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Those are supposed to be done in 6-7 weeks after order confirmation.  Add shipping from Italy + dispatch to customer... I'd say overall two months from order confirmation to the final customer's door is our best estimate
 We just added measurements but in a nutshell they fit rather slim Size Length (CM / IN) Shoulder (CM / IN) Chest (CM / IN) XS 73.7 / 29 41.9 / 16.5 100.3 / 39.5 S 74.9 / 29.5 43.2 / 17 100.3 / 39.5 M 76.2 / 30 44.5 / 17.5 104.1 / 41 L 77.5 / 30.5 45.7 / 18 109.2 / 43 XL 78.7 / 31 47.6 / 18.75 113 / 44.5
They should be shipping to us end of May.   When we receive them, we'll send a link to everyone to pay the balance, and we'll ship all sweaters as customers pay their balance. 
 That is not the case.   After going through dozens of swatches, I can tell you that the level of redness depends simply on the darkness/intensity of the color of the red warp vs the main tan color.   There's all sorts of gradations of redness, even in one given book.  And that's true for wool and cotton. Some even do green or navy backing instead of red.  In the Caccioppoli cotton solaros, there are several options again - the one we chose is not the "redest".  I think it...
Just in case you had not seen Kyle's
definitely darker and bluer IRL   305 is a true navy, 306 a midnight navy
 You may have to wait a very long time to get a picture of an SFer in swim trunks... Here are fit pics of the two lengths that we sell - those should hopefully help Robinson Les Bains (15.5" / 40 cm" length)    Lightning Bolt Plain Crane (16" / 40.5cm length)  Lightning Bolt Surfari (18" / 45.5cm length)
Separately, four of our new Calabrese bags are now up online.  The other four will be up next week.       Brown Pompei     Black Pompei        Canvas & Seersucker Duffel       Olive & Tan Stripe Duffel
It is (like Fresco or Casentino wool) a cloth that is dear to bespoke tailoring customers - and usually not available in the ready-to-wear universe.   The Solaro genesis goes back over 100 years when some Italian-English scientist created the cloth based on his observations of how different skin tones react to sun rays (i.e. the white man is not well equipped naturally).   Check out this article from the Journal of Medicine in 1907...
^     Is that on the F last?
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