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Yes   We have three DB coats from Leder this season though.  
We should have menswear Pokemon. I think Tweedier would be a good one.
Heavier, stiffer, longer, tweedier  
 Sunday midnight
Most of them.  But not all colors of the pique shirt - maybe one or two
 Yes, quite similar.  The hand is a little more granular though and a more open weave
Standard placket shirt but with the soft, smaller collar we use for popovers (without collar stays).  I'm really looking forward to that one - perfect summer number
I'm surprised no one mentioned the natural fabric in hemp, nettle and soy fibers!   
 Yes - based on feedback post- multiple washes, we increased body length by 3 cm and shortened sleeves by 2 cm.  Those changes apply to these new pique shirts we're planning for SS'17
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