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Montedoro actually (another Slowear brand).
Def SC. The trousers line was copied over.
I should know not to ever challenge you to a fabric swatch analysis contest !
Dunno how exclusive that is... Looks exactly the same as the Molloy tweed we used for the Eidos overcoats this season
 65 cm is perfectly normal for size L !    I can't draw conclusions for everyone and every size, but I wear sz L in Inis and I'm 6'2".   The measurement from BOC to my jeans belt is 58.5 cm (and I'm not a short guy) so that leaves 2.5 inches below that - absolutely fine.    The cardigans are a tad longer and cover half of my arse. Clearly, they're not long knits like a SNS Stark, but I just don't see what's so unusual about the length. It may be a different story for...
Time to talk about spring / summer suits and open up to pre-orders. If you want to make sure your size is there for you (are you a 48L, a 58R?) or if you need larger or smaller trousers than standard, this is your chance. Mid-grey Minnis Fresco suit - 9/10 ozFull canvas construction with natural shoulder (spalla cadente morbida) Mid-grey open weave Fresco cloth (#104342) from the Fresco II book, 9/10 oz spring/summer weight Quarter-lined back for better air circulation and...
All except for the 2 special editions (Collective Action winner and runner-up), which are 8.5 cm
Around $2,050-2,100 including cloth (after tailoring discount), and an extra $400-450 for the vest.
 That's true.  Should we change it to "dark Zaffre blue with gold and tobacco loops"?   
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