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PM Sent
PM'ed on the RLBL. DIBS
Great selection. But no RLPL/RLBL size 17 PM'ed you on your pants thread.
Hi guys, I'm looking for some Purple Label or black label wool dress pants. flat-front, size 36. 38 Might work as well. Also am looking for same in Cotton. Feel free to PM me. Thanks, prajna
Operman, if I usually wear a 34 RRL you think I should go down to the 32 on these? Even the 33 are measuring 37". I'd like a fit like you have tho, pretty slim.
You guys this is Amazing! http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13136249&pg=2&f=Men&kw=rrl+outerwear&parentPage=search
The black on blacks are one rinsed. Although the baking/drying process they put them thru after the wash seems to have made them a bit crunchier (which I like IMO) than other one rinse I've bought.Black on black means the warp AND weft are both dyed black, as opposed to most other jeans that just dye one. This gives the jeans a SUPER jet black look, which again I love. I bought the RRL black on blacks this week and have been wearing them ever since. Thanks to Robert from...
Holy cow, isn't that above retail?! Oh well, maybe someone sees the value - they are hard to come by.
Ordered a pair of the black on black's yesterday. Robert from the Chicago store was a big help. Getting a pair of the slim rigid's tomorrow.
Hi Guys, Price includes domestic shipping. Please PM with any questions and for Int'l ship quotes, thanks! For sale is a NWT RLBL suit, size 48L. Made in Italy from medium weight 100% wool. Jacket is lined, pants lined to the knees. I had the pants hemmed on this, please see measures below. There is still a couple inches that can be lowered on the hem. Features: Two button, single vent half canvas construction Three front pockets, three inside pockets Flat front...
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