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Thanks for the kind words. This is bespoke Sartoria Formosa (2 fittings in NYC), from Naples indeed. The shoulder is spalla camicia
It is softer and finer so it ripples more - but the full body shot has that dramatic overhead lighting that accentuates it.  It is a lot more natural looking IRL (and on the other shots).
I've never had a lightweight flannel, so I wanted to give it a try.  Of course, it doesn't fall as straight and flawless as the heavier stuff, but it wears incredibly comfortable.
That one is bespoke but the same length as the 54L that I take from the rack.  I'm 6'2"
This suit is probably unusual enough to warrant a few snaps and a post   Fox lightweight tan herringbone flannel, smoked MOP buttons  [[SPOILER]]
Sleeves needs a good press (very long story involving major DHL screw-ups) but fit was spot on.
No reason to It's good to see how others style stuff so we can emulate
Dat Juncus
If you do not follow his instagram account, you should.
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