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I vehemently deny that the person in these pictures is me. My lawyers are suing tmz as I am typing this. Those jeans were pretty awful
Merde with cheese?
That's how I've been doing it, and it totally works.
Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic You'll need to take a look at the sleeves again when altered but it may work for you to taper them a little. Hard to say conclusively because of bunching from the rolling
There's just one in each size so they won't last long Newcomer - that looks great. I like that a lot. You can remove the vents bastong thread to see how it fits around the hips.
Thanks!   @steveoly  it looks a little short to me, at least with those trousers.  I'd go L - or try it on with different, longer rise trousers.
The RARE was conceived and only available in straight cut for years.  They just added the slim tapered version to the catalog last season to expand the concept.   I'm still a bit unsure that the guy who is into shrink-to-fit 15+ oz denim with all those old-school details is necessarily the same person who wants a slim tapered leg... but I've been wrong before
Yet every other roof terrace or penthouse in NYC has a propane BBQ.  No one really cares...
By a mile.   This looks good
Propane BBQ are theoretically not allowed on most leases and condo/coop rules.  Only charcoal.   That said, no one seems to ever care, especially if you're grilling in your backyard (and not a balcony).   I've seen way more propane BBQs in NYC backyards and roof terraces than charcoal ones.
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