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 65 cm is perfectly normal for size L !    I can't draw conclusions for everyone and every size, but I wear sz L in Inis and I'm 6'2".   The measurement from BOC to my jeans belt is 58.5 cm (and I'm not a short guy) so that leaves 2.5 inches below that - absolutely fine.    The cardigans are a tad longer and cover half of my arse. Clearly, they're not long knits like a SNS Stark, but I just don't see what's so unusual about the length. It may be a different story for...
Time to talk about spring / summer suits and open up to pre-orders. If you want to make sure your size is there for you (are you a 48L, a 58R?) or if you need larger or smaller trousers than standard, this is your chance. Mid-grey Minnis Fresco suit - 9/10 ozFull canvas construction with natural shoulder (spalla cadente morbida) Mid-grey open weave Fresco cloth (#104342) from the Fresco II book, 9/10 oz spring/summer weight Quarter-lined back for better air circulation and...
All except for the 2 special editions (Collective Action winner and runner-up), which are 8.5 cm
Around $2,050-2,100 including cloth (after tailoring discount), and an extra $400-450 for the vest.
 That's true.  Should we change it to "dark Zaffre blue with gold and tobacco loops"?   
Thanks for the kind words. This is bespoke Sartoria Formosa (2 fittings in NYC), from Naples indeed. The shoulder is spalla camicia
It is softer and finer so it ripples more - but the full body shot has that dramatic overhead lighting that accentuates it.  It is a lot more natural looking IRL (and on the other shots).
I've never had a lightweight flannel, so I wanted to give it a try.  Of course, it doesn't fall as straight and flawless as the heavier stuff, but it wears incredibly comfortable.
That one is bespoke but the same length as the 54L that I take from the rack.  I'm 6'2"
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