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Medium to dark browns (I include antique cognac in that range) are versatile and all the combinations you mentioned are in good taste as far as I'm concerned. The typical noob mistake with darker shoes is a bit of the same actually : pairing them with trousers that are way too light. It isn't quite as bad as light shoes with dark trousers but that's really when the tan/chestnut shoes are at their best.
Your bitterness is more scattered. Manton is focused on the weather. He is the benchmark
This is pretty much what I was trying to recommend against.
Big Buttero day today!
swamp ass day today in honor of the return of Manton !
Tan cotton suit/trousers, light grey suit/trousers. Khaki/green may be in the cards. Don't go for high contrast with the trousers. Don't overlook the (bad) effect high-contrast socks will also have - don't wear dark socks with those shoes.
Already in. Will be up on the site this week.
The tie is from Calabrese
Yes of course. But it takes 10-12 weeks for MTO orders
I wouldn't call the Gray boiled cashmere sturdy. It's like a fluffy cloud of softness that envelops you. The only drawback is fending off all people, female, male and of all orientations, who won't be able to keep their hands off your chest
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