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 Don't think a video is necessary.  If it is not bothersome, I'd say to forget about it.  If it bothers you, we can exchange it for you.
Well, this is it.   Pricing is $1,185 retail, but 15% off for pre-orders.  
So, this is obviously the winner of the Collective Action contest     If anyone wants to pre-order his size, either because it's smaller/larger than our range, or because you want to make sure you reserve yours, please email us ASAP at customer@nomanwalksalone.com before we send the production order.    
I don't believe there's any interlining in the polo shirts collar/cuffs.  It may be a small piece of the cutting paper that was inadvertently sewn into the collar.  when the various parts of a shirt are cut, they're positioned and pinned to a sheet of paper (similar to graph paper) so the parts are properly cut on the pattern.   If you hear a small piece of crinkly paper in the cuff, it is possible that a piece of that paper was sewn in there.   Do you feel it inside the...
People who are concerned about labor conditions in some LCC are not necessarily anti-globalization or even anywhere near the idea of rejecting our current global trade system. It's a false dichotomy to equate the uneasiness or skepticism that many of us feel when thinking about where/how our clothes are made, with a rejection of a system that will contribute to the development of those countries and their populations. If anything, it's very much the opposite. Did you...
For those on Netflix who want to form an opinion on this, beyond gut reactions, this is worth your time: https://www.netflix.com/title/80045667
There's definitely more to it than the racist explanation. There's an element of value or perceived value. We like to know what we're paying for and the cost of labor in China is so dramatically lower than in higher cost countries, that we tend to have a generally negative reaction to expensive goods that end up being made in China. No one bats an eye about a $5 tee shirt made in a low cost country - but when we're paying top dollar, it's sometimes difficult to get...
You should def follow jkf_man and saviour of print for some of the best photography. Pitti_snap_by_beams is nice and prolific
Full size down on Heschung unless you have wide feet (then 1/2 size down, or more likely pass). The lasts we stock are on the narrow side.
 We will have one style of Carrera (white suede, white laces) this spring
New Posts  All Forums: