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 One size up from normal US chest size.  I would go for 42  You would be an 8.5, which is probably sold out since those were from last winter so very few left. As soon as Eidos says it's good to goDefinitely an XS and it may be too large even for you if you prefer a slimmer fit.  
ha ha 
Good old catch 22. The more you (and others) do that, the more the whole supply chain will need to increase regular retail to account for the fact that more merchandise now sells at markdowns. And the more they'll do that, the more you'll be inclined to wait for markdowns.
 So I had no idea I was one of those 10 men in this feature!   I thought that I was going to be one of the portraits in Mark's recurring column in the Rake Japan (it's kinda cool, if you haven't seen it) Nice surprise :)
Frank Leder duffle
Awesome outfit, fantastic picture. !!
@LA Guy has been using one for a while. There must be a couple pics out there.The two down-filled parkas from Document are both on the site now.
@Murlsquirl http://tmblr.co/ZFrp8r1ytQANO
If you guys are interested in GMTOs, pricing should be more attractive now with the lower EUR/USD rate. If we get to 6 pairs or more of any makeup, we should be able to get to even better pricing.
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