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I support the workers there but this designs are unusable unless for a chapter or a retro tv movie based on the late 70's.
Just delivered,  top fabrics fabrics for clients;
Just arrived, from the last Carlo Barbera group. Sadly could get not enough of the linen windowpane, but the grey staples are incredible as Barbera does.  
 Me personally wear  my own ones Raw Silk on dots on Winter with flannel suits as Tussah looks wool, but those are, on theory for Spring with odd jackets but who cares if what means is the overall look?
I have had ( also in offer) most of the designs shown here from Carlo Barbera. ( Not the last one)
  I had  a decade ago a staple dark navy almost black suit from Corneliani CC ( the not handmade label) that was made from 50% wool, 50% acetate.  Had no sheen, otherwise I would have not bought it. Sure there is nothing like high account pure wools, but honestly that not natural suit was my favorite at that time, but because the cut was very good.  Was a bit stiff on the other hand.
  Agree, better to stay away from igents and bloggers. We all know what happens when they hype one, after some months they ruin the name of whoever making the tailoring losing real habitual clients. 
I do not know Panico so can´t say anything about, but Pino Peluso is a great tailor and friend of mine who does a great Neapolitan cut, also a very cultivated person who can talk about everything and a pleasure to chat with. I miss going there once in a while to chat and take coffee or going out to eat.   He introduced me the tailor of the prior Holy Father, The Pope.
  This aberration is a parody of the Spalla Insellata puffy shoulder.  A well done true neapolitan jacket might cost you +-1000 euros aprox, the fashionista of the picture is completely hated by real Neapolitan tailors, the awful brand is called Sciamat. They like to profanate the real classic tailoring into a wild circus and is toltally unrespected by real tailors, serious dressers and tailoring critics. 
Yes, the poison always comes as dessert. I was having a good time with black and white pics and watched the noname who gives me nausea. Btw, all that  fabric pull on the stomach on the Onassys and others DB is not proper tailoring. Is considering a fault to avoid when studying tailoring.
New Posts  All Forums: