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 Ddugoff, Sage de Cret, Naissance drop 1, GRP and Master-Piece are shot and they need measurements and descriptions -- all should be up by mid next weekFinal Eidos arrivals, final Geller and Frank Leder are being shot.Norwegian Rain, Monitaly drop 1, Kaptain Sunshine drop 1 and all ties have arrived and need to be shot, hopefully a lot of them next week
I looked in the mirror today and found two things that I love wearing but are inexplicably always slept on in the store: (1) shawl collar outerwear (mackinaw, jeep coats...) looks awesome on everyone, yet I think that Monitaly coat stayed on rack forever a few years ago, and the Naissance version this season with real shearling collar and sheep lining was available in every size when it hit 50% off -- boggles my mind.   (2) big scarves/stoles worn like a layer: there's...
Yeah thanks bry2000
Heschung is a bit if a hidden gem imo. They're such experts in Norwegian welting that they made nw shoes and boots for the likes of John Lobb (I have a pair of JL Norway that were made by Heschung).It's a small family business. I met Pierre Heschung one day and really liked him and his values. Everyone there is deeply rooted in the company and region. They're not marketing people.I grew up in France and Paraboots where everywhere and on every foot. They were sold...
 This feels rather duplicative with Heschung, and is sold all over the place - so I really don't feel that we would need Paraboot in the store. 
There's one that I like a lot.  The other 10, I love :)
Portuguese Flannel is up   I love 90% of those shirts.  They're so good for summertime.              
 We just opened the boxes so the pre-order folks will get their stuff shipped out today/tomorrow but it will take a bit to get those shot, measured, etc... and up online
Most definitely not
 I'm looking at it right now and it looks kinda greyish brown, sorta brownish grey 
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