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 How is that?
Added group pics here, colors are darker than look.     
 I also need a photographer. Here some tweaked photos of my last Carlo Barbera offers, sadly look lighter than are.   
  Just landed at home for vacation, now got my mac at hand.         Are several wrong things on that shirt. 1st;  On the proper handfinished shirts on Naples, that is where i work and have practised with tons of brands or big names you won´t see one frontal side done by machine and then the other by hand.  This is or a bad attempt to Naples style, or a bad taste comission to what for the brand looks Finamore but i do not see it very well.  Or you get both sides by hand or...
Hi, do not expect most of Italians but a few, and only in the serious North, to reply emails or return phonecalls.Is the way they are. Also, do not expect seriousness as they don't know what it means and also, never believe what they say. From 10 words, 11 will be fake.
Welcome to Naples style...
The last pic shows a perfect suit and trousers. See as nowadays no one achieves that perfection.
Can't see it right now due of lack of wifi but were some greys as you said.Thanks
Any of those is a great thing and also have not very fans on this forum.
Have received 14 Carlo Barbera offers at more than 50% off.     Some as this are woven in England, others are solid greys in S130, fil a fil and fake solids.          
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