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Also since I have bought and received all three types of sweaters, thought I'd share some input: buy a gunpatch sweater. It is definitely the one of the coolest sweater I've ever seen. At first I was worried that the gunpatch would look out of place in a sweater, but it adds texture to the sweater without looking busy at all. The oversize on the sleeves and body make it extremely comfortable but also very drapey on all parts of the body (not in an unfit way). I'm probably...
This is me. At first I thought a 70 dollar shirt was pushing it (about a year ago) but now I cant stop buying these damn sweaters!!!!
from the pics it looks like hes made a total of 4 new wool vests in the last 5 months, so yes, 4 days work
are there going to be cashmere mittens in pink? i wanted to get a matching pair for the gf
cant wait for the beanies and winter wear! recently grabbed a sweater off the fire sale and it is hands down the best sweater I own. Do the pictures of the flannels mean that you've already received the ones from the preorder? Are they being shipped out soon?
wear them in. the softness comes back. not sure about the shrinking though. I thought that it was supposed to shrink a bit on any heat
65 weeks and waiting on a 2011 moto. was able to change my measurements earlier this week
didnt get a shipping confirmation and it came yesterday.
anybody know if the waist belts in the dr2010 are supposed to ever be used?
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