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Have a lot of work to do tonight so pulled out a big gun (approx. 9"/23 cm):
Ok, obviously Dutch thrifting will not likely come close to all the awesomeness in this thread, but I'm still pretty happy with my latest find.Apparently there is a new goodwill just a few blocks from my house which I happened to drive past today. Didn't have much time, but the stock seemed pretty decent (for Dutch standards).No time to really go through all racks, but I did happen to grab this from a € 2 tie bin: [[SPOILER]] In the last picture there is a smudge from a...
Smoked a '08 Por Larranaga Montecarlos yesterday afternoon, followed by a '07 Quay d'Orsay Corona after dinner. Both were awesome 
The first would be Chateau d'Usse. The last would be Chateau d'Amboise. I loved visiting these castles when i was a kid, so yes... I have been to all  
Don't worry, we have the same thing here to some extent (although it's more of a traffic speed up on the few days it doesn't rain  )
You might actually be right; fixed.
WAYWRN = What Are You Wearing Right Now Multiple threads for posting pics of what you are wearing today (or yesterday if you don't keep up ) relating to several different styles/types (= classic menswear, streetwear, shoes etc.)
Hi all,   Haven’t been on for a while due to job changes and getting my MSc, but back again nonetheless.   Received a db navy chalkstripe suit from SuSu yesterday. Although the fit is very decent for an OTR (imho that is). I feel the jacket is a bit short (sleeves seem fine though). This is my first db however, so it could just be different from my accustomed  sb models. If anyone could enlighten me on the following questions it would be much appreciated: Is the...
I would think it is a centimeter measure: 29D = 10D UK = 11D USI am not an expert on shoes however
Since all your clothes are solids you have plenty of options on patterned ties. Colorwise I wouldn't go pink tie myself. Really depends on what ties you have available though![Off topic]Nice BG avatar @wojt! Really brings back memories from my youth.[/Off topic]Edit: Overlooked the gingham. I guess solid tie is the way to go then. Still wouldn't choose a pink tie though.
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