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 I believe they're 40 x 40     [[SPOILER]]   
@Shouldaville your picture captures well the subtlety of oxblood calf's color. Hard to get right on camera IME
 Actually, I think that wraps it up for the season
 It is fully lined with thick faux fur, so outside measurements will be a bit bigger.  
 Don't waste time looking for it now!
So this is coming in about 15 mins.  Get ready to grab your size  
 Next order for shirt gets a 10% coupon for your local arm reduction/extension surgeon
Of course it's not just you (or you guys).  With standard length sleeves, people with longer arms find them too short.  With longer sleeves, people with shorter arms find them too long.    I hope I'm not being too obviously obvious here.     I think we put the sleeve measurements now, so no one wastes their time ordering and returning shirts that are too long/short.
New Posts  All Forums: