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 That's correct.   Imagine what would happen if we let images go live without moderating / approving them  
 Not yet.  Maybe next week
 I would probably direct you to the smaller and finer frame of Ready When You Are rather than the slightly larger and chunkier Noblesse Oblige.   If you're looking for a rounder shape, the olive Jeunesse Toujours are gorgeous.   And for something less classic and a little more pop, the Etnia Barcelona are all of a good size for your head.
 Just to clarify:  this ^ is not a suit.  It's a sport coat. 
 I think that maybe @Newcomer posted some? Here are some shots of summer knits   [[SPOILER]]
 You can go many different directions with the square.  Some ideas     
 This beauty  http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-silk-linen-tie-white-orange-lilac-diamond-print.html 
 How about something like this    or like this  
Cut the thread - don't pull on it.  Is it coming out of the outseam?  Never seen such a long thread sticking out like that... did you get the leg altered?
I've had berliner weissen, geuzes and krieks.  None of them had that overpowering saltiness to them.  I wonder if the batch we got of that Westbrook was bad or what.  The salt level made it really difficult to drink. I don't pretend to be a beer expert, or even a connoisseur, but is the Westbrook Gose controversial at all among beer aficionados - or do you guys all love it?    
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