I personally picked all of those ties, so you already know how I feel about them.     Two comments : (1) what's wrong with a silk knit tie for summer?? you should totally keep it in your list!  (2) if you have a tan, beige or light color suit or jacket, that first rust stripe tie will look great with it - see this customer photo :     I love that asymmetric stripe tie btw
 Do you ask because we're offering a discount at season end?    It's just to help out our more price-sensitive customers for a few weeks.   We love Vass, not getting out at all.  So not a touchy subject  
 I think you mean one width RTW/MTO and two made-to-measure ? Anyhow - I'd probably go 40,5 narrow with your stats
 Thanks - I remember now.  The C&J size helps because I would otherwise equate 7.5-8 on the Brannock to 40.5-41 in Vass F.    I believe we've also confirmed with Rezso that he could actually go down one width on the F last MTO, correct?
 Did I?   Did you provide the same info when I suggested a 41?   If someone tells me he's a UK 6.5E in C&J, I would normally suggest a 40,5 in Vass F (maybe even 40 if the UK 6.5E is a tad roomy).  If the forefoot is on the narrow side, also 40,5 in Vass U.
I wouldn't call Panax sleek.  It has a chunky Norwegian welt and rubber sole.  Here, you can see them with Big John Slim Tapered jeans :      
We ship all international orders for $39.95. They cost us a lot more to ship (as others here have noticed when trying not to ship internationally) but we keep it simple with one flat rate
 We will post teasers as well as opportunities to pre-order some stuff if you want to lock in your size in something
 That would be 380g
Delays and delays and delays.   It is so embarrassing to be put in such position by our makers but it seems like every week we keep getting notices of more delays on some of our group and MTO orders.   Inis Meain, which was supposed to ship from Ireland on June 21 is apparently not yet ready and shipping on July 2 or 3 from Ireland.    Eidos field coats group MTO is a good 3 weeks behind delivery window and hasn't landed yet.   Eidos trunk show orders look to be a few...
New Posts  All Forums: