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Nice write-up by @dieworkwear on the Merino coat : http://dieworkwear.com/post/98396906204/a-second-wave
 Exactly.   It turns a classic duffle coat (although you'd be surprised how unusually chunky the wool is) into a winning design.  It brings the badassness of a peacoat collar and lapels into the classic duffle.  ftw  @DeSense  good things come to those who do NOT wait ! :)
Some fit pics of the Camoshita duffle taken for a friendly customer .   This is sz 50 on me.  A 52 would actually be a little bit more comfortable for me in the shoulders and for some extra length.    
Get those last orders in before October kicks in and the stuff you want gets all sold out in your size !!
Nope. We have the Buttero, Heschung and Vass. Well covered for the season.
No. Checkout is credit card only on the site
Just trying to make this more fun and interesting.
That's weird. I'll take a lookGot them and all sorted out now.Just trying to keep things interesting. Wouldn't want the "challenge" to be too easy, no?
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