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Yep. Should be perfect
Stretching only happens where there is tension. If an armhole is low enough that there is no tension, there won't be any additional stretching or easing there. Once again, I'm not suggesting that all divots will go away with wear. I'm simply saying that those areas of the jacket sometimes need wear and shaping out of a box. Any definitive proclamations on jacket fit and solutions based on pictures on the internet should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.
I took part, mostly as an observer, in over a hundred bespoke fittings now. I can relate some information to you that you may not otherwise get. You can feel free to ignore it. The cause is (often) an armhole that somehow creates a little tension on the upper sleeve and pulls fabric into a little depression. On a lot of bespoke, hand-sewn jackets, there has been no stretching, easing or pressing of the inside of this area and it relaxes and stretches out with wear...
That is not at all how I make it sound. I was only talking about the easing and shaping of the shoulders and upper sleev. I'm trying to share information about what I see when people get fitted and the actions that bespoke tailors take to ease parts of the jacket.Maybe you misunderstood but this jacket was not fitted on Mr Six. He placed an order for a jacket and it was delivered, fully finished. There were no fittings. If he had been fitted by a tailor, the tailor...
Not completely set. At the rate things are going now, it may be sooner than we thought.I'd take your normal size or size up if you like the look. I prefer those on the looser, longer side.Small might just feel too big for you.Had become my go-to shoe.It sounds like 50. We recommend taking your normal Eidos jacket size for the SB coat and size down 1 for the DB Ulster.
How are we feeling about this now?
Sometimes the armhole feels a bit high/tight right after being attached/sewn. It creates some tension in the upper sleeve (what you're referring to here). That armhole needs to be eased. That can happen naturally with wear but I've seen tailors often accelerated the process by manually stretching the inside of the armhole with their hand. In any case, yes, shoulders, upper sleeve and armhole do settle and ease with wear. Every part of a jacket will fit better with...
I don't understand. Vass doesn't use UK sizing
7.5 ?
This must be for dogs?
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