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 Due to my poor English, i do not know if you mean being pompous ( bad)" src="http://files.styleforum.net/images/smilies/ffffuuuu.gif" /> or didactic ( good)" src="http://files.styleforum.net/images/smilies/teacha.gif" />  Most of the people on dressing forums do imitate dressing leyends ( not me, also do not consider it a signal of being good or bad, ) as per example Gianelli, the owner of FIAT cars. He only used Riva shirts.  ( Could also have been using Hugo Boss shirts...
  Without arguing, i do not know if your message is trolling or on the contrary puts on evidence your totally lack of knowledge of the industry but just an attempt to attack me. The Neapolitan shirtmakers have been using 170/2 and  over way since those were on the market and as Riva, are way before i was born, same about other shirtmakers based in NYC. I could have gone London or other world city since I am not Neapolitan but choose( and got the luck of being accepted as...
  What is 80/ three ply? Do you mean /2? No offense, but normal it does shrinks, that is a poor cotton that no good Neapolitan shirt maker uses. It bytes  as hell  on the skin and cost a few euros. 120 is the minimun we use for bespoke, being mainly 170 and 200, incluiding Riva most of the time.
 What does the shrinkage is the mechanical movement on the drum of the washing machine that compacts the wave, even it comes mercericed. ( I have been teached, not that i got any degree in textiles) but never occured me on the real good ones, only on a test with hot water ( and was a poor fabric) Canclini seems done in ex soviet republics as Romania ( maybe Czech Republic? as you said) or close and Monti does in Italy the good products( that i know, maybe even not ) and...
Maybe were not from the real best 3 or 4 mills, or if were, were 120/2 or lower fabrics?   Sure the real good never shrinks as already has been on the finishing   We are talking of fabrics over 35 euros meter.   . We add 0% tolerance for shrink when producing with those fabrics while a lot with poor fabrics as Canclini per example, that some people believes is a good mill while is not. 
The good shirt fabric comes already preshrinkred from the factory, only the average to poor does shrinks, and more if washed in hot water and not by hand.   Hugo Boss uses not mediocre but poor fabrics. So normal this happens.   edit, didnt see the newpost.   Next time, wash the fabrics before cutting. We only do it for the linen.
 Yes, with the broken screen of my mobile. 
Are G and Gs fakes?  Could any please upload a pic? I am curious.   What would be the next... Ferrari fakes with 4 cilinder engines= ( oh wait, this already exist)   On the Neapolitan tie lab i cooperate was an inspection since all the tie labs were suspects to do fake Marinella ties ( who the rtw ones are made by machine with an average quality while ours and most of the inspectioned are completely by hand, so would lose money delivering a better product than the...
Another scam of the delinquent? I wish you Justice is done.
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