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Thanks for the feedback guys. Keep it coming. So far, it seems like 9cm guys wouldn't mind 8.5 and that those who don't buy because they're too wide would be ok with 8.5 as well? It may be the right common ground to make everyone collectively happier Our Bigi ties don't sell well so I'm trying to decide if I should buy a lot less of them or try to adjust width and see if it helps. I like these guys a lot so I want to support them but need to find a solution.
This is a conversation that never goes anywhere on the MC side. Just like some discussions on fit, quality and construction often go nowhere on the SWD side. Every year, I see people peeking their head on the other side and slowly shifting their initial reactionary approach to start to understand and even appreciate the other side's perspective. It always makes me happy when that happens - but it can only happen organically.
When we lived in Chelsea, we used the one at the corner or 9 and 22 and they always did a great job. I remember them being expensive but I think most NYC framers are?
^ this brings a question I have for the tie wearers in this thread. Stefano and Paola Bigi are always asking me why we get their ties cut in 9 cm width, arguing that most men want 8 cm. So my questions are : (1) for those who already buy Bigi ties from us: do you prefer 9 or 8? Would you still get them if 8 cm? (2) for those who don't buy Bigi ties from us: is the width a reason? Would you prefer 8 cm?
Looks like the Oil
54L for me across Eidos suits/jackets/trousers
It's also a bit of a social experiment, I guess. They put it out there and see if anyone bites. I'm quite sure that these are on consignment and that CS wouldn't be so adventurous as to actually buy those garments and have so much invested in them. It's a low risk proposition for CS and gets them tons of traffic from people saying look at this it's crazy! (Like above)
Yes that is the white linen Inglese
In action  
New Posts  All Forums: