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New Webgems are up.  Customizable Neumoks for 199...  I am wondering if I can snag the standard Navy ones for the reduced price
 What does the Bayfield run as an MTO?
 I went with the same size in both my Daltons and Aberdeens as my 5 last shoes.  that being said my Aberdeens are tight in the toe box and the heel slips a little
Austin is killer for allergies. I grew up there and never had issues untill I moved back after college.
How did you size your Aberdeen vs a 5last shoe?
They look fine to me but if it bugs you swap them out. Just know that every pair is going to have its own character.
Fyi amazon has walnut calf Daltons for 296. That was the best price I had ever seen on Dalton Firsts
Those look great
I got my McTavish the same size as my 5ths and Strands they fit great. If you are on the small side for other 5 last shoes size down otherwise stay the same size
New Posts  All Forums: