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There is no spoon
How do I remove "cool" from the thread title now?
There's already some extension there and the sleeve falls straight down without touching your upper arm - so I would not recommend extending much more than that.     You need a better photo angle more than you need further extension IMO.  Take photos closer to chest/head level and step back more (you can crop later - but taking pics too close distort everything)
So it's official, I guess http://www.details.com/blogs/daily-details/2015/07/mens-pleated-pants-trend.html   In two years, the SF wisdom will be to wear flat-front trousers unlike the masses out there.  We will surely have all sorts of rational and historical arguments for that.  Let's start saving old fashion gravures !
Are you wearing swimwear to work again? 
Swamp-ass moved to Paris this week.  100+ degrees
Is anyone going to say anything about how fantastic the weather has been recently?
 You can like the episode without liking the man and his douchiness.  I have mixed feelings about the guy - part of me admire him for being his own man and his incredible approach to cooking, another part of me wants to punch him in the face for being such a selfish, self-absorbed douchebag.   The fact that the film elicits those mixed feelings is a good thing.  The cinematography and landscape are also beautiful.   I think this is my favorite episode of the series - and...
That's interesting. I have an old linen jacket in pretty much the same slate blue herringbone, and I wear it a ton every summer. It's my go-to travel jacket too - I don't even think twice when I'm packing, it always goes in the suitcase.
Everyone has different monitor settings. Pictures are taken under white light (so that doesn't replicate either tungsten or sun light) and color corrected (to match color under white light).
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