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Size 10 was best for me (quite snug) and I wear 44 in F/P2 lasts.
I find them to be quite slim and snug for the tagged size. I found a size up to be more comfortable personally. I believe we posted measurements - take a look and compare.
Jamieson's knits are up - Fair Isle & Shetlands           
Heschung loafers are up      
I believe they are exactly the same yarn colors, from the same swatch book - although the check is denser so it will read more pink overall at a distance than the striped one
Thanks guys - we'll fix ASAP
 Strange - there must be something wrong with how the item you're trying to buy is categorized.  Can you tell what it is?
 It is not.  The Fox one is lighter by a couple of shades, and much heavier in weight
 Re: my particular point of making thread-tagging an improvement in the UX, it would not make sense to spend time tagging threads right now because the functionality is pretty much impossible to see and use.  If your team can tweak the page design to bring tags in a very clear place (right under or next to the thread title), then I'd be happy to spend time in CM and go back to hashtag threads + maybe nag thread-starters on a regular basis to add tags to their threads.
Just regular single monks.
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