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 Grenadine got the newest wave of garza that is becoming a success, different from the usual two ones:New garza wave:   GREEN GARZA  This two English handmade block prints might enter on green Wool challis with green motives:     Also several wools and linens, from thick one to very light in weight:  Just did pic, other two need to find the boxes as stored.    Also on Tussah:   And some Barbera Linen blend also @taxgenius on this fabric: Note folded with the hand to mimic...
Interesting. Will think about. thanks Capelli web page shows images that do not resemble the look of a real tie, and most of his stock is not shown, see his all time buyers on his thread showing all the time not listed models or saying pm him about new things.
 Interesting, thanks for the info. 
  Hi, Woud like to comment my experience. I have practiced and learnt among all the famous Neapolitan tiemakers and never seen a tie made without interlining, when people calls unlined, from my understanding, is a “fake” believing, as got the exact same layers of interlining  but just are cutted on the tip at the bartack placement ( aprox +18-25 cms from the tip) so the back of the silk fabric is seen nude, instead of an ugly white or orange fabric. The only real unlined...
  Raso silk, on fashion for Donald Trump like ties:  , other colors available as well.
This was one of my first doubts when I was studying patternmaking, since I also hate darts. There is no way to do a slim shirt without back darts in some body shapes as muscular, etc. some other body shapesmight be luckier. My teacher answered me: back on the 1920s, menshirts even got darts on the front (Mussolini black shirt army)to accent the masculine body shape, today a shirt with darts on the front is commonly seen as “effeminate” by some peopleon the contrary... as...
@Shirtmaven has a bespoke shirt house, he is forum member. 
 I got some similar ones, lovely!
If is going to be one of the staple suits as the solid navy, solid grey etc, I would ask for two pair of trousers.
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