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 I understand now.  I only have one pair so not a lot of data points...  I was simply surprised that mine had performed so differently from yours.     The two pairs of laces is because some people prefer the look of cotton laces and others like them better with leather laces.   I actually like the cotton-laced pic you posted - maybe it's time for me to switch things up for a bit!
Really?  wow, I've been wearing my tanino to death and the laces are still fine.  Do you pull really hard on them?   We'll order a whole bunch of laces with the next Buttero order - thanks for bringing this up!
44 is your Mackintosh size@emptym I have the green/brown monitaly.
We bugged Stephan and his crew for over 3 hours this morning... So hard to make decisions when there's so much awesome stuff  :(
I know it's been a while but I had posted fit pics and sizing info for the Eidos field coat - and I think so did unbelragazzo. The field coat is a piece of outerwear and fits nicely over a same-sized Eidos jacket. I.e. if you wear an Eidos 50R jacket, the field coat in 50R will work well on top. It will obviously be roomier if you only wear it on top of a shirt. If you want a trimmer coat and don't need layering room, you could size down 1.
Worsted Alsport and Moonbeam are incredibly different though. Former has a hard hand, smooth worsted finish. Moonbeam is very soft and spongy, with a lot of nap.
These sleeves are simply not falling at all - they are probably way too long and bunching everywhere.  Try folding a good chunk of fabric inside the sleeve and pull on it to let it hang down.  Also, you should remove the basting thread on the vents - the body and back look pretty good to me right now (you do have a lower right shoulder but many of us do)
 Same sizing as CP (same sole).   It sounds like you may be a 40 in Buttero Tanino?    Note that the full leather ones feel very snug at first and relax a lot after a few wear (the veg tanned leather starts stiff) but it is a bad idea to size up if they feel too snug.
I guess so. Did you step out today?
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