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  should I get this checkered shirt? or the red one in the background? neither? both?
I was in Japan the other day and saw a brand called Muji next to the hotel, there was also a large Uniqlo. Muji's prices seemed to be similar to Uniqlo (a tad higher actually) but the clothing follows the similar basic timeless style. Muji also sells other things.   I didn't buy anything from Muji so I can't comment on its long term quality but how does Muji compare to Uniqlo?
what are some nice solid colored v-neck tees that could be used as a layering piece or stand alone?   I have some banana republic v-necks for $10 (poly-cotton blend) that are nice, but I'd like to try some other ones. I like Ralph Lauren's custom fit crew neck tees, but they don't have a custom fit v-neck
Banana Republic sports coat. size 38. about $50 with discount. get or no get? i don't have a sports coat because its hot here but might be nice for traveling elsewhere.     Ralph Lauren V-neck tees $14 (top is Black M, bottom is Brown S)       Banana Republic tee M ($7)   which to buy, not buy, suggestions?
found this thread and thought it should be continued.   not necessarily a top ten but what I tend to choose:   Ralph Lauren: Mostly for Polos (just the solid colored ones not the big horse ones). I also  live next to a factory store which influences my decision Uniqlo: mostly for bottoms such as jeans and chinos.. and business stuff such as cheap dress shirts, winter coats, sport coats Abercrombie Fitch: primarily for solid colored, small logo henleys (long and short...
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