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Mid-weight fresco medium blue & navy PoW Mid-weight fresco medium blue & navy mini houndstooth Mid-weight fresco brown & black mini houndstooth
We are supposed to receive them by mid-September
Excellent, congrats !!  Did you guys drink a little champagne in mason jars?
I will add that we're happy to answer customer questions - we feel that it's a great way to get to know our customers, considering we don't often meet them in person.     Just... that some requests may take a little longer than others...
Yes we're hoping that we can find the time to measure everything.   That said we get plenty questions on items when measurements are posted, such as "Are you sure about those measurements? the shoulders seem ____ for that size! Please measure again", or "you listed shoulders, chest, length, waist, rise and inseam but how could I possibly buy it without a jacket half-waist measurement?!", or "can you measure the rise the way I do it instead of how you do it?"....
 ^ this  I'll add a quick comment on customer service emails : we get a lot of emails during the final sale periods.  A lot.  It seems like everyone needs sizing advice when we're on final sale  The emails are queued and we try to answer them in the order received - which sometimes means that it can take a few days to respond.  That said, some customer requests are very labor-intensive for us - i.e. if you're emailing us with sizing questions on 9 different items and are...
I'm surprised by the lack of love on kimono sleeves.
Actually, filling out missing sizes on the existing styles is in the queue behind the new FW14 styles and the three MTO sport coats. So I wouldn't expect anything on size restocks until late October, early November. Sorry but the capacity of the workshop is very limited. Noodles, happy to hear that we didn't drop the ball there. Please visit next time you're in town.
Light leather jackets are awesome - and not just because they're more seasonal than dark, they look great in colder weather too with dark denim and a scarf. Are they more versatile than black leather? Def not. But by that standard, we'd have pretty small and depressing closets.Sorry I don't remember you emailing us or calling us to make an appointment to come into the office. If we dropped the ball, I apologize. For the sake of clarity, we do not have a store in NYC...
Nice. We have that one in store too and on sale.
New Posts  All Forums: