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 B3 coat, Emil hooded bomber, Sebastian bomber, Sebastian flight pants, Robert dress pants, Richard jacket, Robert shirt, Court crewneck
 Brick, 50... hmmm 
Happy to help in this thread if we have the books here :)
Which "bomber" are you guys talking about?     The Sebastian (garment-dyed 60/40) ?   We'll have it in both charcoal (called "black" in RG speak) and brick (called "brown").  One of those is for me though 
Book is Arcobaleno and fabric # is 2052 for the blue, 2051 for the beige.   Book has since been replaced by "Oltre Arcobaleno" and those "summer tweeds" are not in it.   There may still be stock of the fabric though.
First Rota shipment is up   Two new fabrics are lighter grey flannel and light grey twill wool (the two most consistent requests from customers).
I was talking about Rota. We didn't order these ^ trousers (Lorenzo, double-pleated) with Eidos this season.
Yes this season (two styles in flannel, single fwd pleats), but not yet today.  
 Turn that frown upside down !   Sal trousers are the best.  We'll see about MTO - it isn't clear yet.    Putting up a restock of 4 Rota styles + 2 new ones in a couple of hours. 
 I just put 15 Post-It notes, folded in half, in it and it's holding strong:   
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