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oh man 
Now is the time to F5
wow Eidos hunting jacket nearly sold out in all sizes... 
Butter on butter
 One of the most slept-on piece this season so far.   Really reminds me of the chunky woven Camoshita coats of last year. I wear XL in Niche and like it - I typically wear it with just a tee so it may be on the snug side with a sweater?
In the interest of time (and because it's been too freaking long), we'll post our first Geller drop online by end of day today without measurements.   We won't have time to take measurements but we will next week.
 You're typically a medium in traditional US sizing?   It's surprising that Medium in the Niche jacket wouldn't be too tight. I'd recommend sizing up from US sizing to be able to wear it as a jacket.  
Humor is not universal. You don't find it funny, you turn the page or click away - nothing to get. I think it's hilarious
No idea.
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