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I would think it is a centimeter measure: 29D = 10D UK = 11D USI am not an expert on shoes however
Since all your clothes are solids you have plenty of options on patterned ties. Colorwise I wouldn't go pink tie myself. Really depends on what ties you have available though![Off topic]Nice BG avatar @wojt! Really brings back memories from my youth.[/Off topic]Edit: Overlooked the gingham. I guess solid tie is the way to go then. Still wouldn't choose a pink tie though.
I am not a tailor nor a fit expert, but it seems you also have an issue with the waist fit. Notice the wrinkle running from the closed button below the pockets (and also the lower button flaring out a bit)? Seems a bit tight to me (could be wrong though).
Is that you (@Gianni Cerutti) hiding behind the giant
+1I am quite big into cigars There is a thread simply named cigars here, which is about the only thread for cigars I read on this forum.
It depends somewhat on the body of the cigar, but I find most cigars go well with a lot of whiskies. If you want something sweeter, why don't you try a rum- or port-cask finished whisky. I also really like a lot of the smoother whiskies (less or no peat, like Glengoyne) with my cigars.
Good point. Didn't think about thatAlthough I agree with what you are saying: how is this different from a (less wrinkled) shirt., which will likely also be cotton fabric. Or should the shirt also be non-cotton?
Thanks, I was indeed thinking of cotton. Linen on linen seems a bit to matchy texture-wise.
Starting to worry about my summer wardrobe (since I never bothered to build one in the past). I recall having an unstructured off-white linen jacket stashed away. What kind of trousers would go well with that (style, fabric/texture)?
Seems a clear win to me.I am quite allergic to these kind of actions (asking to break rules, in this case eBay policy and Japanese customs, then getting bigmouthed for not following through) which always makes me want to escalate this stuff (sending the correspondence incl. name, adress etc. to Japanese authorities). Even though no actions will probably be taken, it's a good scare for them (and laugh for you) when you carbon-copy the particular person in the message.
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