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I'm surprised by the lack of love on kimono sleeves.
Actually, filling out missing sizes on the existing styles is in the queue behind the new FW14 styles and the three MTO sport coats. So I wouldn't expect anything on size restocks until late October, early November. Sorry but the capacity of the workshop is very limited. Noodles, happy to hear that we didn't drop the ball there. Please visit next time you're in town.
Light leather jackets are awesome - and not just because they're more seasonal than dark, they look great in colder weather too with dark denim and a scarf. Are they more versatile than black leather? Def not. But by that standard, we'd have pretty small and depressing closets.Sorry I don't remember you emailing us or calling us to make an appointment to come into the office. If we dropped the ball, I apologize. For the sake of clarity, we do not have a store in NYC...
Nice. We have that one in store too and on sale.
Windowpane is much better
Repost of our short slideshow http://vimeo.com/m/75623597
36679 is
Yes and they're amazing
Thanks guys. It may be possible now but it wasn't when we ordered our make-ups. I know because I wanted to order handgrade.With hindsight, I'm happy we didn't. I think AS Exclusive is some if the best value out there.
While this is technically correct, AS Handgrade is not a retail RTW line. At least it wasn't last I checked. MTO only. AS Exclusive is the highest grade of RTW that AS produces
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