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I just don't go to Starbucks. I don't go to other coffee places, either, as I don't drink the stuff. BTW how much do servers generally get as base pay?
Tdial, thanks for answering my question. There's a 99% chance that if it's in Rochester, it's Adrian Jules.
Sounds nice, esp. since you're happy with the finished product. Do you know which CMT(cut, make, trim) facility your tailor sent the bundle to for stitching after he did the cutting? Just wondered since it sounds like very good work.
DennyB, I tend to agree with you. One of my professors(whose daughter used to work at Starbucks) said that the tip jars are probably meant to make the people who drive 7-series BMWs(and similar vehicles) feel guilty and then tip.
The thing I like about Europe is that basically all prices are inclusive of taxes, so what we see is what we pay. Some places (esp. in France) have different prices based on whether we take the food to go or dine in. Gratuities are not commonly expected. I think that the US is the country in which servers expect most. I think that I tip decently. I usually tip somewhere between 15 and 17 percent. When my whole family goes out we may tip closer to 20 percent provided that...
The same Syms family which owned Sulka?
esp. when they say, buy this before we sell it in out store for $59.99.
I've got to see Times Square at dawn.
agree with LAGuy - shoulders should be narrower - the yoke is probably too big. Baggy around the chest and waist, and your right shoulder looks to be definitely lower than your left.
I don't think that Bizzocchi has a store as such, just his office. JD mentioned on his site that he is working on the wholesale side of things.
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