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Great stuff, simply the best. ( proud to have masters working there)
 Great, i love this answer. That´s it!
 That´s it.  No one on this forum should ever mention designers if not to bash them.
  Carlo Riva;   mmm
It seems we have the most tacky 007 ever!   Looks a tacky catwalk of Hugo Boss.
This is what i do and the favorite of the Neapolitans to take at home.   80% Arabica 20% Robusta ( I got no idea if this is bad or good, but this is the best i have ever had)
I take everything as a serious person, high morals and ethics are the basic of a person. Any who violates it must be pursued.    Also, High standarts are the key to success. Gordon Gecko. Also those bloggers can´t be taken seriously, are a true offense to the Truth, to the basic human dignity as they lie for cash, or lie deliberately, and to the industry my surname has been just 1 century this year can´t be tolerated.   Should be a Press Tribunal to denunce all the liars...
   Nice? Has tons of fit issues and tailoring issues, as usual on everything about this Cromptom says. Bad bespoke as the armhole is full of remaining fabric, and also his extreme sloped shoulders hasn´t been corrected, see also all the wrinkles on the shoulder, as also was on the Burgos shirt he gave a 9 out of 10, way more than a Kiton shirt while then he wrote the Burgos was the worst of all. Then why he gave higher note to it? He even answered to me, that plastic...
   Thank you very much! Just working daily 14 hours a day improving my skills, now also my photography skills that were poor, and now thanks to the tricks of some members are average. Here i go  Not 7 but 12 fold unlined handrolled untipped, this model is quite difficult to do symmetric and good shaped, hence the huge efforts to do as best as possible.  The linen one is a Carlo Barbera blend of wool, linen, cashmere, silk.     
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