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All of those are crushable and rollable (although the paper hats are a lot softer than the straw hat).  
 These    or these? 
 I realize that we sometimes go through our email queue a bit slowly (because we focus on urgent/shipping issues first) but I'm not sure you should assume that an email that's not answered after 1.5 business days is lost forever.  We typically don't lose emails and we typically reply when a reply is needed (which is not always the case). I just sent you a quick reply - everything is AOK with your order
 Which Eidos navy fresco SC are you referring to?   The linen canvas one is a bit more casual looking and feeling than a traditional navy blazer.  Of course, a navy blazer is more versatile than that.  But if you're going to spend a week in a Carribean island, then the linen canvas jacket will be more versatile there.    I have an old Boglioli jacket that is very similar (even though miine is a herringbone) and that I wear it really often in the summer.  It's also the...
Thanks for the kind words! And neat post on your blog
42 is your size
Post right above yours is Cre btw
Yep yep and yep
Did you know?
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