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That's just plain silly. Of course burgundy shoes can look fantastic. Why only cordovan - that part is beyond silly. Don't we have enough fake rules already that sophomore SFers like to concoct in their own minds and try to argue about on the Internet? We have to add users' personal affection or lack thereof for a color that's been used for shoes for generations, to the list of things that now should be "debated"? Maybe I'm wondering if we should add a big disclaimer...
Sorry, which chalk stripe fabric?
Was there a bat signal in the sky today for the summer gun check team?
Well, certainly you don't have to like it. I understand. I was providing a different perspective on this, as most would see the slight pulling and conclude that the fit is off. That's not necessarily the case, and it can be a stylistic preference rather than fit. I personally have learned to like a little bit of tension after having heard a couple of tailors making their case.
Hard to argue that this doesn't look good. It looks wonderful.I don't think creating the tension of the buttoning point on DB is exclusive to Italian tailors (although some of them may accentuate it a tad more). However, this seems to be very much exclusive to bespoke tailors. It's that small extra detail that finishes a well tailored jacket and gives it a little more life and volume.Even Prince Charles with his much boxier DB cut often shows a little bit of tension...
I hope this doesn't come across as stirring controversy but I have to note that a well cut DB should pull a little at the buttoning point. All the better tailors I've met make sure to create a little bit of tension there to give some life to the DB. If the jacket is cut well and fitted properly, the slight pulling has no bearing on fit of the jacket at the waist, since it is engineered by having the buttons slightly further apart than the buttonholes. A DB jacket...
Wool/mohair 70/30 from Bateman Ogden
My first DB ever
H&S Sherry Kash
 It has a maize (more yellow) tinge in artificial light and looks more natural colored in natural light.    
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