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Royal oxford has smaller microweavings and usually comes in 170/2 and 200/2, the most soft and luxurious.   Oxford is a harsh low accounting weave as the usual check carpenter shirts.   Panama is an open wave kind more or less mix of the both above.
  Sure, improving the business of internet shilling of course and the art of collecting freebies. 
 is your man.
 Nope, only the bespoke ones are made on the shop and even I doubt all the bespoke ones...  The rest are alleguedly as I have explained, by machine, using the Liba machine on a factory outside Naples.
  I am not of the option of carrying magnets that alter the body electricity.  Thanks for the pic, never seen this thing, will send a pic to some shirtmakers friend of mine just to show it.
 Never seen  or heard about magnetic collars before, I studied shirtmaking and I am very curious about. Any has a pic?
Just received a few meters to sell on sale of this awesome open wave slubby Carlo Barbera.   Love the grey shade.
That is a classical neapolitan feauture, now seems imitated by fakers all around.
 Are way more tailors than always the hyped ones all the time. For the translator, only a few Neapolitans, and all young do speak English, never met an old Italian who does, is normal.  And my thought about Mina, is that I have seen way better fits on the forum “done” by her (I mean is done by proper tailors under her request) than by tons of so called master tailors who charge double or even more that are shilled all the time by those bloggers I expose all the time. BTW...
New Posts  All Forums: