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Well that's the thing about TD. The dialogues are weird and often cringeworthy. They were in Season 1 too - pseudo-philosophical BS straight from a high school kid journal. Yet, McConnaughey was able to integrate this in his part and the pseudo-philo bs was part of him, and it worked because we believed this character would say such things.Vaughn is unable to turn the bad writing into good material for his character. That's where he fails. He had a, what, 5 or 6...
Poor Vince Vaughn. I kinda feel bad for him. I think he hoped this would revive his plummeting career... I can't imagine his agent's phone is ringing much these days.
Took this to PM!
 It's all good.  Great make-up - enjoy it.
Your tailor shouldn't try to alter the shoulders.  What he may be able to do , and may help, is release the back seam a little in the yoke area, to give you more room there.   In the future, you should establish whether you like the shoulder and chest fit before you have the jacket altered.  That's true across all brands, styles, fabrics, etc... There are always variations in both exact measurements and fit due to fabric properties - so you may love one jacket in size X...
There can be quite a bit of variation in how a jacket fits between fabrics (tensile properties, friction, drape).  Some fabrics stretch and some don't.   It's one of the reasons (among others) why bespoke tailors always do intermediate fittings, even when they've made 11 suits for a customer and the customer weight has not changed.    Separately, and because we often bring up that point but don't always have visual references for it, here are two pics I just took of the...
  I agree that the grey shoulders look a bit narrower on the pics - again, I'm not sure what the measurements say, or which of the two jackets could be a little out of the specs, but visually it looks a bit narrower. That said, I would love to see a pic of the grey suit at the same angle & distance as those - it would be helpful, as all your pics of the grey suit looks a bit distorted to me?  
Hi @The Noodles   While there are always small variations from one piece to another, these two suits should be made exactly on the same pattern - I just personally went now and measured two suits from an old batch (flannel Prince-of-Wales) and the last 50R grey fresco (the same you have).  They have pretty much the same measurements : around 18.5-18.75 for shoulders across, around 43-43.5" chest from pit to pit, around 30.5" back length.    It is possible that your...
Definitely a rooftop thing. We always had people over on the roof when we had a nice rooftop in Chelsea.
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