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Will do. As always, email is the best way to request measurements or get customer service help. Requests get queued in one place and we're less likely to miss one. customer@nomanwalksalone.com
They're rather slim and lean. Many of our customers size up 1 from their usual size.
Will have to get back to you on sleeve length but we don't recommend to size up. They're already cut comfortably.
Same as 50r + 2 cm body length iirc
They're slim tapered. I didn't get them hemmed so sometimes I cuff them or roll the hem, sometimes I just let them "stack" - depending on the choice of footwear that day.
Not a whole lot of pic of Big John fades ITT... So here you go : about 9 months, 2 washes
I don't know if your florentine MBT will travel with ties to the trunk show, but he had a tie made up with that exact fabric when I visited the shop a few weeks ago.
I meant a kebab in a pita with all the fixings and multi color sauces...  Standing at the street corner.   No skewer involved!   That's actually the last thing I ate on my wedding night after the after after...  No that's not true, that's a lie - I had a shitload of nougatine leftover from our croquembouche in our suite after that.
I thought halal kebabs were the best drunk food
Tobacco Fresco update   I sent the order/deposit link to all who emailed us with an indication of interest.  If you didn't get it, you can use the link below : http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/pre-order-deposit-single-breasted-suit-minnis-special-edition-tobacco-fresco-wool.html   Orders close today and then fabric tally goes to @dieworkwear 
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