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 Knitwear is notoriously impossible to measure (you can measure the same sweater three times and get three different results depending on how it's laying and the amount of natural stretch) so there is limited usefulness to interpreting measurements too literally. I haven't noticed much difference at all in the sizing and grading of IM this season - obviously some styles have different fit than other (tunic are wider and looser, Aran are more fitted) I don't have samples of...
 Yes it is to show the grey/blue combo 402 (this is not a single color - it has the blue accents at collar and side panel)   I wanted to show as many of the color combos made up, as it is easier to picture than swatches All of the sweaters will have the patches - because they're freaking awesome
S to XXL
Looks like that loser hasn't been to the Hamptons in 10 years. Prob not even a millionaire. Sad!
Sorry if this wasn't clear.The bulls wool patches are on all the sweaters and are always the same color. As shown on the pics.What you can pick is the color combination of the wool and cashmere. Three are shown on the pics + 3 others on the color card.Finally, for those who prefer only one color instead of the two colors (e.g. all navy or all brown), it is possible and would be all merino. The bulls wool patches would be unchanged.
Agreed. It's very possible you were standing unusually erect when the pic was taken. Many people do, without realizing it
 No wool ones but some cream cotton twill ones from Rota
Looks like a matter of balance rather than shape of the quarters.  The two sides "scissor" a bit on that front-facing picture.  When that happens the area above the buttoning point opens and the area below closes. 
 The material is incredible.  I really loved the cotton twill they used for the jacket and trousers
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