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 The one with the multi-color fringe?  It's so awesome - Kyle has the navy and I have the beige
 Medium, not Large
 The blue/green check is a little bit smaller in scale and the fabric is a little lighter too. 
 Couple months
I thought you got the XXL?  Should be your normal size, not a size up?
 We don't do pre-orders with Inis Meain, because we always have a mid-season MTO/trunk show.
Interestingly enough, the Dries espadrilles are also made by Castaner. I have a pair of Dries and they even have the Castaner branded rubber protective sole
They're awesome but they fit really big, so it isn't a huge surprise that sizes 11-12 are still around, even at those prices (they fit like US 12-13).
Safari on latest iOS (9.3.2). (Is there a way to check safari version?)
Looks like this
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