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They're held in folded position by the Force (I.e. magnets)That's correct for suits. For separates, you can
  Obviously, the sleeve length here is measured with the expandable cuff flipped in the extended position :   
 All odd trousers for this pre-order are Sal - that includes odd trousers that can be matched with a jacket (separates) If some people want to pre-order their suits with Lorenzo trousers (which, based on history is a miniscule number of people), we can accommodate this
 You should expect chest around 98cm, shoulders a little under 45cm, length around 74-74.5cm.  Sleeves are unfinished.
That will be killer.   Sell the stuff you don't love as much and get something you really love!  (I need to set up a partnership with @SpooPoker for some sort of trade-in program... )
 Thanks.  That's what I thought on the waffle textured fabric but something in the description made me doubt... Glad we could clarify.  Both that fabric and the linen/silk one from the brown suit and dinner jacket, have a hand that's incredibly unique.   Almost like madder silk... 
 I was wearing the Medium sample.    I would need a Large
 Same idea with the micro-pattern, but the brown one this time has a raised texture to it.
 We don't have that info. 
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