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Man, these are great looking ties
We got a series of sport coats made with the Delfino hemp/wool mix from the "Blue" book.  Turned out really nicely.        
 I can appreciate the request but all the measurements that we post are actual measurements that we took on the garments.  We cannot post corresponding measurements for a 44 that we never had in store, nor can we do it for short and long variants.  We can only help you guys understand the scale.  So, yeah, a 44 would fit about a size smaller than a 46.  (I know that was a smartass answer, but I do think there's a nugget of truth in there)
Seems like a good place to mention and apologize in advance for the fact that the site will be down for a a bit tomorrow morning / midday.  We'll be implementing some updates that require going offline. 
 Come on - you were loving it too !   I know that smile !
Time for DLJrJr ?
 That's insane !   But it makes sense given how the night life has changed in the area.  Used to be totally dead at night.  I remember that we used to hang out at the Columbia Rd flower market on sundays in spring & summer -  I wonder if it's still a nice place to spend a couple of hours
When I lived in Battersea in the late 90s, we used to make a giant detour all the way to Brick Ln from Brixton after a night out clubbing, just to wait in line and grab a bag of fresh beigels for the weekend
End of the week.
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