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Hunt & Winterbotham still exists as part of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds.  Sadly, HFW seems to be in some kind of trouble and is up for sale.  The fabric merchants J & J Minnis and John G. Hardy are part of HFW, as is Martin & Sons, one of the mills which weaves Escorial. Hopefully HFW, like Holland & Sherry, will not be folded into the Individualized Apparel Group.
On the flip side, as FIHTies said, you do have to be careful with the customer who demands a free replacement because of something stupid he did, or something accidental which was not in any way due to a defect of the product.
Maybe inform your customers ahead of time that using aluminum-based anti-perspirants tends to leave (possibly permanent) underarm stains? Alex Kabbaz may know some way of removing underarm stains - he has been making shirts for quite some time now. Alex, I swear I'm not calling you old.
One could maybe use the same deodorant/anti-persperant without causing underarm stains if he allows it to dry fully before putting on his undershirt and then his shirt. Maybe drying takes a little time, so get up a few minutes earlier and budget the precious little time you have before you have to get to work.
Maybe you could shed a little light on this, Alex, and verify or correct as necessary what I am writing: The Individualized Apparel Group owns Skip Gambert. L. Gambert is a separate company owned by other members of the Gambert family. Harold Denhof left Mortimer Levitt's first factory to start Denhof Shirts in Connecticut.  Denhof's cutter left Denhof shirts to return to New Jersey and open a facility of his own....
Apparently Perry Ercolino no longer goes to New York regularly and works out of his place in Doylestown. Mr.Ercolino used to meet clients at Leonard Logsdail's shop.
I have no personal experience...but judging from the posts of some of those who do, the Tom James reps are salespeople, and just that. There's nothing with being a salesperson, but ultimately you may find that if/when something goes wrong, getting it fixed by them may be a frustrating experience. Sure, they'll be all smiles before/when you place an order, but... So unless you're truly that short of time wiggle yourself out of buying from Tom James and go to a tailor or MTM...
Is the Custom Shop's NJ factory still operating?
Good point, Alex. It makes sense that little differences like a horizintal bottom buttonhole on the center front would make more of a difference on RTW shirts meant to fit the general population than on any true custom shirt. As usual Spencer Hays/Individualized made an attempt to buy. So the latest incarnation(refer to top article) of The Custom Shop has failed as well?
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