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I recently picked up a pair of Strands in walnut and they're gorgeous. I've been able to wear them with lighter grey trousers and different earth-tones (shades of brown/tan mainly) in addition to the colors you mentioned (navy, olive).
What items did you find that are great? (not exact items, but makers)
ya man they've been getting real cocky lately, first dri fits were around 60 then 70, then mine last year were 80 and now 90? give me a fucking break
I like these but those Lunar Montreals are on sale almost everywhere, i'd get them while you can before it sells out.As for those Free 3.0s, not sure you can those anywhere anymore. Have you seen the new 3.0? The dark grey version isn't exactly all black but still nice.
Hey,men,I was mentioning it to my barber yesterday. This is likely wishful thinking on my part though. I hadn't read any mention of grounding helping with improving thinning hair.
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