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Nope.  None of them had enough interested parties to get started on an order.
Hey D - just send an email to Customer@nomanwalksalone.com confirming your order (and length).  Thanks ---G
I have received 6 emails so far.  
Tip #2: if Andrew says "come on, just one drink!", proceed to write your name and your embassy phone number on your arm with a sharpie for when people find you passed out on the street the next morning on the other side of town.
How are your pickling skills? I'll take a jar
All of our summer suits are half-lined. I know the bullet point says "quarter lined back" and that is a little confusing but the sides of the jackets are lined and have regular inside pockets. A quarter-lined jacket would have very little lining on the sides - a lining skeleton on top, and bottom inside pockets tend to be attached.
Cool stuff - 9 of us with the same jacket !     Next step is to email customer@nomanwalksalone.com with "Drapers 2059 jacket" as your title and let us know which size we should put your name down for.  Once we've assembled all the orders, we'll send a link to place the order and pay the 50% deposit online.  After that, order with all sizes goes to Naples and they can start ordering fabric, etc...
 I don't think it's possible to point to one page that would have all Formosa fit pics - you can search the WAYWRN thread using the word Formosa and you'll find several.  There are also user-submitted pictures on our site's gallery : http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/showgallery/gallery , but definitely not as many as you'll find in WAYWRN
More than a couple inches too big at the waist?
If these are garments measurements, taken the same way we take ours, this measures up to a 54R in Formosa. There may be a tiny bit more shoulder extension (2mm on each side?) compared to what you measured but otherwise it's pretty close.
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