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Wow, the scye and that part of the back of Mariano,  as well as the very wide diameter of the the sleeve at that area does a lot of bad fitting issues.   Pasted this sentece with i got a lot of laughs;   Me playing it cool at the bar waiting for my Espresso.  Which they don't call Espresso.  They call it Cafe.  It only costs 1 Euro, and is very, very good.  They serve it with a glass of sparkling water.  I thought I had blended in successfully with the locals, until...
Since Anna Mattuozzo is not the shirtmaker of Rubinacci ( lots of years ago) the Rubi shirts are not very good, and omho the worst product they do so barely can be compared with the rest of neapolitan shirts. I would recommend you to chose another brand for far better price/quality.
The diagonal wrinkles on the breast are due to not correction of shoulder angle  shape.   From the breast up is acceptable but the prior, but from breast to the bottom i think is not.   Is too much fabric on the stomach/waist that makes a lot of wrinkles, this goes accentuated on the back that is terrible ( sorry to say)   The wrinkles on the scye/armhole on the back of the first shirt are due to fabric excess as well.   The sleeves do twisted diagonal wrinkles and...
 I didn´t know it. I will go asap to try it. I am fan of De Matteo, that I like far more than the tourist well know Da Michelle as i lived close to both for some months. Enjoy, from a Chiaia's random place.  Edit, I always got fail pics. You can click on it or if any moderator can help me uploading it, thank you. Bufalina, with bufala cheese and real tomatoes; [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/dfyuea.jpg[/IMG]And;  [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/2w3pzl3.jpg[/IMG]
Well said. I got the same thoughts but passed to write it due to some of my habitual insulters. I helped a customer with a wrong shirt and was called troll by some of those.   Also the neckhole or  collar  seems extremely tall for that customer, unless he wanted that look.   Edit to avoid make another post;  The placed backwards cuff button Shirwaven asked to another affiliate is a Neapolitan feature used there since several years back. I learnt that on Kiton myself.
For sale;  SALE 195$ TO 145$   Used twice Corneliani CC Linen wool blend. 1 vent.   Trouser never used.   Shoulder 47 cms = 18,5 inches   Breast/ pit to pit= 52 cms, 20 inches   Waist 50 cms = 19 inches   Lenght from base of the collar ; 81 cms = 31 inches   Sleeve ; 69 cms + 2,5 inside.  = 27 inches + 2 inside   Trouser 47 cms plus material to take out, 18,5 inches.   Trouser lenght 111 cms + 5 cms inside =  43 inches + 2 inches inside.   Please...
Santoni is a real shoe, and if are the Fatto A mano FAM upper label at this price is a gift.
Was this the shirtmaker that MarcodiLondra promoted?   If so( i don´t know if is the same ) a client of mine was undelivered 6 hi end shirts. We should do a post of tailors who deliver bad things or scam.   I have been by several myself.
Found a pic of the masterpiece The Rope that I think 99% is Anderson       The Rope, with this i would bid for Anderson and Sheppard 3 piece suits as that peak lapel 1 button is one of their famous cuts, very repeated here.  
Please update us.
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