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[[SPOILER]] I am so confused, why do these guidis have hair? is that normal? wouldn't it block your foot/be unbearably hot?
I think ya'll both have some good points. I think there is something to be said for the different in variety between CM and SW&D, and that there's nothing wrong with *hoping* that Stitchy will dress in a way that sw&d would find more interesting. But I also think (for once) that moo is right and the CM guys dress the way they do for perfectly valid reasons, and just because CM maybe values experimentation and weirdness less doesn't mean there isn't value in pursuing it. I...
this is hilarious most high end jeans have 36 or 37 inch inseams standard. As it is I think it's bullshit apc doesn't do the same, a 34 is barely long enough to go down to my feet.
That's awesome ATG
[[SPOILER]] I'm hoping that this doesn't start an argument, I don't want to be responsible for stoking the flames. Here's a shitty fitpic just in case it does so this comment is completely worthless. [[SPOILER]]
Would the measurements for a BCDR be the same as the measurements for a 2010 dr? or would the BCDR be longer?
Wonderful. I love how the lamb get's matte with time.
I like Tony's jacket a lot actually   When do you guys think I'll be able to tell if my jacket was in this batch or not?    Even though it's a late june order, I'm hoping not.
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