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Deep  here, not a humble opinion but the truth. Specially from one who sells them, but out of the proper and indicated affiliate threads.  Incredible.
  If is designed by him, the doesn´t deserves to be on Styleforum or on any serious place devoted to dressing properly but only on other sections,  and if is allegedly shilled by the frequent bloggers I expose all the time by saying  things as; the famous Roman styled from Rome, Brioni, is Neapolitan ( he said so for real), or that Luca Rubinacci is tailor, or that Lino Ilelucci was also Neapolitan  (that blogger said so and I got the screenshots stored), you can read my...
The first guy is poorly fitted and worse dressed, as always on that blogger.    His trouser is specially an example of poor fitting one.   How can the people follow such person as an example if for tailors and the industry( the fews who know him, as he is nothing) is just an habitual joke?
   I am also curious, Neapolitan slim cut is not extreme as the Milan fashion brands for anorexic like people or too young gents. Also the Neapolitan brands do have different bigger cut for USA export, on the case of Kiton, is a bit(or too much) big for my taste, but they told me that would lose sales if they sent the euro cut that also is not very slim.  It seems their target are +40 people whose body is not like a teenager.
 As shirtmaker, absolutery yes. Those wide shirts where three arms do fit on a single sleeve on it that are most of the rtw and badspoke are done because ; more selleable as fit more different people in, way easy to do and poor skills of the maker. Those fitted patterns got tons of hours behind of study and are the evolution of shirtmaking, only a few top patternamakers are able to do such perfection to fit the human body and to not look as the usual bags of rice that...
 You are right, this is an average to mediocre tie whose right price is 50 or even less, but over 200 for a 3 fold machinemade is way overpriced.
 This is incredible! Not only their quality leaves a lot to be desired but send to a customer what seems a returned tie from other or maybe the one who does the packages is a lady that oils the ties after perfume and cream her hands. This is totally avoided on serious tiemakers as well as smoking on the making. I suffer  deep chemistry allergy and that can knock out me.  I have warned tons of times about this Pittiesque born ibrands. 
  Depends on the coat, but you might have luck finding a tailor who will have to unsewn and resewn from the shoulder all the sleeve.
  Hi again, Those white things are the interlining used inside the collars and cuffs, are getting put on the middle of the collar fabric and matching the pattern by hand and eye, before that is fused on a special machine that cost a lot of thousands of euros. If you turn back the collar, maybe you can see it if they did not put any reinforce, is the pocket were the plastic thing is holded.  Kiton does the best rtw in the world by far, I was teached by some of them, but...
Simon C,But his sons continue the same ill untailoring and the "school of tailoring".How can any who is unable to do a suit,to have a tailoring school?Then no wonder how Spanish tailoring is literally the worst in the world.
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