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Is it you from another forum adding the same? Interested on 12 inches golden hands.
You did well to exposse another scam case. Good luck.
Will do a search. Thanks for answering.
I hope this shirtmaker also pays tons of unpaid ties since two years ago to the owner of a tie factory who prefers the lost than dealing again with that kind of people. About the other guy, got him on ignored member list, so can't read his habitual speech but i can imagine it.
Oh thanks, great info. Of what price aprox are we talking about? Hope not 500e/meter as Piana cashmere.
As readed on another forum, one person has received two years later unshirts with no buttonholes on the cuffs and horizontal stripes on the sleeves on a Riva shirt. I am waiting for pics of such a criminal unrequested arlekin thing. Good news he has closed. Divine Justice always arrives.
Hi, I have straight account with Alumo and most of the top mills. Omho, if you want oxfords, is not the best product of Alumo in quality/price and is a bit harsh finished compared with the super stuff Alumo produces over 120/2 but i think does not very good under 100/2, incluiding it for it's price and compared to other oxfords.By the way for you wool experts, and seems a lot here, being the other day inside Attolini and got amazed by their cashmere quality, specially for...
Ask him, but wrong place to start a scamming business on Russia then. lol   I heard he is doing trunkshows there, i hope he deliver as i have been told russians deliver lead too fast...
Hi,    I have received today 100% cashmere for overcoats in black, sand or grey color at sale price, as well as my usual stuff on Carlo Barbera, see my add      
Just received the December awesome bunch of deals.   100% CASHMERES etc, starting at 50 euros meter, pm for more info. please see my latest adds with more fabrics at 1/3 of retail.   5919/11 Pure cashmere overcoat gr 530   7168/40 wool cashmere jacket gr 300   6244/11 cashmere jacket black gr 300   6212/5167 pure cashmere jacket gr 350   camel color  Cashmere beaver gr 340     [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/wrz9r5.jpg[/IMG]   7168/40 wool cashmere jacket gr...
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