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 Nothing has changed.  Same pattern It is birdseye indeed
By mid-October, I'm told. 3 of our fabrics were delayed.
 We have always bought what they call slim fit for the 2-ply cashmere and the crewnecks.  It's TTS, you would need a Large Pic isn't that bad - it shows the line and proportions of the trousers well.   Nice jacket too!    Not really.  Let's focus on getting the fall collection in first.  We still only carry 1 or 2 units of each size so sometimes it's just one guy who was faster than you.     I would say 50, same as your Rota size, for Camoshita trousers.   I'm 54 in...
You can't wear a 52 sport coat under a SB in Large with the arctic liner on. Without liner, it may be possible but will still be snug.
Good choice.   The Vincent parka is amazing IMO.   
 Pants and coats are long enough, my friend !
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