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Got a new T-shirt and was super excited because I love wvg tees Shirt size s.. Size chart says its supposed to be 16.5 but its more like 17.8. Anyone else have this issue who got a new tee? Material is definitely high quality, though I personally prefer the bamboo sorona much more. edit: btw I typically wear an XS, but sized up per Mauro's suggestion earlier in the thread and because the size measurements seemed appropriate
Xpost from denim thread. New wavy shirt is sick and just in time for the warm weather. Still hoping for some new shorts to be released
Featuring new wavy stripes shirt
When you work in research every day is the weekend (you work on weekends though)
  WvG Windbreaker WvG Grey OCBD WvG Denim   Do people that bought the denim before the contest start also get the gift card? :D
Gotta get one pic in of the denim before fades start setting in. Cold weather sucks
More warm weather wear! I find it quite hard to find a time and place for those blue pants, but they do look fantastic
I think the person you're looking for is Kevin Lin, and he got a CWU ordered August 2013. How is he supposed to contact you? Via the toj email or PM? Not sure if he has an SF account so I'm responding in his stead atm.
ties look great, but what are the tie widths? seems like something pretty important that I can't seem to find on the product pages.
  Weathers lookin up and these shorts fit amazing! I wish they were released in more colors. Would have definitely snagged a lighter color and the red that was used for the chinos in a heartbeat..   WvG Raspberry Popover WvG Navy Shorts
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