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Those who wanted the Agnelli windowpane, i have got today my usual Carlo Barbera wools on sale price and is this similar one. Awesome
He is the Maresca's tailor nowadays, i meant Carfora who does a very good stuff. I was with him on Maresca's house last Saturday. Maresca showed us, well he was wearing it, the jacket whose shoulder is on the world wide famous pic of shoulder explanation of spalla camicia, concave or normal. That is a Pirozzi jacket. On the pic, it seems the jacket has a great fit as only the shoulder is seen but on the reality, is an squared fridge carton like terrible ill fitting 3...
Any textile brand based in Barcelona can be serious or good. Here are the proves, i am sad for the customers.
I think you meant his father Vincenzo Attolini, who teached at that time my grandmaster who later became of Rubinacci as he told me.
BIJAN? Jaja i watched a report on tv. He said he did suits for Arnold S. Or Clinton and costed more than a car. Best part of it was when he said i am 70 and my wife is 20. Poor lucky man died a few time later.
For sale the latest bunch of Carlo Barbera offers,    50 euros meterspectacular 50% slubby Mohair, 75 euros500gr overcoat 20% cashmere, 25 euros only grey check cotton.   Some super 150s    Super 180s that retail at 300e for 120 euros meter only.   Pm me for more references, worldwide shipping, tons of happy clients.
Thanks, was 7 or 8 pages of unredeable insults of baneable people who paradoxically asked for my ban years ago. All my haters are same...Now back on the topic, second time Luca's lies are expossed. And this who insults a tailor calling him old man is considered the perfect gentleman by bloggers who even give a such undesiderable inmature interviews or handle him.as a Divo when the proper thing to do is to ignore such a destructor of education, good dressing and manners,...
Talking about Sicily that i love as well, there is an excellent book called Sleevehead's guide to Sicilian tailors.Perhaps the writter is one of yours?The blog seems serious on the contrary to the expossed and i don't why famous ones. Any other recomendation?
Glad to read it and know that, at least, are a few who appreciate the truth and do not follow hypes who others dictate with, sad to say, not very good taste or enough knowledge as expossed.Cheers!
His blog is disgusting and plenty of lies, per example he gave a 9 out of ten to a Burgos shirt that even has crooked machine stitching or knots on the thread. Said had mop buttons to my post on his web saying to him were plastic that are obvious. Then the shirt is the ugliest one ever.Months later did a comparative with a Kiton who on past review gave a lesser note and said Burgos was the worst while he gave higher note.What contradiction giving the highest score to a...
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