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Wow - we've got members with all kinds of contacts. May have to call upon you some time.
Good to hear from someone who actually Mr. Flusser, and it's nice to hear that he's actually a pleasant man. Anyone here know G. Bruce Boyer?
That is a shirt by Fray, a Bolognese shirtmaker. Go figure, it's from a Japanese site - Jun Kuwana's site. http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/harumi/
Let's not forget about the angular, crude attempts at making a keyhole buttonhole. You would think that the tailors who make these would figure out that all it takes to cut a neat circle at the end is a cheap tool, and that they need not bother using scissors for this.
And Alex, props to you since you're one of the few willing to admit that you bought Playboy for the pictures and not "for the articles."  I will admit once I bought an issue of Playboy.  I bought the July 1997 issue to see the article which included a pic of one of your custom shirts, "shirt porn" if you will.   How's the web site update coming?
Quote: Banks, banks, banks - great list ... but how could you forget Charvet? Gettin' sloppy here. Sorry Alex - but great to have you back. I second Alex's recommendation of Elegance. I was fortunate enough to get a copy sometime in the last year.
Certainly Flusser and Boyer are a couple of the reasons why many of us have a clue when it comes to clothing.
I would have to agree with A Harris's assessment, and feel the same way about G. Bruce Boyer. Many of the things that these men, clothing companies, and agents/marketing people(and journalists in general) say are not to be followed, at least not without a little careful thought.
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