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Quick fit pics of my Geller denim puffer      
Nope - same overall cut (with obviously more room for the pleat construction), same moderate medium rise, same moderately slim leg.  It isn't a statement forward pleated high-rise trouser like you would see on the blogs (or like the Eidos ones we're getting).  More subtle and everyday wear look
Our summer Eidos jackets are unlined and fully canvassed too. Btw, this is as close as it gets to opening up a jacket to see the guts. One can peak and see the canvassing all throught the shoulder.
It's a good piece for your climate.
Good luck with that !    All three are great.   I say get one of the blue + the brown 
I don't have the spring MTM fabric books yet so cannot say 100% if that's possible. Maybe @NickPollica can confirm if that swatch is included in the program?
Been begging them for 3 seasons.
Same here. One day, we will convince them to do longs!!
We did not. We can probably re-order if we sell out.
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