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Considering how much of a pest he's been on Ask Andy, I'm surprised that Marc "Grayson" hasn't re-appeared on Style Forum.  I suppose that could be attributed to good (firm)moderation, Steve.  
If I remember correctly Lattanzi's tiny store is on the western side of Madison Avenue.
Twister 2.
There are also the variables of weight and stiffness/softness. There are heavy, stiff interlinings, light, soft interlinings, heavy, soft interlinings, light, stiff interlinings etc. T&A, Hilditch and Charvet use non-fusible interlinings, while most Italian makers tend to use fusible interlinings. Lorenzini uses fusible interlinings for some shirts, non-fusible interlinings for other shirts.
High-quality shirt interlinings are generally 100% cotton, while high-quality suit interlinings(depending on the area of the suit) are made from various blends of wool, linen, cotton and horsehair. The only real variable in shirt interlinings is whether the interlining is fusible or non-fusible/sew-in. There are high-quality fusibles and non-fusibles. Fusibles will be somewhat easier to iron and always appear smooth, while non-fusibles may require somewhat more meticulous...
INTJ here. Do any you think that this personality type stuff is of any real significance?
So this is a Kiton K suit?
Not boring in the least. What I do know about Adrian Jules is that it is one of the major cut, make trim facilities in the USA. Ciccarelli/Primo Coat in Long Island City and Giliberto in NYC are two of the other major facilities used by custom tailors.
The most ridiculous thing I ever saw was a pizza delivery guy delivering pizza in his Hummer H2 - and trust me, this guy wasn't the owner.
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