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Unless the vest is purple... No.And no, not overdressed either (given the setting is suit acceptable i.e. not the beach)
 Based on the pic you just showed (which looks great btw) I guess I made a wrong assumption. I assumed (but I am from 'metric' Europe) 10 feet tall cabinet.Based on your pic I second @PartagasIV: placement doesn't really matter.
Depends on the humidification system you will be using. Most taller cabinets I know of have the system in the bottom. I have only seen actively atomizing systems (not sure if this is the correct term in English) in the top. So personally I would go with system in the lower part. 
Tell Elbert I said "hi" (assuming I know which importer you are talking about)
Have a lot of work to do tonight so pulled out a big gun (approx. 9"/23 cm):
Ok, obviously Dutch thrifting will not likely come close to all the awesomeness in this thread, but I'm still pretty happy with my latest find.Apparently there is a new goodwill just a few blocks from my house which I happened to drive past today. Didn't have much time, but the stock seemed pretty decent (for Dutch standards).No time to really go through all racks, but I did happen to grab this from a € 2 tie bin: [[SPOILER]] In the last picture there is a smudge from a...
Smoked a '08 Por Larranaga Montecarlos yesterday afternoon, followed by a '07 Quay d'Orsay Corona after dinner. Both were awesome 
The first would be Chateau d'Usse. The last would be Chateau d'Amboise. I loved visiting these castles when i was a kid, so yes... I have been to all  
Don't worry, we have the same thing here to some extent (although it's more of a traffic speed up on the few days it doesn't rain  )
You might actually be right; fixed.
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