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Tip #2: if Andrew says "come on, just one drink!", proceed to write your name and your embassy phone number on your arm with a sharpie for when people find you passed out on the street the next morning on the other side of town.
How are your pickling skills? I'll take a jar
All of our summer suits are half-lined. I know the bullet point says "quarter lined back" and that is a little confusing but the sides of the jackets are lined and have regular inside pockets. A quarter-lined jacket would have very little lining on the sides - a lining skeleton on top, and bottom inside pockets tend to be attached.
Cool stuff - 9 of us with the same jacket !     Next step is to email customer@nomanwalksalone.com with "Drapers 2059 jacket" as your title and let us know which size we should put your name down for.  Once we've assembled all the orders, we'll send a link to place the order and pay the 50% deposit online.  After that, order with all sizes goes to Naples and they can start ordering fabric, etc...
 I don't think it's possible to point to one page that would have all Formosa fit pics - you can search the WAYWRN thread using the word Formosa and you'll find several.  There are also user-submitted pictures on our site's gallery : http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/showgallery/gallery , but definitely not as many as you'll find in WAYWRN
More than a couple inches too big at the waist?
If these are garments measurements, taken the same way we take ours, this measures up to a 54R in Formosa. There may be a tiny bit more shoulder extension (2mm on each side?) compared to what you measured but otherwise it's pretty close.
We'll be getting the Schneider merchandise in two shipments. First is on it's way. Of course we'll need to take a bunch of photos, measurements, put together descriptions, etc... before they show up online. We'll keep our thread updated of all new drops. Our buys are always quite shallow. We're a boutique and there's a lot that we liked this season so you'll generally see 1 or 2 units per size, depending on the size. If you like something, don't wait. After two...
New Posts  All Forums: