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 My respect to Sicilian tailors, my full disrespect to Armani aka crapmani.  Armani was one of the ones who degenerated all the tailoring and good looking of centuries on tailoring to the atrocities he is know for, also the worst decade ever about style, late 80s, early 90s, he is the guilty one. He even doesn´t knows how to dress properly, or maybe he doesn´t cares.  He is only a magician on making believe to the masses his low quality garments are “ the best”. He is...
  I already answered about this poster. Dear mods, please ban this insulter. Thank you
 You should read some of my help post, some were called for best post award of last year, also voted best member of the year time ago, do not remember if two years in a row, even honestly I do not think I ever deserved it or will, I am only myself and keep improving daily, for the rest, you got a reported for insulting and should give another by being fan of Rubi as well as tip. Thank you.   All my haters are same... And in common either: fans of Rubi. It all resumes it...
It looks true narcissist behaviour and might be of psychopathy as well.   Very common on nowadays tailoring business. Most behave as if are making a favor to the client who passed to be victim.   I have exposed some of those. 
Navy tie or the most solid red. Avoid colorful socks please. 
 He has for rent some flats, not sure if his old house on the center of Naples or his millionaire villa around with in house decoration as manequins etc and for limited time as 15 days or 1 month max, so I think he must be using that as hook to get suits made, or maybe the article was about this.
 You got me:
I admit I didn´t click on wait as 99,9 of those are what I described since just the tittle is pure rubish.   Maybe Did I err on this one?
 GBR is just a passive agressive disordered, he just hates himself. I just dislike articles on main media that got no idea about tailoring or those usuals: 10 tricks to dress better.  trick 1 red socks on court. Trick 2 black shirt always work etc. trick 3: on your black shirt, use a white tie. 4: Armani is the best.
New Posts  All Forums: