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Mauro gave me a helpful link some time ago regarding shirt construction so I thought I would share with you guys: Jacket sleeves are described in #9. Apparently you can also request many of the other details when ordering MTM
Yeah I had gone to a tailor before for MTM and just re-used those measurements.
I sent in my body measurements to get it MTM. Basically all the measurements were changed, but most notably the sleeve lengths are spot on now and the chest/waist fit slimmer and are better for tucking in my shirt. I'll still probably buy OTR for some casual shirts, but definitely going MTM for dress shirts from now on
Got a mtm overdye to check out how mtm would work for me and I am extremely impressed. The fit is perfect as you would expect and the process was pretty painless. Definitely gonna be ordering many more mtm from now on
Rocking all wvg today
By the way, though I am happy I got my jacket finally, I received a jacket with sateen lining instead of bemberg.. It's not worth it to contest at this point but its still disappointing to pay for something that wasn't delivered.
put it in the excel sheet pretty soon after it first went up
Nico's are comfortable as fuck. All wvg today
Almost made it to 100 weeks, but my Aug 2013 dark brown goat moto has finally arrived
My entry was actually moved from the bottom up to chronological order and also updated with order placer status.
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