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well i wash cold and tumble dry low and my raspberry popover front length shrank from 26.5-25.75, so there is still some shrinkage that occurs when washing cold
msg it is the lavender. The lighting makes it look a little more saturated than it does in person though tobiafunke, I didn't take measurements before and after but the fit is essentially the same as my other xsmall shirts after a cold wash and tumble dry (except more room in the waist because it's an ad instead of my usual bd)
Perfect for summer weather
Like an idiot, I sent the raspberry shirt to the wrong address, but thankfully I didn't mess up on the lavender. I usually get a bd but I think the pop over is the perfect shirt to start trying the looser ad fit. Started off huge on me but after a quick wash it shrank down to the perfect size
I don't think it was even offered in bd. Or at least it doesn't seem to be an option on the website in any size
 I also really love the look of that jacket and asked how to do it in the forum before. The general consensus is to find a furrier in your area and ask them to see what they can do for you. And yes I believe it was fox fur used in that jacket
cant wait to see how the video newsletter to explain the underwear fit turns out
the main people benefitting from selling TOJ spots is TOJ.. I don't see why they would stop this practice.
is this doobie pocket still a thing?
got my olive chinos today and thankfully theyre much more olive than forest green. The site is very misleading, and the lighting in my room is horrendous so I tried to find a comparable olive pant with the same-ish color and this is the best I can find.
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