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No we still have some. It's just more cream/oatmeal than oatmeal/fawn
They've only been around 2-3 seasons, I think. I went to their workshop last year in Tokyo. Amazing stuff. We look at it every season and every time we love it but the prices are just impossible. Look at the work on the sashiko blazer
Kuon is beautiful but prices are up there. That boro blazer is $5,100, the sakiori v-neck cardigan is $4,000
The very definition of a 3 or 4-season cloth
New Fresco III book has more shades of beige
 Not yet but it's bonkers
We have 4 or 5 for the rack      
hmm... so far, two indications of interest.  Not sure we can meet the production minimum...  Let's see if there's more interest in the next 24 hours before making a decision
It's brown - no olive.  One is in natural sun light, the other in studio light
 very little, I'm afraid, as the minimum number of coats is quite high so we'd have to pick one color for everyone
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