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I ordered a size 7. I don't have any converse on hand, but I typically wear 7-7.5 in dress shoes (Allen Edmonds), and 8 in sneakers and running wear (Nike and Seavees). I usually go by my EU sizing because that seems more consistent across brands
put it in the excel sheet pretty soon after it first went up
Xpost from denim thread showing off the Nico's. Really glad I backed the preorder because this is a nice lookin shoe. It looks pretty casual and is extremely comfortable. This is my first suede shoe and I'll probably have to hide it until the rainy season subsides but I'm excited to break it in during the summer.
Nico's are comfortable as fuck. All wvg today
Almost made it to 100 weeks, but my Aug 2013 dark brown goat moto has finally arrived
My entry was actually moved from the bottom up to chronological order and also updated with order placer status.
Tencel plaid shirt featuring a dolphin
 strange, I've been wearing them pretty frequently for the past few months. The fades are a little exaggerated by lighting, but theyre definitely there and hopefully will show more over time :D
Some fades starting to set in. Haven't washed them yet cuz I'm lazy and dirty
put me in as well please :P
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