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Sartorio was owned by the oldest son of Attolini, he sold his Sartorio brand to Kiton a few years ago.Now he has a nice brand called Stile Latino. I was there a few weeks ago. Very classy classic style instead of Eidos...The women garments were spectacular, from a cinema noire movie. Sad can't upload with this mobile.
On Ebay are some adds that use theOn Ebay there are some bad dishonest sellers who use the Kiton hook to sell Mattabisch.I was trained with the Kiton masters among the one who has teached all the industry in Naples, that is why most shirts look similar. Also i have practiced on most of the places but Kiton only produces for themselves.Also, this old grandmaster supervices most of the rtw patterns for all the Neapolitan high end industry, so another reason all look...
Mattabisch shirts are do not made by Kiton but by another people on another factory at 30 kms from Kiton.The quality is average. I don't know who is fooling is related to Kiton while has nothing to do or even is comparable.
No idea about but always God takes his glory. DEP
The ones i have seen got poor fabrics, plastic buttons and very mediocre quality.
Hi, Neapolitans never answer emails in most of the cases.I love living here as feels as on the 70's and 80's, email wasn't then. Some seem stucked for some strange reason.Try to phone them next time, expensive but works.
But the overall look gives the "baggy" effect.Due as no shoulder shape correction( as Shirtwaven said) giving wrinkles in the breast, that accentuates the visual effect of "baggy".Also the twisted sleeves accentuates that effect aded to the waist.Gives the visual effect along with the trousers, as other also pointed out,of wearing the clothes of a roommate or father, sadly.For a few euros more on Italy could have a proper shirtmaker. Some starts at 90e but you are in the...
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