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Apparently as of September he left Louis and is now working for Bizzocchi.
Super 130s is 16 to 16.5 micron source: http://hollandandsherry.com/textileguide/superfine.html
I remember a few weeks back we were discussing why there's a price difference between the Kiton 7-folds at Ben Silver and stores like Bergdorf, Saks, etc. The Kiton ties which Ben Silver stocks cost a little less. The Kiton ties I bought from Ben SIlver are not self-tipped, while those available from Bergdorf and Saks are self-tipped.
I wouldn't mind having a Maybach, if just for the back seats.
What I meant(re: the oil-rich people) was, we don't often see them wearing these things in public, do we?
The Holland and Sherry fabric is not extremely expensive since, as I understand, they usually do it in Super 130s. Scabal has all kinds of crazy fabrics - Lapis, Gold, Diamond, cashmere denim, Super 200s/silk, Super200s/vicuna... My question is, where do the oil-rich princes who order lots of suits and hundreds of shirts in a single visit to custom clothiers ever wear these clothes?
Moxon has a Super 210s which costs roughly $3000 per meter. That gold pinstripe is probably a Scabal/Bower & Roebuck fabric.
John Kochis in NYC.
Texas Tech just beat Nebraska, 70-10.
Oh, and there's a Wild Things 2.
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