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I have never had a problem doing this at the store I go to
 So where yours says $50 off mine says 15% off your purchase... I guess it only went out to some customers.  Not sure if they makes me a good customer or a big sucker :-)
 Page 3 and your code is on the back I just confirmed this does work on shoes...
I don't see why it wouldn't work on shoes...
 I am thinking I would use it both ways and I am thinking if I pull the trigger it will be in Chili.  After seeing several pair of Bourbon 2nds I am very hesitant to order Chili as a 2nd
So I saw a pair of Franciscans out in the wild on Friday and while it was never a shoe I really liked looking at it on the site I made the mistake of stopping by my local store and trying a pair on... They look really great on the foot.   Now the question is do I buy a pair of 2nd for 199 or do I buy 1st for 313 (I am sitting on a 15% off coupon)   what say you?
 I have a separate brush I use for my daily brushing, but that was more bc I was lazy and didn't want to try to dig out the right one every day. 
1) yes... use on toes and heals only 2) Shoe cream is polish just not in the wax (tin can) form.  I use the premium shoe polish that AE sells in the tubes.    They do have shoe cream in little glass jars that I would assume is close to what is in the tubes but I have never used it.  Maybe someone else can chime in. You need to brush before and after every wear (this will go a long way to keeping shoes looking fresh and clean), apply sole edge dressing as needed.  It will...
I would start with a brush for every basic color (Black,Brown,Walnut... could add a 4th for the chili but its not a must at this point).  Polish in the appropriate colors(get neutral for the Chili), edge dressing in the appropriate colors, a can of neutral carnauba wax for the toes and heals.  A few old tee shirts/rags, and leather cleaner/conditioner. I assume you are already using trees in all your shoes and a shoe horn to put them on.
I size the same 10E on both the 65 and the 333
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