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I freaking love those suede riders
Get a pair of shoes. Preferably some austro-Hungarian style shit-kicker
Of course you're free to not use it - nothing wrong with that. But I'm honestly not sure what you could possibly do with your pants when you go to the bathroom, because the loop makes zero difference. Maybe I don't want to know actually...
You've been told wrong.  It makes absolutely no difference.  The loop only keeps the buckle aligned with the trousers, it doesn't change anything about using the belt or opening the trousers.  It takes a few seconds extra to pull the belt completely out of the pants, but I'm hoping that no one does that in the bathroom.
 They should really not be there on trousers with no loops... They won't be on future iterations
The tab is to keep your belt buckle always centered. The prong of the buckle goes through that little loop before you fasten the belt.I can't say I ever thought of corduroy as breathable, to be honest. The whipcord fabric is probably less warm wearing than most corduroys I know. I would consider those as 3-season.
32 for sure
Slimmer than what?   It's such a nice sweater - looks rugged as hell, but is actually incredibly soft and comfortable
 No TWSS today?
I've said it before but the key is to sell what you no longer want/wear and get what you now want.  I've been doing that for years, once a season at least, and it frees up space and capital for a continuous upgrade/evolution of my wardrobe.     Do we need to team up with an eBay consignment shop to make this process easier for you guys?  
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