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 Yes and yes.  Info will be sent via email to newsletter subscribers
Correct.  That's a Mackinaw coat
 75% virgin wool, 25% linen
 We took Eidos pre-orders for the first time for FW16, including Sal trousers
 Yes.  If there's no cancellations, we'll have 4 different fabrics for Sal trousers.   (we were supposed to have 4 this season too, but two were cancelled)
One of my favorite summer shirts.
can we agree that not every fit "problem" is always the tailor's fault? I've attended A LOT of fittings in the last couple years and it is clear to me that some customers are unable to articulate their preferences clearly, even when they have two opportunities to do so (order and basted fitting). Not to mention that customers (especially those with little experience with bespoke) are sometimes plain wrong about their requests or assessment (I know I have been one of...
Did you guys get the black or green one? FWIW, it's a bit longer than a pea coat - here is mine when it was a little colder 
We stopped Cantarelli and focused on Eidos. Many reasons for this but primarily based on our customers preference and what they are actually buying
Yes there is quite a bit
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