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I did - but it also gave me the opportunity to address this more general question as we very often get emails or calls asking why we don't buy more X in size Y since they're clearly the more popular... with X and Y being completely different for every person asking.   So, not even knowing which size you're referring to, I felt it was good to give some factual answer to this question.
It's the project of Antonio and Manuel Magalhaes, 4th generation of a family of fabric makers in northern Portugal. They turn the high quality fabrics into simply designed shirts. We really liked them, their shirts and enthusiasm for the fabrics. Shirts are very good value in out opinion. Some of the fabrics are ideal as overshirts, others as nice comfy shirts.
Also Esemplare and a new maker for us: Portuguese Flannel
+1@Moirne please don't change those sizes! They're great on you
Unfortunately not that soon
That's because it's not a correct statement.  We see the stats and the only sizes that lag are the really large ones (XL, 56...)  - btw I remember being heckled by some of the big guys here for not catering to their needs... well our selves are full of the XL sizes at the end of the season. Otherwise, there's no rhyme or reason as to which sizes sell fast or not between smalls, mediums and larges.   For some stuff the S flies of the shelves, for others we hear complaints...
wow these are going FAST
We like to answer customer questions! Especially Kyle
It's fine, but by no means better than H Lesser. Unless your comparison is about value for money - in which case you would have a point. Great source for cottons and cords btw
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