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We just received restocks of all colors of Inis hats - we'll fix the inventory.
I understand. I think of it more as a decision between a great checked sc vs a great/versatile navy sc. The grey ground (to me) is just not very relevant here. If he already has a bunch of checks and feels the need for a navy blazer, then he should prob go navy. If he doesn't have any great checked sc, this is a nice one to start with
Makes me think of Snoopy's profileWith the aviator hat
That's very reductive. I could understand this type of statement if it was plain grey vs solid navy. But I don't understand it in this case. This check is really really great. The fact that the ground color is grey does by no mean make it any less awesome. It's just a great check
Now you're just showing off
When I see this, I'm 50% lolwat, 50% incredulous and 50% slightly angry
Murl - the jacket fits you amazingly well. You should cross-post in the Eidos thread. Because we're the only ones carrying The Lotenzo cut, there aren't that many fit pics out there...
Who was that - S.A. ?
^ ditto
Nice work Brian
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