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 So about this Juncus coat, here's a couple of quick snaps.  Excuse the "I think I need to sneeze"-Blueish-Steel look on a couple of those pics...   
Also the length
And green.  Lots of beautiful greens this season
Well... we buy what we really like so it's normal we're into them.   That said, I have my favorites... and I usually end up keeping one for me.     Like that wine colored suede Valstarino 
Eidos overcoats coming right up !          
I like that one a lot 
Understood but that is a completely different animal with the knit sleeves, no lining, etc...     TOJ 0 is a keeper btw !
I beg to differ - it is a really exciting coat :) I'll try to take a pic today In the mean time, here's the Schneider Clover  
   I know I've said it before but, keep checking or register for notifications.  A number of people ordered several jackets/suits in different sizes so we'll obviously see sizes come back to us in the next week or two.
New Posts  All Forums: