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It all depends on how do you wash and then iron the shirt.   With hot water,  driers, home cheap ironing and agressive detergents, even can last a single wash.   Any of my shirts has been ruined yet.
But you mean T-shirts or shirts? I am shirtmaker myself. Got no idea about t-shirts btw.
Believe me i study human personalities as my other task, can tell you on fashion/dressing/tailoring is where most narcissistic/ histrionic profiles you will find other than media/actors etc.People who thinks are over the rest do try to also dress for it.Designers, both at once. Tailors, most of them believe they are the best in the world, every Madrid one and are about 5 only selfsays it.Shop owners, got any clue but sell Marc Jacobs over Kiton, Boss etc as the top of the...
Because this business is plenty of scammers,dishonest people and compulsive liars who serve of the fact a few clients do understand,to fool awful quality garments but no one is able to realice ans even return happy.This would not happen on the 50's as most of the men knew about dressing.This nowadays socalled tailors or even dare to mastertailors won't pass a tailoring and fit exam. For real.
Yeah!Nope, it was a setup of this Spaniard gang. Note when Alfashemale was banned, other got registered. This gang has been doing the same on several places and more will come soon...They do not want to lose their shill business as do not want any from the industry who can teach all their writtings are fake, so they lose their %. Shady business got their shady people around. Note always are lazy people who do not want to work hard on a dignous job.Mto is made to order, in...
I don't know who is him, but Cromptom, Aristocrata, and other Spaniards friends of Asturiano said the worst ever bags of rice by Langa and Burgos were almost perfect shirts, and all the resemblance of those rags with a bespoke shirt or evena shirt is pure coincidence.I hope that person has a bit more knowledge, decency and honestly that those blogers who give terror on each article.I would not trust the time coming from those even on an injection of Sodic Pentotal.
Like the manipulation of the trial shoes that were identical?There are people who like perfection, unless of the expossed that only like cash out of lies.Regarding bespoke/mtm, In Italy as on Spain, those therms do not exist, all is called su misura or a medida in Spanish.Due to that,oportunist as Langa, Madrid, disguises industrial block sizes that even are not adapted as on mtm should be( see even the sleeves were too long on my expossed Spanish two bloggers) as bespoke...
Assimetry and classic dressing does not matches very well.If a shirt has a collar peak slighty different, has to be remade. Is one of the things we control most, same as on tie shapes and pattern placement on the measure of the possibility.I get he likes the surreal acid style as I said before. I can see why he is placed in Barcelona instead of Madrid.Edit, Does this shoemaker ignores polished fine laces instead of huge unelegant ones?
At least something decent! But does it cost 3500e?Why the left shoe, on the pic is on our right, has the bottom buttonhole out of place?
Don't worry, you would have listened that thing of one banker eats 9 chickens, you starving, 1.But the media says you both ate 5 each.Yes, they slavished us in the South of Europe with the EU and made us poorer with a inflation of the 66% on few years. Worse in Italy.To the other poster, i did not use the word bad either said that 3500e shoemaker was bad. Used other words.Quotting you; Then, the trial bespoke shoes are the same model of one of his PAP shoes. So? I don´t...
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