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I think it would fit most of the modern laptops actually, but probably not a 15" laptop  Inside compartment measures 9.5" x 13.5".   A Macbook is 7.75" x 11".  A Macbook Pro 13 is 8.6" x 12.4".  Macbook Air 13 is 9" x 13" so would be the largest laptop I would put in there For reference, the Rake mag is 8.75" x 11.75"  I think I just have big hands...  
So I'm really excited about this new collab design with the good folks at La Portegna       We're going to do a round of custom orders in the next few days - pick your leather color, your monogram initials and color, and get the perfect portfolio for you (or a wonderful gift)
They are The boat builder in 30% cashmere is unreal IRL.     I'm so glad IM was able to work with us to develop the winter tunic because I don't think there are that many winter sweaters out there with a relaxed vibe like that.  Very cool - will look perfect with washed jeans
He's a riot
Love this thing
New Tie Your Tie season is up online.   We got scarves this time as well - big wool scarves with rolled edges - nice stuff
Studio lighting can often increase contrast and are often corrected for exposure, so people here can see the details of the contours of the pockets, but IRL the pocket design works well and doesn't look as "detached" from the front of the jacket.   I think the main styled shots are more representative of the feel.   The angled pockets on top of hip pockets remind me of a Nanamica jacket I've had for many years and love.  I use the side entry pockets all the time to put...
We just received it and it is pretty cool
It's called mr porter now
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