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 You mean, Team LPBGTBWEFJ ?     Good choice!  
 A lot less contrast and less yarn colors than that fabric (basically just the two shades) - a much softer look overall.   Hard to say but this seems unlikely.  That collection is shown much later in the year (like Japanese brands) and usually, the order window is very short.
 The blue "donegal" birdseye.  Same exact weight at 340g.  The medium grey melange is also about the same weight
 No you cannot.  
 The shearling is beautiful and decadent!  for me personally, I think I would get more wear out of one of the boiled wool fabric (prob the lighter grey would get my vote) or the fuzzy blue
 It's about the same weight, maybe a little less dense/heavy than the OS one.
 No we will not have anything from LBM for spring
 No idea. I'd assume same as usual
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