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Posts by XdryMartini Merde... I found another link and at least for now, it works... Try 2
Gentlemen, I need your assistance in a matter of utmost urgency. In the link below, the closing theme for season 6 w/ Tara King, a deck of playing cards is used w/ what seems a stylized rabbit silhouette on the back (the back is best seen at approx 1:37+). Does anyone know the manufacturer? A bottle of 18 y/o Glenlivet is on the line!! Perhaps more importantly, a bet w/ a damn Sailor!! IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the...
I have a pair of crepe soled chuka's fm Alden and they are easilly replaced.
Recently got these at a NM sale event - 25% off!!! John Lobb Ashley Chestnut w/ Ardilla apron
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Here are 2 MTO suede Edward Greens that I just received for summer... I was wondering who got those from Tom... Great looking shoes!!
Gentlemen - Thank you for your responses and advice. I appreciate the arguments for both sides tend to agree more with the notion that the top pair is more traditional and versatile. So, the top pair is OTW!
Gentlemen - I have a serious dilemma. I have the opportunity to acquire either of the Spectators below and am having a difficult time deciding which to get. Both have a very light cream / almost white suede to compliment the brown leather. Both are from the 1930's-50's. The top pair is Florsheim and the other is uncertain. Which is more versatile, traditional, useful and appealing to you and why? Florsheim Labeled Robertson inside Any insight...
Walter Matthau - Hopscotch Peter Sellers - Dr. Strangelove Cary Grant - To Catch a Thief
In the mail today: G&G Hove Whiskey Shell Cordovan The shoe EG refused to make! (Dover)
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