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Patrick R, I heart your list!
We've worked with Antonio to modify Lorenzo a bit (and make it even better).  
The Loro Piana flannel is fantastic (and costs a fortune if you try to buy the fabric for a custom suit). If @dirnelli hadn't just grabbed the 54L, I would have taken it for myself.
 Size up for sure (as mentioned by others).I'm a 42-43 and wear the 5.  The equivalence chart posted earlier is correct (2=36; 3=38; 4=40; 5=42) across all ts(s).  Trousers are cut a bit larger usually and one can size down from this chart.  Guys, this jacket is amazing.  Here is Antonio wearing it (that exact jacket) on top of a 48 Eidos jacket.  If you plan on wearing it on top of a knit only, then this is good for a typical US 40 / IT 50 / Medium guy.  Jump on it!  ...
I take same size in Eidos and Valstarino (54). I take a 44 in most Monitaly
Why would you not want green in a tie? Some of the best ties...
Vass and Formosa are always the first to be pulled. 10-15% is the max we can really do on those - the markups are really low.Otherwise, we just added the extra 15 kicker and will run the sale for another week or two, then pull the plug and move on to spring.
New Posts  All Forums: