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I'm just talking about the FW16 season bombers. We will be putting together our order for the store this week so we will open up pre-orders for bombers so we don't end up in the same situation as this FW15 season when people couldn't find the bombers they wanted in their size. It will only be up for two or three days.
Anyone interested in FW16 preorders for bombers (all styles, all colorways), please thumb this post so we can gauge
 Also, I didn't even need my cc or cash since I paid the cabs with my iphone anyway...  I've been using the RX100 for 3 years now and like it a lot.  But I just switched to the LX100 now - better macro AF, MUCH faster AF overall and goes down to 1.7.  A little bulkier of course but since I always have the camera in my tote, it doesn't matter.
I had a black tie event last night and only took my iphone in my jacket and a credit card + two fiddies in my trousers pocket.  Not even a watch.  It feels nice to carry so little.   I can't imagine carrying a camera in my tux 
 We're reviewing the collection tomorrow but I don't believe bunny parkas are still part of it.   I think that the bunny piece this coming fall is a trench
So, is anyone interested in pre-ordering the Monitaly quilted coat? If so, let us know ASAP via an email at customer@nomanwalksalone.comWe need to put together our FW16 order for Monitaly tomorrow Monday and we won't be ordering all three colors for the rack, so if you know you want one, pre-order it and get your discount too. $428 is such a good price for this piece... (No that's not the 50% deposit). 
 Do you want us to order an S-cape for you?  
I could have been clearer there - we'll make sure we post a clear date and time for next ones.   That said, if possible, don't wait a whole week to place an order at the very last minute... please
  I have done that, but signatures are not visible on mobile for example
 Not sure about the part where only we can post in, but we can definitely have a catch-all MTO/pre-order thread in that subforum.   We posted a few times in there but it's incredibly obvious that there's no traffic at all in that part of the forum, so it doesn't achieve the objective of making it easier to see those offerings.    Maybe a general NoMan MTO/pre-order thread that people can subscribe to is a good idea!
New Posts  All Forums: