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Anyone have experience with this stuff - another natural deodorant? http://www.thecrystal.com
Anto is Sepetjian - Anto Sepetjian.  Jack and Ken are Anto's sons. Over the years Anto bought Nat Wise and Jack Varney.
You're right, Thracozaag, that the Royal Collection is very nice. I think that shirts made from Royal Collection fabrics approach $500.
Manton's right. Only the NYC(and maybe West Palm Beach) Borrelli boutique has a minimum MTM order of 6 shirts. I think that through other Borrelli retailers(e.g. Saks) you should be able to order MTM with no minimum.
Steve: I think that someone noted that even the RTW shirts at the Borrelli boutique are cut somewhat slimmer.
No experience with the man. Don't know of quality, but some time back someone posted on AA that when he was on vacation in Florida he was able to get an appointment with Mark Lingley since Lingley was also in Florida on vacation. Apparently Lingley told him that business was going through a tough time and even threw in some ties, gratis. So overall the customer seemed happy.
I would like to see this movie. On a somewhat related note(potential draft), is a torn ACL likely adequate reason not to be drafted?
Alias: perhaps some brass knuckles to go with the brass buckles?
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