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Some recent drops     Merola winter gloves              Camoshita and Schneider trousers                More Schneider drops                   + Buttero in Arbia (burgundy) leather, new G. Inglese shirts, Camoshita sport coats and overcoats : https://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items.html              
 And many mark the shoes with 1/2 a size difference.    I think 1 full size is a better conversion but it certainly is far from universal
It follows the most common UK/US size conversion convention   http://www.i18nguy.com/l10n/shoes.html     For many of us, UK size is US-1, but for plenty of brands (including a whole swath of Northampton shoe makers, e.g. EG), US = UK + 0.5
Those pictures are worth 1000¹ººº words
Sorry about that.    More importantly... what did you get?  
We will remove the link entirely when our developers find the time to do so.  It's not very high on the issue priority list right now but I understand it can be frustrating.   FWIW, the link does work when you are logged into your NoMan account. (at least it does for me)
Many sizes will come back in stock.  Several customers ordered multiple sizes as they were unsure of their size.  So keep an eye open in the next week or two as they start coming back.  Also, you can use the restock email notification request on the product page when a size is sold out. Separately, we are hoping to launch MTO/MTM with Eidos reasonably soon.  Not all of the fabrics in our RTW assortment are available MTO/MTM but several are, so that will be an opportunity...
Yes, I often wear 42/52 but I need a 54 in Eidos.   Going up a size is often the case for me in high-end Italian RTW brands (e.g. Isaia, Borrelli) 
I agree.  Slight dropped right shoulder that could be addressed if it bothers you but otherwise, looks pretty good.  You should try it on with the vest and open jacket - great look   Also, your nickname/handle is justified !
Yes.  A worker got killed by a falling concrete slab.   Chilling stuff
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