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Probably XL to be honest
Since Wilfred passed away, I've been using Sam Wazin. He's good, but not cheap
 Not a whole lot on the bags side coming soon... New color of the Master-Piece messenger bag (caramel/copper) and a couple of new nylon totes from Master-Piece as well
hmm... that looks like a data error somewhere in the tables.  Nothing has changed in the cut or patterning of the popovers from last year
 Yes, I think so.  Either because one needs to stand out a bit (PR, marketing, publicity), or because it is a place where there's enough experimentation happening that it feels more comfortable to do so. 
The reason his outfit is winning is precisely because it is not a joke. He looks really good. The hat would normally be worn with a more casual fit, and wearing it with a sport coat makes the look a bit more Pitti (I.e. able to stand out and attract a photographer's lens in a sea of thousands of fits).
Primarily tucked
Yeah we know Isaac. Shall we do a collab w him in Ventile?
It's a new project that's launching basically now by London shoemaker Allan Beaudoin. There's a post, review and pre-order info on Simon Crompton's blog
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