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You definitely need a time machine for that one. And the machine can make any of 3 stops : last year when we had it, earlier this fall when we had it, and then a few weeks ago when we even offered a restock/MTO.
Sorry I thought you went with XL on the green. I think 2XL will work for you in the reverse. That's the size I take.
The reverse seam sweater fits tiny. I would go up one more size actually. I know it sounds crazy but we've processed enough exchanges on those sweaters since last year to realize how small they fit.Pls email us at customer@nomanwalksalone.com and we will look into itThe Rock coat has very narrow shoulders. We would normally recommend a IV for a 38 chest in that particular coat.Glad to count you in the smaller inner circle
 Can only do if you're part of the Founders Circle VIP list
 That's correct
12 1/4" at the crotch
 You need to eliminate an existing FC member and take his spot. 
I'd say V in SS knitwear if you're a M in Inis.   Clover fits a little straight/boxy (intentionally) so there's room to size down to IV for a closer fit
Oh I see - sorry if I misunderstood your question.   No further discounts at this time on the spring/summer merchandise that is already on sale.
New Posts  All Forums: