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Sorry if I was unclear. We just got the shipment and they will be going on the site (along with the other new fall makeups). We just need some time to take all photos and put them up online.
Yes P2. Sounds like I better grab one for me ASAP...
RTW on the site.
It's all calf - pebble and smooth
 Oh, thanks a lot!   It came out even better than I thought... The price should be in the $1,1xx zone after SF 10% discount.   We can do pre-orders but we just don't have that many of them to be honest
Look book (and I think a couple of retailers websites) show it with the sleeve rolled down but I think that it looks best with the sleeves cuffed up.   That's also how I've seen Stephan Schneider wear his kimono sleeves 
It's not coming...  [[SPOILER]]
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