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The patch chest pocket is a work of art actually.  It is bigger than the typical RTW stuff out there - but anyone who's struggled with the frustration of putting a pocket square in the average RTW chest patch pocket, to see it bulge unnaturally and constantly spit out the square, knows it just does not work.  All the patches on the 3-patch jacket are generous (like the lapels and the chest) - and they are well proportioned vis-a-vis one another.
The past season merchandise always stays in the sale section - FW14 stuff will be there.   The extra15 kicker will go away at the end of this week.
They measure on the dot - a 50 measures exactly 34", a 52 exactly 36"... So it depends on what you mean by "a 32".  Most trousers marked 32 do not measure 32" at the waist (usually a good inch more).   Leg opening is 7.5" and rise is 11" on those
Quick PSA  :  as we put up online some of the spring arrivals, we will be retiring last spring/summer items from the site.  If you had your eyes on something, grab it now before it's gone.  If you don't have your eyes on anything, now is the time to look... :)
I would be cool with 200 thumbs as well! 😄
You have quite a low left shoulder. How does your alteration tailor deal with that? (if he does)
Figaria si, figaria la !
Fwiw, LBM1911 is not Lubiam's diffusion line. It is simply a standalone line/project within the company, with separate designers and a concept anchored on working with washed, garment-dyed and printed fabrics, with the lightest possible construction.
This is truth. With maybe a day or two of nice cool sunny in there (but then again maybe not)Is there such a thing as bad yoga pants? I contend that any bad yoga pants sighting would likely not be the pants' fault.
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