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 ^These guys?
 Thanks   If too long, I would just roll/fold them back once - it looks good and isn't a tailoring headache
^ that's a fantastic choice - hard to beat I like this one too - but not very seasonal for spring/summer http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/navy-gingham-self-tipped-wool-tie.html
  That answers my question !
We lobbied hard to bring it back. I wear mine quite often.
Unfortunately, that fabric has been sold out for a while. You may be able to get Pray to produce a special run - not sure, I've never dealt directly with them.
It sounds like Tiecrafters is missing a golden opportunity to stick a permanent banner in this thread reminding people that ties can be shortened (or narrowed or widened, not lengthened though...). This reminds me of some posts in SWD where guys LOVE a jacket they just bought but are returning it because sleeves are a tad too long. The more you know.
Lanificio di Pray, 96% wool, 4% cashmere, 10 oz weight
But then why thumbs at all if that kind of information is useless? The same reasoning surely applies to thumbs up as a form of feedback? Thumbs are feedback. That's pretty much all they are. They aren't discussion or conversation. They're immediate yea or nay feedback. As such, they're a form of discussion of its own, essentially separate from worded discussion. Having an entire subchannel medium that is binary in nature be restricted to one of the two options -...
Sounds like you're all arguin that we're too immature to make good use of it as a quick feedback tool. From my own experience on this board, I would say that's not a good assessment. We're a pretty good group of people overall, and certainly everyone (especially new users) would benefit from more symmetry/accuracy in how posts are rated/appreciated by others. Feedback is helpful. Removing hurdles that prevent even feedback isn't. If anything, we're so civil of a...
New Posts  All Forums: