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It will last because has been there for 85 years and because people are tired of stiff, heavy, ugly and squared English rtw like style.
My workhouse has reopened since Sartoria Partenopea was closed judicially and yet my patterns and belongs are locked inside.   Hope to be on the market soon. Hope this is not spam, if so, please delete.  Writing because many people sends me pms about. We are doing tests with international clients to see if we can do properly and on time as before the closing.   Last week we did the prova, the shirt try that later is thrown away just on the same day for a client who...
Available to preorder for a limited days only.
Sorry for this semi off topic, but as is related with silkworn I think this might be the proper thread due to it’s inner info for all who suffers migraines as me.   Serrapeptase is a chemical taken from the silkworm. It is a commonly used drug (Takeda Chemical Industries) in Japan and Europe. In the U.S., serrapeptase is classified as a dietary...
  Pure cashmere from Colombo is very used on Naples, specially for overcoats for both men and women, I got in mind an ivory color woman´s one I watched on one tailoring house, client was a russian woman. Very underrated brand. 
 I am very sorry, can´t you open a Paypal dispute?
 The same scammer again scammed?
 Looks pretty bad and theatrical. Remembers me this arcade from the early 90s I used to play:
Ups, sorry sir. Yes, I do whatever bespoke, 99% of the bespoke orders are 7 fold unlined untipped, but also do lined on monocolor, lined on pure silk ( the exact same twill Attolini or others use to line their jackets) and selflined on the same silk.  Cashmere got some, English handprinted (blocks) got this wool challis.  This wool challis digital: Comes from this selection: Pure cashmere, Carlo Barbera:  Cashmere blend from H & S: Pure camel:  -----  Wools and blends (...
  arrived today, sorry about the mobile blurry pic.
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