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Looks great.Not often seen in pics but I really like the yoke construction. One of the few details that differentiate this piece from others in that style.
Do any of you guys love the look of turtleneck sweaters but dislike the feeling of it, or the scratchiness of wool on your neck? We designed this collab with Inis Meain with this in mind - they had never done a t-neck in that yarn before but a couple of prototypes and we nailed the fit and feel. It feels so nice and soft
Take your climate into consideration to narrow down choices. Rusty brown and blue check are tweeds and heavier.Not to add complexity to our decision process, but there's also this amazing Delfino sheperd check
280 grs but feels a little warmer (prob cashmere content). It's a good weight for fall winter - too warm for summer but should be fine in spring too. Of course, one would wear an overcoat on top on the coldest winter days. It's fully lined.
If you had to size up on the Rock coat to accommodate your shoulders (narrow on the Rock), you won't need to do that on te Board. This is me in the sz 6 (my normal Schneider outerwear size) and it's def not as snug in the shoulders as the Rock. Body is plenty roomy in Schneider's typical boxy cut One of the most slept on coats this season IMO. Fabric is really fantastic and coat is super versatile.
 I'm sorry but this is not possible.   This is a wholesale order shipped to one location - not individual orders shipped directly from Italy.
Love that shirt in the same 90/10 wool/cashmere fabric we used for the Memory coat !    Nicely done... So many permutations of styles and fabrics possible with Schneider
 Correct.  Photos are not yet ready and we don't have our full size run for the Sherry Tweed or Drapers green yet.  I think we do have our full run of the Brughiera brown/grey shepherd check so this will be the first to go up when photos are ready this week.
PSA: brick bomber in 48 back in stock (cancelled order)
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