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If the issue is just the length of the inseam, you can always buy chinos with longer inseams than you normally wear, and spend an extra $8 to get it hemmed. You can ask if Sears will hem them for you.
+1 on paper clips. Made the mistake of traveling with French cuffs shirts, but no cuff links. Only realized it minutes away before going off for a meeting. I'm pretty sure no one noticed my lovely metal knot.
+1 on Wurkin stiffs. Even works on cutaway collars (though it looks weird). Collar stays, slightly pointed collars will help. Jantzen collars are quite horrible, unless you opt one without the interlinings. They don't give enough space for shrinkage between the collar interlining and collar band. Makes it hard for collars to lay properly. No problems without the interlinings. Though softer collars are a matter of preference (still works with wurking stiffs!)
The jacket seems a littler far off from what you normally wear. First off, shoulders are 1 inch off, which will be difficult to alter. That should be a red sign. Of course depends on how much shoulder padding your bespoke or intended jackets have. Second, the length is more than an inch off. Would skew off the jacket's proportions if you have it altered to 29in. Overall, too much money to spend on altering. Even if it can be done, it won't look right.
Quote: Originally Posted by inmytree14 So probably a stupid question, but picked up a few of the TM Lewin slim fit Windsor collar shirts. I've never bought a shirt with this kind of collar before and the spread is wider than I'm used to. Obviously a Windsor knot would work, but is there anything else I can try as well? Is a half Windsor too small in that spread? Do people wear it sans tie, open at the collar ever, or does this look strange? Still love the...
You can always get a cheaper pair of pants that fits properly on the top block, then spend $15 to alter the legs to your desired specifications. I do this often with pretty much all of my pants.
I've recently bought a few grey under tanktops. It really works under white shirts. I find that it also depends on the shade of your skin. I have a tanned skintone, darker greys work better.
You might want to advertise over on the Streetwear forum.
Sunday's attempt Jacket Thick as Thieves Square Kent Wang Shirt Jantzen (light blue stripes actually) Pants Uniqlo Vintage Chinos Shoes Zara
I have 1 Duke of York and 1 Windsor slim fit shirts from TM Lewin. Both fit the same in the body, but the sleeve width and armhole on the Duke of York are much bigger than the Windsor. The shirt tail on the Windsor is longer and more curved than the York (not good if you want to tuck out as opposed to the York). Though note that this is based on this Summer's line. Don't know if anything has changed since.
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