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Supposed to ship from Italy before 12/19
Also   This is now available in 50R (probably not for very long...)  
Not at this stage of the season - but there is a size 50 on its way back to us - should be back online tomorrow
I know one person who's been using Sabino for 13-15 years.  He is very hard to fit and his suits are well done and the silhouette quite flattering.
Yes, Sabino has been coming to NYC with Scafora and Piccolo for many years now.
 It was quite good indeed
 For good cringe-comedy, Hello Ladies first and last season was pretty, pretty, pretty hilarious.  Unfortunately not renewed
 Sartoria Formosa comes to NYC every 6-8 weeks.    Prices are in the same ballpark as well. I do not have 12 suits from them yet.
We run a good blog - you should follow us on tumblr 
Well, you tried them on yourself so there's no one here that is better suited to answer your question.  Did they feel a full size small?  If yes, then 45 would work.   Your EG size should normally match a Buttero tanino size 45 - but then again, there's no better gauge than how the 44 felt on your feet.
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