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Jon, you might want to contact T&A's Jermyn Street location for swatches. I did (by regular mail), and they sent me quite a few swatches - promptly. As for markup, the suggested retail price is generally 2.5 - 2.75 times the wholesale price, at least for MTM clothing.
Today I saw Freddy Garcia (pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, my team) when I was in Chicago.  I doubt that many people recognized him, as it was on the street that I saw him.  He looked nice, and really is a big, well-built fellow. This past summer I saw Moises Alou at Niketown when I went to look for new shoelaces.  He was right ahead of me in line, and I didn't even realize that it was him until I was up in line.  I managed to get his autograph.  Alou bought over...
Barry Bonds is another not-so-popular athlete, but so is Michael Jordan. Jerry Rice is admired for his work ethic but has for many years rubbed some the wrong way. Pete Sampras was not disliked as such, just considered boring - I really liked him, and like Roger Federer now as they aren't too brash but get the job done. What they all have in common, though, is that they are/were the best in their respective sports.
Sorry, I suppose the last sentence of my previous sentence may have been misunderstood. What I intended to say is that Y'apre shirts are too expensive for what they are, and that Y'apre shirts are quite different from Borrelli shirts.
Quote: Who cares?  I've been looking at porn and clothing sites.  There.  Now everyone knows.  The government is too busy browsing the internet to be out to get you. Hilarious post.  
The older salespeople, especially when they don't have the knowledge to answer a question, say things like, "Son/Hun, I've been doing this for (insert number here) years, and I've never seen/heard of that."  The younger, sometimes part-time samespeople seem generally more willing to concede that they don't know something, and try to find the answer. Ernest, is your interest in becoming a wardrobe consultant?
Brioni, Borrelli, Kiton, Marol, Fray, Barba and Lorenzini make their collars with 0" tie space.  To me it seems that American makers are the ones who tend to make some of their collars with tie space.
First, I just want to say that I don't intend at all to pick over small issues, but rather I want to clarify one thing: Alex Rodriguez wears a size 60L suit? Arnold Schwarzenegger: "At his bodybuilding peak his chest was 57", waist 34", biceps 22", thighs 28½", calves 20", and his competition weight was 235 lbs (260 lbs off-season)." source: If Arnold's chest was 57" at 235 lbs(or even at 260), granted that people may have vastly...
Individualized Shirts is part of the shirtmaking branch of the Individualized Apparel Group (e.g. Tom Jones, Oxxford, Hart Schaffner Marx, Hickey-Freeman etc). Individualized Shirts' MTM shirts are sold under the Yapre' label at Neiman-Marcus. You could also buy Individualized MTM shirts from Syd Jerome in Chicago, Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC or probably a number of other retailers. Gitman Bros, which is also part of the Individualized Apparel Group, makes Burberry shirts for...
Fray's collars are very nice. The edge-stitching is extremely well-done. Part of what makes Fray's collars so nice is the cut - Fray and Marol(both Bolognese, is this a Bologna thing?) seem to make collars with longer-than-standard points.
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