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I think that the answer depends on your perspective with regards to how a garment should age/evolve with wear.Rainwater will not damage the sueded side, but it's important to shake the water off and let it dry (away from a heat source) fully when getting home. But rain, dirt and wear will gradually change the look of the leather, acquiring some patina in some areas (sueded becomes smoother, color changes and some areas darken more than others). Depending on your...
XL for me
No difference
Thanks. We'll fix that. The measurements are exactly the same for the loden parka and the khaki trench btw
First Norwegian Rain shipment is also up online   
New Valstar collection is up The tweed Bal coats and Valstarino green wool melange are fully waterproof with taped seams, etc...  The shearling jacket is to die for and the two British Millerain coats are fully lined with sherpa fleece.  All in all, a collection  ​  
Yes, I think that it probably has to do with it being garment-dyed.   It's a little bit trimmer than the Sal
Correct - the material is 100% waterproof and membrane-laminated, like the other fabrics that NR uses.  Each fabric has a texture effect that looks like classic woven fabrics (herringbone, twill, hopsack, etc..) but that doesn't affect the waterproof nature of the fabric   Best ---Greg
Same. We have a matching SB jacket coming as well (notch lapels, not peaked). Edit: was in response to sebastian mcfox's question
I never liked the Merino coat closed - always felt too bulky to me. From day 1 of the OG coats. Yet, it's one of my favorite coats of all time, worn open.Yea I have the OG camel too. The fabric had a certain stiffness - it hangs differently from the softer fabric ones.
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