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I can photochop your face on it !
The tunics are more relaxed and a little longer than traditional IM sweaters with ribbed cuffs and hems.  That's very much the style
 My chopping skills got challenged there but here's a try: 
  What burgundy??
 Heads up - the ones that are called "heavy linen" are a really chunky material.  Those who dislike bulky squares should stay away from these.
 Just add a navy hopsack blazer and you're flirting with perfection there !
Calabrese spring summer is in                                
Feel the wrinkle !
 The one with the drawstrings?   It's so freaking good  
Light weight fresco is soft and comfy.  Medium weight is still fine although a tad rough on me precious knees.  Heavy weight fresco is essentially sandpaper.   I believe I saw an ad for a trendy spa in town that uses heavy fresco for exfoliation
New Posts  All Forums: