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For sizing, think about layering. You probably layer more under the winter FJ than you will for the linen one. So depending on how the winter one fits, you may want to size down to wear over just a short or tee
Shorts are basically 1" shorter than Regular.
It's tough to say because "standard XL" isn't a very consistent measure. I'd say it's perfect for someone who typically wear US42 jackets, maybe a little more fitted in the chest than most Schneider 6 outerwear. Also depends on how much one would later underneath
We have one on sale from this winter at 50% off http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/zipper-blazer-in-dark-charcoal-melange.html Last blazer left
Hoping to do like last year and select a dozen swatches for everyone to order single MTO trousers. We've now got the swatches but haven't received a price list (despite asking many times) - so we cannot start MTO yet.
That was a typo, which is fixed now. They're all reasonably light fabrics and probably best for spring & summer. The two wool fabrics can easily be worn year-round IMO, whereas line is a bit off in the winter.
Body and length are shorter
I think it could use a little more length. If you agree, I would recommend stretching the length a little. You simply need to soak it fully in cold water. Then put it on a surface/table, laying flat and buttoned. With your hands/palms, gently stretch the knit all along the length of the cardigan front and back (and sleeves if you'd like). Go easy because you could stretch it quite a bit doing that. Then let it dry flat. I do that on a regular basis. That's the...
Green puppytooth is the lowest available meters. Can't make more than 6 coats. We gave our SF followers a head start over the weekend but we'll be opening up orders to everyone else (email list, social media) next week.
No. But you can order a short instead of a regular.
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