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They're rather slim and lean. Many of our customers size up 1 from their usual size.
Will have to get back to you on sleeve length but we don't recommend to size up. They're already cut comfortably.
Same as 50r + 2 cm body length iirc
They're slim tapered. I didn't get them hemmed so sometimes I cuff them or roll the hem, sometimes I just let them "stack" - depending on the choice of footwear that day.
Not a whole lot of pic of Big John fades ITT... So here you go : about 9 months, 2 washes
I don't know if your florentine MBT will travel with ties to the trunk show, but he had a tie made up with that exact fabric when I visited the shop a few weeks ago.
I meant a kebab in a pita with all the fixings and multi color sauces...  Standing at the street corner.   No skewer involved!   That's actually the last thing I ate on my wedding night after the after after...  No that's not true, that's a lie - I had a shitload of nougatine leftover from our croquembouche in our suite after that.
I thought halal kebabs were the best drunk food
Tobacco Fresco update   I sent the order/deposit link to all who emailed us with an indication of interest.  If you didn't get it, you can use the link below : http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/pre-order-deposit-single-breasted-suit-minnis-special-edition-tobacco-fresco-wool.html   Orders close today and then fabric tally goes to @dieworkwear 
I'm a fan of exploring low-to-medium contrast and I do think that there's a formatted approach to only wearing dark ties in CM.  Dark ties are great but lighter ones can also work well and have a more soothing overall look.   I'd say that especially in spring/summer, that is a good look.   Too tone-on-tone is usually a fail IMO This is a good example of a lower contrast tie combo - I think it looks good and it also looks seasonal - double win
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