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That would cause apoplexy on the shoe porn threads... In fact, I'm not sure I shouldn't be speechless myself.
I have to say- that belt you had made up by Equus is wonderful- as are all of the British Racing Green belts I've seen made up by Equus. Here is Equus' Lined and Raised in British Racing Green. A prototype lighter weight Equus Lined and Raised in British Racing Green. Here is your green-black leather, in a Equus' Lined and Raised: Very, very nice looking belts.
Off the subject, but what good thread isn't always off the topic..The old cloth is absolutely lovely.The older cloth on the left appeals to me more than the generic-looking cloth on the right.There is a thread of thought out there that cloth makers drove towards technical perfection at the cost of aesthetic appeal.Here's a long quote from Bud Strickland of Cone Mills (taken from Loomstate), making that point:The clothmakers use a computerized system to program the...
Now there's a rule to live by....
For posterity.
[[SPOILER]]I'm way behind, but loving it. This is great- I'm learning things on SF/MC again. Thanks for writing, Manton.
Some make the place better by lifting us to a more elegant place...Some make it better by being crass, loud, and right on.When we have both, the place is really special. When we have neither.. I go read the blogs.
I'm in.
I've succumbed. Eau d'Hermes is my new favorite scent. Despite the fact that I'm wearing Terre dHermes today. I just keep wishing I was wishing I was wearing Eau d'Hemes.
I -think- I love it. I'm into day three of descent into Hermes Eau D'Hermes...It's just really odd coming out of a shower all fresh and clean, and spraying on strong, wet sweaty saddle. Sort of seems to defeat the purpose.An hour later, though, I'm really liking it.
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