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  Obviously, the sleeve length here is measured with the expandable cuff flipped in the extended position :   
 All odd trousers for this pre-order are Sal - that includes odd trousers that can be matched with a jacket (separates) If some people want to pre-order their suits with Lorenzo trousers (which, based on history is a miniscule number of people), we can accommodate this
 You should expect chest around 98cm, shoulders a little under 45cm, length around 74-74.5cm.  Sleeves are unfinished.
That will be killer.   Sell the stuff you don't love as much and get something you really love!  (I need to set up a partnership with @SpooPoker for some sort of trade-in program... )
 Thanks.  That's what I thought on the waffle textured fabric but something in the description made me doubt... Glad we could clarify.  Both that fabric and the linen/silk one from the brown suit and dinner jacket, have a hand that's incredibly unique.   Almost like madder silk... 
 I was wearing the Medium sample.    I would need a Large
 Same idea with the micro-pattern, but the brown one this time has a raised texture to it.
 We don't have that info. 
 Honestly, they were just the most attractive, coolest fabrics.  The brown has a unique texture, the two donegals are fantastic, and the Japanese cotton/poly has a great hand and stiffness - it's an opportunity to do something different and a little more technical with the succesful FJ shape
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