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The lapel looks Kiton.   I didn´t know they have been doing the exact cut for at least, 32 years since the jacket is from 1984.
 Normal, I have never read a proper or correct article about classic dressing on any so called dressing blog, then how to expect on any newspaper or magazine?
 Not the only one, the alta sartoria brands as Attolini or Borrelli got their ties made by hand as well, others do not as I mentioned some, especially the one who is ironically know as the per se Neapolitan tie brand, who is just that, a brand. ( But on the bespoke commisions). ( You mentioned the name priorly)
  All those you mention but Kiton and the last one who I do not know, do change of factory every time or even got several real tiemakers doing for them at once. The thing they do is to chose the silks and get others make their product, like Armani or similar not loved on this forum one. That is an arthisan vs. a fashion brand thing.
  There is any good shirtmaker in London, hence I aprove your tittle “shitmakers” lol   [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/15p4yh0.png[/IMG]
 I have added a description of each fabric the Barbera sales by request of some folks. Love this:
Added description to each fabric.
Pm sentThanks. I learnt to take better pics thanks to forum members, I am pretty bad with technology.Could any suggest me how to do what you suggest as well?Best
  Great silks, but thick polyamide interlining and are made by machine with the Liba machine as Marinella does nowadays, ( see on most of their ties, are not symetrically placed the motives, due to fastly made by machine,  not true by hand as Kiton or others do. The shop is awesome, you are right, best Carlo Riva selection of the world I think, great shoes as well. 
All the 9 ones and almost 200 more. All time renewing fabrics.
New Posts  All Forums: