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 Isn't the gauzy cotton texture really nice?   The two cotton Bigi square have a similar texture but not quite as crunchy and open weave.
We did have some lace-up boots last winter (the wool felt lined ones).  I think @in stitches and @gomestar here have them.  If the ones you're looking at are similar, then maybe they can provide sizing advice.
I love that green paisley tie
 No, all pending orders have been shipped.  Please email or call us with your order # so we can look it up.  Did you look in your spam folder for the shipping confirmation email?
PMs sent to all the Winter Sleeping Beauties contestants - thanks for participating.      The winners this time are @King Calder ; @cyc wid it and @Mr. Six  - congrats guys !  Make good use of that extra 40% off coupon !  
 I'm sorry but which boots are you referring to?  I don't think that we currently have lace-up boots from Buttero.
 Isn't that recycled military tent fabric?
That's what shirtmakers tell you - Wear and wash three times before you make alterations or changes to the pattern.  
Holy shit  
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