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 It's a bit shorter than an overcoat (car coat type).  I think they call it Shay
Correct on both counts. No idea what the one sampled is called but I'm sure Antonio can identify
Thanks!   It came out really well.  It's the perfect warm tone counterpart to the Caccioppoli from last summer, which was very blue/grey (cool colors)
 Some designers do that, but they do it with their retailers.   I think that Visvim is doing a FW17 pre-order trunk show at Union LA in a couple of weeks, for example. I do think that retailers would be discouraged and not so happy if the brand decided to do that directly to consumers, on their own.  Retailers invest a lot of money in inventory and promoting brands, so it would send awkward messages to do direct pre-orders.
That's an old Tie your Tie
Hard to go wrong with the navy Fresco, but it isn't the softest cloth. If you're considering PoW, you may want to wait a couple weeks to see the H&S Cool Breeze one we're carrying this spring. It made up really well for a lightweight wool. It has a cream base rather than pure greys like the Caccioppoli, so it is a little less CBD
 I have one of those early TOJ calf.  I tried to break it in.  Wore it dozens of times, could barely bend my elbows, and eventually gave up on it.   Developed folds and a little bit of easiness in the articulation areas but is still stiff as a mofo
 1. you wear your belt on top of it so it's barely a piece of background behind the belt2. it darkens with wear and wash
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