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Several decades ago - buttoned collar shirt (sprezzed points), knit tie (fancy one too) and three-piece suit  
 Yes, those will be up in a couple weeks.
The only GRAY (brand) sweater we are restocking this season is the black Bart.  See @FrankCowperwood fit pics for proof of awesomeness.  
Grey was restocked and we added navy this season. Those who have some of the S&C 6-ply (other stores call it 12-ply since its 2x6) can probably chime in but these things are dreamy soft and plush. The IM alpaca/silk ones are also soft but not quite as fluffy (more open knit) and probably not quite as warm as 6-ply cashmere.
 We haven't received a single thing yet, so it's fair to say Eidos is not dropping for another few weeks.
 Just joking of course :) We'll send a 3D scanner your way
 We will recreate one with our 3D printer and test it with the key case
New Posts  All Forums: