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bring it on
                    Dropping tomorrow
More Begg scarves now up on the site.       Including the Return of the Wispy Cashmere (paging @jet)                  and our most indulgent scarf to date.  Heavy cashmere.  Incredible work goes into weaving these different color yarns into that ombré degradé (this is not dip-dyed)             
52L ?
Looks about a size too small from that angle.  A bit short and narrow
I think the implied assumption here is that three fingers on the butt cheek is worth more than 2 american dollars, alright.    You can tip me $2, yes.  But you cannot gently caress my behind AND tip me only $2.  No
 Here are some shots   
You would be surprised what people can do when you give them something for free (in this case the ability to get things shipped to their home, try and touch, and then return back to us). We have a very small number of customers with 80-90%+ return rate on double digit number of orders.   Sure, we don't always have measurements for everything, so maybe we can carry some of the blame but, really, returning nearly everything on 20-something orders?   That's nearing the...
I have no issue with people ordering MTO items online (as long as they know their size and understand the risks of ordering a non-returnable item).   But, even with shoes, there are mistakes that happen at the workshop/factories, and I'd rather be the one noticing it and then having it fixed before the customer even knows there was any issue.  I don't love the idea of products of this quality and price point being shipped directly to the customer.  
I'm waiting to hear about the program details and see the pre-selected swatch books.  I'll let you guys know when I do
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