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You guys are the best  
It buttons with the other side to secure the rolled hood in place
 Wholesalers?  In fashion?  This is not 1974 any more.  Every retailer (online or shops) that sells the fashion we're discussing here (not tee shirts sold by the metric ton) buys from the brands.  The brands market to the retailer.   This is exactly what Everlane does.  It is an online retailer with a funny little diagram cutting out a middleman that doesn't really exist anymore.     All they do is get things nicely designed and produced in low cost countries, then sell it...
 Yessir I do.  Were you not interested in the take of someone who actually knows something about the topic at hand?
 I find that hilarious when people fall for that pitch from Everlane-like companies.  Companies which are nothing less than a middleman pretending to be something else?   Is there anything, anything at all that this pseudo-business model does, that traditional brands or retailers don't?  Not one thing.   If I ask the Chinese black-box factories (that I don't own or control) to put my brand on it, I'm not a middleman - but if I ask them to keep their own name on it and am...
How would you cut that middleman... cubes or slices... 
 I'm thinking about it...
 That is correct.   
I would probably go for          or maybe            
Looks great though!
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