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That cheese knife sure did a lot of damage through that guy's suit. Must have been fused with no horsehair canvas
How special? Will rating move to R ?
Spank it. Seriously. Spank it hard on the chalk mark.
I'm willing to get convinced but, generally speaking, I often find it sub-optimal to create a very high contrast between trousers and shoes - regardless of the tie darkness. There are exceptions like a light grey suit with black shoes or black shoes with tan suit, but overall I tend to prefer less stark of a contrast between trousers and shoes. The other issue with the hypothesis is how it works with my preference for often using low contrast shirt/tie combinations. I...
Couriers are pretty good with their APIs, so if the courier's tracking info exists, the retailer generally can render it on his site. But if we're talking USPS for example, there's no data to render
Well we're still trying to understand the principle/hypothesis... Are you talking about aligning color saturation/intensity or color darkness/value?
The shade, presence of red tinge, and also the weave/finish.   That one doesn't look like Solaro - looking at the larger pic probably helps: http://cdn.styleforum.net/2/2c/2c85461d_P1050401.jpeg   also, I think I remember @Manton really disliking Solaro and finding it weird.  I was of the same opinion at the time, but acquired the Solaro taste over the years - so he may also have changed his mind?  I don't know...
That's not Solaro
 Well then we're left with "darkness"  :)
Contrast is the word :)
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