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Eh ... you guys missed my point, which was about clichés, not about pizza. "NYC is great for pizza and bagels but there's no good Mexican or Indian food. Only decent Chinese food is in Flushing" etc....How many times do we have to hear the same clichés ?
This is getting confusing. Redhead guy above (also known as @bows1 here) is wearing a scarf. He's often confused for a model.... Kid with super short hair in the lookbook photo is not wearing a scarf. The knit part that wraps around his neck and buttons down there is a removable liner that is part of the coat.
It's part of the jacket. Removable too
Oh man Hope you get better quickly!Looking great though.
^ textbook stuff
Is that the same people who think that New York is awesome for its pizza?
I see a lot of suit pictures on the internetz and the more I see them, the more I'm in love with the lapel line and rounded quarters of the Formosa cut.   
I think that would look spectacular actually
I don't remember to be honest but I think they were brown or beige cotton chinos.  Would look good with light grey pants as well
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