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The hand and texture of the panama silk on that tie is unreal. Really something else.
Some answers: - lower pockets are intended - hard to answer as to why sleeves aren't lined; I can't even say that I ever noticed - it does get bulky in the front when fully buttoned. You are not a "bad buttoner". I like to wear mine unbuttoned most of the time - yes all the merino coats were from the same season but retailers always have a multitude of fabric options when buying the Schneider collections. Some stores buy some fabrics and others different ones. Not...
Yes we will be doing MTM and MTO with Eidos - details to come and in all likelihood a NYC trunk show in the fall. Also dialing in a single MTO offering with Formosa. Pricing details to be announced soon.
The cut is not for everyone. It has a distinctive style (just like its inspiration). Some will fall in love with it and find that to be a fantastic opportunity to get this style at very palatable RTW prices. This is the reason why decided to carry Eidos. For those who don't like it, there are hundreds of other styles, with higher gorges and closer quarters out there. Hundreds of options for "less risky" cuts, so that shouldn't give anyone heartburns. Edit:...
The cut is probably not for everyone (and from judging the reactions in this thread, you guys feel it is not for me), and it's fine to prefer less open quarters but I think it's unfair (let alone misguided) to Antonio to call it a "caricature". It is not, it is a RTW interpretation of a very distinctive bespoke cut. I think he cut (and its successor for next year called Ciro) is one of the most attractive RTW cuts out there and probably the #1 in my book when taking...
For sizing, the veg tan leather ones stretch more than the others (suede or canvas). The veg tan leather is very stiff before wear so as it softens and takes the shape of the foot, it will feel 1/2 size bigger than on first wear. The suede and canvas version never have that first stiff fit so they feel closer to final fit on their first wear. I wear the same size in all materials but the veg tan ones feel bigger after wear (although they felt smaller on 1st wear)
You should go with XL
Nope. Only one colorway of the Algae. We have the Rock hooded coat in grey and it is spectacular
In that specific instance That's a possibility I am wiling to entertain
That was just one picture at a bad angle with the wrong pents, with no ability to see the awesomeness of the 3D shape and roll... It really doesn't look bad on me at all
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