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In the context of white surroundings, cream does not look white. It looks off. White.
That's kinda my point about turning a stark business look into something more at its place at a wedding or evening affair.I'm surprised that someone who has a strong eye for aesthetics like you (clothing, design, art, watches) doesn't get the visual appeal of a monochromatic black/grey/white palette
Nah you're just off there mafoo. Introducing an earthy tone in an otherwise entirely cool colored outfit would look more affected, not less (not important anyway), definitely less obvious, you're correct (again completely unimportant), but overall simply off-palette and not visually pleasing (the only important one). A bit stunning btw that you'd think that a puff of cream silk there would look less affected... :roma: It would turn a reasonably formal CBD outfit in...
Yep that's spot on
I'm interested as well because this looks perfect here. Italian industrialist idol or not.
Everything we buy includes (and will always include) some 52. I'm also not sure why the scale stops there.
Herringbone is the best bone.
 Alright - that is boss
He had his hands in the peanut bowl all night from what I gathered
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