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Yep. Quilted too.
That Neil Barrett jacket is very cool
That Carnet fabric book (trip across Europe) is so cool. Some of the stuff is pretty stereotypical about the various regions and the cloths they choose to illustrate them - but overall a much more enjoyable way to browse through fabrics. That glenplaid is a nice choice for a sport coat btw. I believe it's from the Tallia di Delfino "Brughera" book. Lovely jacketing fabrics but not suitable for trousers / suit.
I think Rock will come back to haunt us in future years. It's a great design with very epurated lines and a great hood-to-lapel curve. It looks fantastic worn. In terms of weight/warmth, they are definitely warmer than, say, a double alpaca or the algae - but not as warm as the merino.
They are very different coats - in length, style, color palette, etc... I think you see where I'm going with this... The Juncus uses a heavier wool and I think that it is more isolated than the Algae - so despite being shorter I'd say that it is probably warmer.
The sleeve length get tailored to the customer's exact arm measurement by the alteration tailor who will finish them with buttons, so I'm not sure there's any benefit to have a pre-shortened sleeve from the bench.
 So about this Juncus coat, here's a couple of quick snaps.  Excuse the "I think I need to sneeze"-Blueish-Steel look on a couple of those pics...   
Also the length
And green.  Lots of beautiful greens this season
Well... we buy what we really like so it's normal we're into them.   That said, I have my favorites... and I usually end up keeping one for me.     Like that wine colored suede Valstarino 
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