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@Murlsquirl  this looks fracking awesome. watch out or @NickPollica will enroll you to model for his next look book! ;)
No, the canvas barely stretches.  But they don't feel as tight as the veg tan leather on the first wears (except for the leather toe cap, which will feel low and tight at the beginning).  They feel about the same on first wear as they do later.   I recommend to take the same size.  I wear 43 in both leather and canvas. If anything, the leather ones have relaxed to fit a tad larger than the canvas
yep.    There are a lot of amazing knits with the scrabble grids on the back, giving a complex see-through effect.  Works well with sweaters, cardigans and scarves
Can you guys guess what the graphic theme is from these pics?
I can't say that I'm particularly interested in optimizing outfits. I put stuff on and switch if it looks off - but I usually don't try to "do better" if I'm happy with how things look. In any case, it looked less saturated IRL and there's a blue overcheck in the tie that I felt worked well with the blue cardi. The whole thing was a bit of an experiment for me to go for something different. I typically would have gone for a more fall color cardigan (maroon or...
I really don't think so.   The cardigan (any cardigan, maybe another one if you are not on board with the saturated blue experiment) creates that buffer zone between the two checks and makes the juxtaposition of the two actually visually pleasant rather than jarring (if they were more directly connected without cardi)
At this point, I'm sure that the answer can only disappoint   but it was a grey sharkskin suit 
Guys - our operations are in for a major disruption in the next 48 hours due to the imminent blizzard.   Kyle & I were supposed to get back from Paris today but every flight is cancelled and likely also cancelled on Tuesday.   Edouard will try to cover partially in our absence and when we're in travel/airports limbo but it will be patchy.   UPS is cancelling pickups and deliveries as well.   So, both customer service requests and order shipments will be disrupted and...
This is different though.   I would normally never recommend to buy a shoe that's too tight and "break it in".   But the Buttero Tanino in veg tan leather use panels of leather that will SIGNIFICANTLY change after just a few hours of wear.   Unworn, the veg tanned leather is very stiff and it puts a lot more pressure on the foot than will normally do once it becomes flexible and adapts to your foot shape.   It gives the impression of a shoe that is way too tight because of...
 I understand now.  I only have one pair so not a lot of data points...  I was simply surprised that mine had performed so differently from yours.     The two pairs of laces is because some people prefer the look of cotton laces and others like them better with leather laces.   I actually like the cotton-laced pic you posted - maybe it's time for me to switch things up for a bit!
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