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Great suit. That Delfino fresco is very comfortable in warm weather
We don't have it. All our shirts are online. Second shipment that will come online is only coats, trousers and knits
It will be a few days. I can tell you if we picked it up though - which piece is it?
There would be a way to have "subforums" that are not excluded from the main forum (e.g. bespoke threads that show there but also in the CM general forum) if the tagging system was more intuitive and therefore used efficiently. In the same vein, we could tag/hashtag threads in SW&D that relate to, say Japanese designers, or sneakers, and have them show up on that hashtag page. Right now, I don't think anyone really understands or use tags so there's no good way to group...
Memory liner is shorter; it is constructed in two pieces instead of three (hood and liner is one piece); knit stitch is different (square bubble vs chain mail); pockets are square envelopes (vs side entry for Merino); quilted lining and lined sleeves
Too many retailers + their own comprehensive online store with sales and whatnot = no one ever buys anything at retail. Smaller independent retailers cannot survive with brands that only sell at markdowns.
Yes, sorry, I'm always assuming that everyone can see the signature but then I remember that they don't show on the mobile site
 Oh yeah
Yeah we do. But it's not up online yet.     I have no idea if other stores picked that one up.
 Yes, a blue & red small gingham check from Monti
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