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These sleeves are simply not falling at all - they are probably way too long and bunching everywhere.  Try folding a good chunk of fabric inside the sleeve and pull on it to let it hang down.  Also, you should remove the basting thread on the vents - the body and back look pretty good to me right now (you do have a lower right shoulder but many of us do)
 Same sizing as CP (same sole).   It sounds like you may be a 40 in Buttero Tanino?    Note that the full leather ones feel very snug at first and relax a lot after a few wear (the veg tanned leather starts stiff) but it is a bad idea to size up if they feel too snug.
I guess so. Did you step out today?
The smell of smoke all over the city is freaking me out and bringing back memories
Again, thank you. I appreciate the feedback. The site is too slow. Duly noted. Honestly, I've responded in every possible way and I cannot think of how to respond to this anymore. The site experience is too slow for some of you guys. I get it. I understand. I am fully aware. I know it to be the case. I apologized for this. We will be working on site speed this year. I don't really know what else to say. You guys puzzle me right now. What exactly...
Thank you
Metranger - are your C&J UK size 11? You're definitely a larger size than 43.5 in Vass F then. I'm a typical UK 10 in EG, C&J and JL. I wear 44 in Vass F.
I was wearing my Monitaly raglan jacket yesterday when walking the Liberty Fairs, Project and Mrket shows - it was surreal how many people commented on how much they liked the jacket.
Is this one of you guys? In any case, those are pretty cool picks! http://www.stylebidder.com/blog/what-we-wish-we-were-wearing-no-man-walks-alone-sale
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