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 They definitely do.   Some of their fabrics are made in England or Scotland,  the cashmere books are from Colombo.  
The two new models have been up for a while (coco canvas and raffia slip-on).  The stuff coming is all restock of low taninos (cuoio, white, navy).  The jaffa Dunoon in your sig is a killer deal !    I have the same coat
 Yep you should.  We're on 37 between 8 & 9
This is our office's block.
They're in a box somewhere between Tuscany and NYC... waiting for them to land here with the Buttero sneaker restock I don't know if you've tried Mackintosh coat before, but it's really the shoulders that are very narrow for the tagged size. The rest of the body is fine, not too slim - but the shoulders require sizing up a  size if you want to comfortably wear a jacket underneath
So this just happened right here on our block   http://nypost.com/2015/05/13/cops-shoot-hammer-wielding-suspect-in-midtown/  
I would go with 38 if you want to be able to occasionally layer a jacket underneath
 Yes, the whole price (deposit and then balance).  It gets us to really attractive prices for amazing fabrics made up entirely by hand, to bespoke standards in Naples.   For example, the Drapers flannel suits come out to $1,662,  a H. Lesser 13 oz suit (never seen before in ready-to-wear as far as I know) for $1,857; sport coats mostly in the $1,350-1,400 range after the 15% pre-order discount.
 They are coming in two batches (these things take time to make...).   First one should hit our shores at the end of the week.  Next one hopefully 7-10 days later.
 Nice to see you - good luck with Amtrak travel down to Philly  
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