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http://www.startupjournal.com/ideas/...607-stout.html http://www.findarticles.com/p/articl...v75/ai_5079202 As usual Spencer Hays/Individualized made an attempt to buy. So the latest incarnation(refer to top article) of The Custom Shop has failed as well?
Oxxford tends not to indicate which mills its fabrics are from. There are, of course, exceptions. Oxxford had a special book of Guabello fabrics and also had an elaborate wooden chest of Moxon Super 180s fabrics. Most of Oxxford's fabrics are simply labeled, for example, "Super 110s, woven in Scotland." Remember that Dormeuil is a fabric merchant, not a weaver. I believe that Dormeuil sources the majority of its fabrics from the UK. You may want to look among actual...
I may be studying French, but my pronunciation skills have a long way to go. Having studied Italian for two years and studying German concurrently with French complicates things somewhat. Therefore I am unqualified to comment on the nuances of how to pronounce "Dormeuil." I first visited Switzerland a few years ago, and visited again recently. It seemed to me that a good number of Swiss are equally fluent in (Swiss) German, French, Italian and English. How nice it must be...
and not dore-mule as many would think.
Does Liste Rouge make its test shirts from muslin?
I find LAGuy's posts to be very candid and, perhaps as a result, very amusing and a joy to read.  
Good work, Foxx.
Fairly recently I saw a custom shirt that was 100% sewn by hand. When I say 100% sewn by hand, I mean that literally every single stitch, from both rows of stitching on each side seam, to the bottom hem, to the buttonholes, to the collar topstitching was sewn by a man with a needle and thread. The stitching was so fine and so "regular" that I had to look twice before I realized that it was in fact done by hand. In no part of the operation was a sewing machine involved. It...
Menage a trois? I asked my professor about this (the origin) yesterday in class. Then again, during my freshman year of high school I asked my health teacher about douches, and during my sophomore year of high school I asked my english teacher about pimps.
I was taking a look at the Hart Schaffner Marx web site. http://www.hartschaffnermarx.com/our_apparel.php I haven't taken a look at their garments for some time now. My father has some pants by them, and he really likes them. Anyway, Coppley is part of HartMarx. Are HartMarx's highest-end garments made in Chicago, or are they made by Coppley or another HartMarx subsidiary in Canada? Is their Chicago site just the corporate headquarters, or does some production actually...
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