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 Yes, better avoid returning to Pirozzi and specially paying those turists fees because X person sent you there ( and got 1000e straight to his pocket)
  Pm sent to try to help you.
I hope Paypal refunds you, they are improved and nowadays are acting fast and serious. I was scammed 2000 euros on a never delivered machine 15 years ago.
More scammers?
 Ah is it yours( i mean from a member here) , cheers. The trouser is made by the same tailor? I mean that because in Naples, the famous tailors of this houses, never do the trousers themselves or their team, but is made by third parties who only do trousers, this way supposedly they get a more specialiced product, but here the trouser is the contrary, is not at the level of the jacket.   Really? Then more to my side, how any can pay over 4000e for those horrible fitted...
  Who made most of the terrible suits shown here? Only the famous Liverano pinstriped blue is good. Real aberrations shown there. Who made all that mess? http://dieworkwear.com/post/47544503001/the-italian-cover-up
  Hi,  a poster pmd me for my opinion. The jacket fits far times better than the hyped and terrible usual Rubinacci most of the posters love while most of the times are a complete fail. This jacket looks very good, the sleeves are correct and on pitch, on the contrary to another very hyped and bad tailor that is Pirozzi, who after Rubinacci is the one who does most issues. Maybe the sleeves are a bit short, but that is peccata minuta. I can´t see if are bags below the...
  Seems the paraphiliacs of fist f. and similar degeneration who used to stalk me time ago.  They even got a group called kidnapped and tied gentleman.Denunce those to police asap. Are dangerous people. I am glad Mrs. Thatcher cleaned the streets imprisoning some of those accused of raping, kidnapping, violence and so on.
There is a very baggy and flashy silk fabrics cut called Bertolucci film.
New Posts  All Forums: