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Nope. Only one colorway of the Algae. We have the Rock hooded coat in grey and it is spectacular
In that specific instance That's a possibility I am wiling to entertain
That was just one picture at a bad angle with the wrong pents, with no ability to see the awesomeness of the 3D shape and roll... It really doesn't look bad on me at all
I really, really, really hope that you're kidding
It is coming in bits and pieces. We received two of our four sport coat styles. We're waiting for three suits and three overcoats as well.
31" (almost 79 cm) is pretty long by any current standards - I assume you wear a Long jacket? Adding up the fact that the Camoshita cut is on the shorter side (but not that much) with the sad fact that they do not make Long sizes, and the result is that their suits are unfortunately not for tall guys. It pains me every time I see some of his awesome designs to know that I cannot wear his jackets
Believe me, after 5 or 6 wears, people will get tired of ridiculing you for being overdressed and you will occupy that role in their mind (the guy in the office who dresses sharply). I know - I was that guy and after a while, people came to me for dressing advice and was voted "best dressed in the office" type of stuff... Go figure Now, if that's your boss throwing those piques at you, then you should interpret that differently and think of that as a way for him to ask...
Inis meain FW MTO is almost certain. However, in-stock styles are spectacular this season - some beautiful 90/10 Aran cable cardigans (our exclusive designs) and the introduction of authentic fishermen ganseys in "bull's wool" (rough stuff, paging @lefty) including one in undyed natural wool.
Awesome summer / beach look. I would expect Gary Cooper's head to appear if it could scroll up.
I agree. The crispness and gumminess of that cotton knit was unique. Sadly, that knit structure is not coming back for Ss15 but maybe ss16?
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