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 Not stupid - it is not removable.  
TTS for all outerwear.  I take a 42 for example (52 in Formosa, 54 in Cantarelli and Eidos)   The blazers/jackets are on the snug side and we'd recommend sizing up
Sartoria Formosa tuxedo was restocked in most sizes (well to be exact, one in each size)        
Finally, La Portegna Fat Carter briefcases are restocked in Sol brown and cement canvas/sol leather.   We also added all black leather with brass zippers - it's gorgeous but not yet photographed            
Sounds like that kind of check is not your thing but I don't quite get the goofy or garish feels at all.  
Navy worsted is good.  I agree with unbel about a flannel suit - great match for me.          Or you can be a little more adventurous and use with a different plaid sportcoat, but I would personally add a layer in between to break it off :     The plaids here are inverted but that should give an idea
 Absolutely Please feel free to log in specific requests for products/sizes here because we obviously cannot bring everything, and want to make sure those who need to try something on will have the opportunity to.
Correct - just a reasonably heavy layer of wool & cashmere blend
IMO, they will for a few years.  
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