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I told you mate. Enjoy the food and chicks better.
Almost all the neapolitan uses far better fabrics than Eton, that uses good ones, but not ultimate fabrics used by the top neapolitans as in some  Borrelli, Kiton, to name where I learnt.   As shirtmaker who partially learn there and fabric addicted, I can tell you.
I have studied shirtmaking in Naples and sadly is true, I hate darts, but unless you got a stick body as mine, a slim shirt can´t be achieved without darts.   My master was tired of me asking it almost all days it, he said,  be magician instead of shirtmaker and do it.
The tags are for real, in case the suits are also for real, but both having the ticket pocket ( two pockets on the same side) unless were done bespoke for your friend is not very common.   The Attolini with such a low button stance  for their house style seems a bit strange.   I think you can have from 500 to 1000 euros from worse to better scenario, perhaps more with luck.
There is any, don´t worry.   Is one of the worst dressed cities of Europe.   Enjoy the beach, the chicks and the food/ drink instead.
As a shirtmaker will tell,   If you take the sides, diagonal wrinkles might/should appear on the breast but a more takin in can be achieved.   The darts can take in max 6 cm and breast can be blousy yet depending on how big is the shirt.
In fact are the best looking for no tie use with jacket.
On Nyc no idea. I visited their huge factory a few weeks ago to salute my friends there.
Hi I have seen Letterman this days on Italian tv on replays of May and the suits looked as your links, English wide rtw look nor South Italian that are soft, slim and fit as an scuplture. Why a sicilian is doing a 1994 English cut? best
Finamore is ok.only rtw on mtm are terrible. They did 3 times a shirt for me and any was good. Go to the 40 million dollars Kiton shop.on NYC and try it. And try Borrelli and Barba as well.
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