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So the tumblr says the standard lining for the T1 is sateen, is that accurate? was it originally the herringbone cotton, or was that a special order by synthese?
nah, rubber sole. Wedge sole ones look too round to me, although they're probably more comfortable Not often, but it shouldn't be an insult. I understand that it is, and I have no problem with Bortelli assuming that dishy meant it as an insult, since it's used that way so often. But I do have a problem with it being an insult.
Borrowed girlfriend's phone:   [[SPOILER]]
implying that "Gay" is insulting
http://chilljin.tumblr.com/ has some cool a2 pics. He's posted on styleforum in the past, but infrequently.
well, it's a relatively minor difference, but it would be more accurate to say "They said it would probably take about 15 minutes to make, but it ended up being more like 35"   wait is worth it   Loose button on the T1 was a really easy fix, didn't even use a needle
I'll try to borrow one of my dad's cameras next time I visit him.   They are chelseas, yeah
  ToJ / APC / CP
  copped synthese's old T1 off grailed, just arrived today. I was worried about the shoulder not fitting properly since it's .3" wider than the 2010 dr I'm waiting for, which has shoulder measurements an inch and a half wider than my body measurements...but it fits perfectly. Only complaint is that the mid section is a little wide for me, but with a jacket like this that's not a big deal.  A button is loose (which synth warned me about), does anyone know how I'd go about...
latest 2010 dr pic in the gallery is a 2013 dr
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