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Man I need Jos Bank to run another sale.  I need more shoe trees...
 Maybe, but I have found that AEs price match policy is really favorable and would much rather give my business to the store I have built a relationship with.
Nordstrom has the Mcneil at 35% off right now.  If you have a good relationship with a store manager you may be able to get the %off matched on shell
I really dislike that the "web gems" are not at a discounted rate.  I could use one of the winter studs but I refuse to pay full price
 Ya this will most likely be really easy .  A quick search shows about 10 places between my home and office
  You may have just saved me a bucket of money.  I have lost a little over 70 lbs in the last year and have run out of holes in all of my AE belts.  I would have never thought about having them shortened.  Now I just need to find someone in Dallas that can do it. thanks
Maybe I am missing something here but I don't see a problem...
 You got it
 Returns either from an individual or a 3rd party retailer
 Thanks for the heads up.  I ordered my first pair yesterday
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