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Chestnut corozo buttons maybe?
That cloth is as delicious as crispy bacon
Every last inch
It's a traditional fisherman gansey, uses traditional undyed lambswool. it would be odd to compromise an otherwise totally traditional makeup by omitting the shoulder buttons
Zissou - I'm aware that you recently developed this opinion on the fit of your Inis Meain knits, but it is of course subjective and I can't say that I agree. Our customers love the Inis Meain products and they often buy several. I personally love working with Tarlach, he is incredibly sincere and passionate about his culture and developing the local economy - and I think that the value is absolutely there, both for the 90/10 yarn and for the bull's wool. They like...
No plans yet. Never say never. Our mission is fundamentally not about serving men that are inter-related by their belonging to a particular neighborhood or city. It is to serve like-minded men, wherever they are, who are looking for the kind of products we offer.
Thanks for the feedback. We've been spending a bit of time with them and their products - nice folks, nice stuff but the sticker shock is real. I just want to make the right decision - having nice stuff that only sells at markdowns = systematically losing money = a bad decision...
No other store bought it AFAIK. A store in Europe bought the lighter weight cotton version - but I didn't see this heavier one elsewhere.
Could you handle bull's wool?
Since the brand is brought up.   Has anyone here ever bought an Esk piece at retail?  Please be as honest as you can 
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