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Has anyone touched kangaroo leather?   I bought these scrap kangaroo leather rounds on Amazon for a couple of bucks just to get an understanding of how they feel:   The rounds came in different finishes, but they felt very thin, cardboard-y, and the front (non-suede side) felt like plastic.   Is this normal for...
I see, that makes sense. Thanks a lot for your insight. Is that why Horween CXL has invisible/almost invisible hair pores?  I managed to get my hands on a piece and even when I bend the leather, I'm unable to see any hair pores. Is CXL burnished or rolled? Does "rolled" leather mean that the leather is physically rolled between two rollers to compact the skin?
Well the argument that the individual was making is that hair is thickest at its base and gradually becomes thinner towards the top. So the diameter of the hair at the surface of the skin is so thin that when you remove it, the follicle hole left behind should be tiny and almost invisible.   In contrast, hair follicles/pores on the leather become more visible as your scrape off layers of the skin so that the thicker holes left behind by the thicker parts of the hair near...
So is the individual in the linked post incorrect? 
Any thoughts as to which one is better for shoes generally?   Are either one acceptable for Horween Chromexcel or Cavalier Chromexcel cowhide? 
So does this mean that high-quality full-grain cow leather can both have and not have visible pores?   Hence, visible pores or lack thereof should not be used as an absolute, diagnostic indicator for judging whether a piece of leather is full-grain or not?
Pretty much every online leather guide states that full-grain leather should have visible holes in the surface where the hair follicle of the cow used to be.   However, post #8 of this thread provides a good argument for the opposite case (with photos):   Essentially, the individual is saying that hair is thin at the top and thick at the base or bottom. Therefore, the hair on the outer...
What is SF's opinion on dress shoes with elongated toeboxes such as this one:     To be sure, one's toes should not touch the front of the shoes right? There should be a good amount of space between the toes and the front of the shoe?   Does this make the feet look comically large? Is it weird to walk/drive in them?
Thanks!   When wearing the elongated oxfords, is it typical for one's feet to look longer than normal? Would this look weird?
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