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Don't think that woolen flannel is more porous. The non-combed fibers fill out the weaving pattern more on woolen than on a worsted. There is less porosity.
You missed the most exciting dessert in the history of Tuscan cuisine - ordered tonight by Gracia. It was glorious.
Camoshita shirts was a problem for us.  The sleeves length was way too short for most people, especially in larger sizes.   We'll see if the coming seasons have adjusted that pattern
If you love everything else about the coat, just get the sleeves shortened - pretty cheap and easy alteration.
Sage de Cret FW15 looks interesting already...
Well made in Italy dress shirts with good fabrics at $100 retail just can't compute. Anyone who had shirts made in Alumo, Grandi/Rubinelli or Albini fabrics knows how much the shirting alone costs. Add decent wages, transport, duties, etc.. and it is simply not a reality. There are other places on the internet to buy $100 shirts - and it's great, they're needed. But this is not really what we're about. I actually think our Inglese shirts are incredible value for all...
Why would you return it instead of having the sleeves shortened?
I like DVN but generally our view is not to pursue brands that are already really well distributed, including online. If it's sold at Mr P, the Corner, Yoox, etc... then what's the point really? Just sitting on pretty expensive merchandise for a whole season waiting to see which of those will go for the most absurd markdowns? We're not supported by a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, we need to make some sort of profit to survive - and picking interesting makers that...
Probably 4 and L respectively.
From the horse's mouth
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