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i'll bet 1000 against that date (any other day). sounds like fair odds
http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/size-chart   a lot of things got lost in the website revamp, but theyre slowly coming back
How is charly compensated for this work anyways? is he just paid every day to sit and respond to emails? or is he volunteering for this? either way, I feel sorry for him getting the brunt of the client-facing action. Drew should really be the one held accountable for all these delays..
suuper impressed by the fall chambray fabric. gotta throw it in the wash to see if it shrinks though..
received address confirmation for a dr2010/moto (not sure which) and a wool ma-1 but havent received any of them. Hope theres another batch arriving this week rather than 2 months later
Wish I lived closer to mauro so I could see what these chambrays look like in person. Bought 3, but I honestly have no idea what their true color and texture will be like. I guess thats part of the surprise! 
anybody know what the sizing is on XXS? I see it on the preorder pages but I don't think the sizing is on the site
 I can't tell if this is sarcasm, a robot with a motherboard could be programmed to do that and a form letter email would just mean automating the database.
also, body style (BD/AD) doesnt seem to be an option. either way I didnt want to miss out on sheeps and mallards, so I ordered first and will ask questions later..
I've had multiple occasions where I've shown friends a shirt I'm getting from the website and they believe it looks bland or not flattering, but when I wear it the next week they all love it. The shirts on the website just look plain bad in a lot of pictures, and I think new customers would be much easier to attract if the clothes were fit right. Even the pictures on Instagram are much more impressive than most the pictures on the website. In contrast, I've gotten some...
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