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 About half of them arrived and were dispatched.  The other half is still to come (fabrics arrived at different times, in particular a very late shipment from Alumo for the Zephyr Soyella fabrics)
  Was also for the benefit of everyone else as we''ll be adding the two Bumfreezers and new Single Breasted style later this week
You guys are a full size apart on pretty much anything we sell. I think that L will be just right for you. Those who already have it know it, but maybe worth noting: the Bumfreezer is already lined with an Arctic liner and it has a clean slim cut. This is not something you'll need (or want) to layer a Kanata sweater underneath. It's already pretty warm as is. You want room to move comfortably with a sweater in there but I would not budget for heavy layering. ...
You would need to order MTM for that. Pre-orders are for standard size items. Regular, Short and Long are options for jackets, but that's the extent of it
 Yes we will offer some ideas in the next week or two.  Do you have any suggestions that you would like to put forward?
I wouldn't call the Odeon last of the Arum pointy
Two long Document coats this season as well
Two of our longer coats this season. Leder and Camoshita
Those custom orders are long closed. Sometimes, searching can dig out old pages that are not otherwise navigable.
How do you like them?
New Posts  All Forums: