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 Well, of course!  We wouldn't settle for anything less than a fully functional pocket on those hats!   (I think you can probably squeeze a couple more quarters in there...)
 This year will be very different - we won't be bringing a ton of items.  We just hosted a two-day fall preview event for that.  We're focusing the trunk show time on MTO and MTM opportunities.  Rota, Inglese, La Portegna, Vass + maybe another one or two.
Talking about MTM, we received some special swatches this week from Rota (beyond the MTM swatch books) and they are so good.  Mostly heavy brushed cotton fabrics that really look and feel like wool flannels, but are 100% cotton.  Herringbones and patterns too.  Very cool   We'll have them on Nov 5 at the Proper Kit of course
Hi - everyone has different body shapes and some people have neck sizes that are quite disconnected from the rest of the standard measurements of OTR shirts.  It sounds like your neck is larger than the size you would normally need (probably a 41 or 42).   The sleeves may also be a bit long.  It sound like you may need MTM to get the right fit.    We only do MTM in person though - never based on remote measurements.  Any chance you could swing by our office or a trunk...
It really is perfect. I may use my presidential veto powers to include this one no matter the vote results
The hand of that shirt is unreal. It's like wearing a fluffy cloud. A baby fluffy cloud.
Sartoria Formosa SS/17 options and poll are now up here:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/531169/ideas-for-sartoria-formosa-spring-summer-2017-cast-your-vote/   Please vote and we'll narrow things down for pre-orders   I have a few favorites in there :)
Here are some ideas for spring/summer.   Please vote for ALL of the fabrics that you like.  When there are two similar fabrics (like the two PoW suits) please vote for one so we can see which is the favorite. There are a lot of options here but eventually, I will narrow down to 3-4 suits and 4-5 sport coats.    SPORT COATS P&H Glorious Twelfth brown glenplaid with blue overcheck - 340g wool,  not really spring/summer but more of a 3-season weight   [[SPOILER]]   Moon's...
Fur is thermo-regulating.  It is extremely effective insulation from cold, but it doesn't necessarily warm you up like crazy when you don't need warmth.  It helps you preserve your body warmth.  
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