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Look of the day!
 Say hello to Tweedier 
 Mid-late next week
Nice to see SF rules getting a little shattered too - open neck white shirt, navy trousers.   I approve  
Not the high rise version since these have belt loops.  Looks like the regular medium rise Rota
Looks really good.
 That makes sense.  Chest and neck dimensions are not always in sync with the patterning of standard shirts. Sounds like you should size up, especially if you don't care about the neck being too loose
That jacket turned out beautifully.   We were a little jelly here.   Nice cloth
 What's your normal shirt size?  16 = 41,  15.75 = 40;  15.5 = 39 I wouldn't recommend sizing up I'm a typical 16 neck size and wear 16/41 in Inglese shirts.  
Every item comes with a key
New Posts  All Forums: