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Father's Day NoMan x SF contest   hey guys - time for a little contest    very simple:  post your favorite Father's Day gift idea here in the thread to be valid, it must have not been posted by someone else before everyone votes for their favorites through thumbs (do not solicit thumbs in other thread or it's DQ)  at the end of the week, we'll post the top 9 in a little grid on our social media the top 3 entries will get a one-use discount coupon    Let's see...
I'm an unconditional fan of the Inis linen knits.  So pleasant to wear - and the slight slub of the yarn is always very interesting
Taking the waist of trousers one full size (2") is OK and pretty standard for those who need more room in the thighs or calves. Taking it in two full sizes (4") is just too much
 The one with the multi-color fringe?  It's so awesome - Kyle has the navy and I have the beige
 Medium, not Large
 The blue/green check is a little bit smaller in scale and the fabric is a little lighter too. 
 Couple months
I thought you got the XXL?  Should be your normal size, not a size up?
 We don't do pre-orders with Inis Meain, because we always have a mid-season MTO/trunk show.
Interestingly enough, the Dries espadrilles are also made by Castaner. I have a pair of Dries and they even have the Castaner branded rubber protective sole
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