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On Nyc no idea. I visited their huge factory a few weeks ago to salute my friends there.
Hi I have seen Letterman this days on Italian tv on replays of May and the suits looked as your links, English wide rtw look nor South Italian that are soft, slim and fit as an scuplture. Why a sicilian is doing a 1994 English cut? best
Finamore is ok.only rtw on mtm are terrible. They did 3 times a shirt for me and any was good. Go to the 40 million dollars Kiton shop.on NYC and try it. And try Borrelli and Barba as well.
Even black shirts were used to dress after the WWII hence the popular association to mobsters due to cinema noir on that age, black or dark shirts must not be used to dress on business or dressy. Only ok to go out night to discos. Don't imitate Oscar actors on all black, is a mistake.
No man . 250 minimun. Got a lot of hours. She even washes the fabric before. Only a few does that. And might be more as a single meter of DJ Anderson fabric, the top line of Albini group goes for over 55 euros and sure worths its. I learned a lot on her blog as well as chatting with her before coming to Naples to learn shirtmaking. Nice on the first post was a pic of Bonfanti looms, i got it recorded on video weaving when i visited it, need time to do a blog with it.
Hi again, it depends on the weight of the fabric, as can be a 65 gram/meter poplin or a 300gr. one and also in how compacted the weave is. But on same conditions i think poplin runs fresher.
You can buy fabrics fron the best shirting mills not only in poplin but with the best soft finishing and high grade as 200/2 ply that might be 4 times finer that what is normaly used by rtw shirtmakers, from 40 to 80/2 max.
Interesting, also the fact a garmrnt than in Sicilu might cost low, on NYC sure might cost more than a car.Got any picture of his style?
The first has very wide sleeves but on that age was ok, the second likes me more.The DB jacket of Cagney on Angels with dirty faces of the 30's is simply perfect and even for todays standart is slim fitted etc. I remember talking with the boss of a tailoring house with shops on NYC about that film, as the prior night was emited on a local tv, telling that most american tailors, those old perfect ones, literally docens of thousands were sicilian and he told me all learnt...
New Posts  All Forums: