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I think it happens whenever the seasons change. There's a lot more temperature variety, so there's going to be a variety in fits to match.   Also, everyone who bought sick winter clothes over the summer are finally able to take them out of the closet and be inventive again.
x-post:synthese's T1 again
I really like this. It's not really pushing any boundaries, there's aren't fashion-nerd levels of construction quality. You just look like a normal guy in comfortable clothes that fit you well, and there's something very endearing about that.
haha yeah, that's true. On the other hand those pants are old navy, have a pretty cool wrinkle effect, and cost 5 bucks
new RO double layer shirt It's really amazing. Makes me want to wear Rick everything. Makes me never want to touch an old navy tee again.    [[SPOILER]]
common projects x robert geller combat boot from 2010   was selling for 400, offered 250 like a jerk, but the buyerseller accepted almost immediately. I was worried about the color but after some research it turns out these are exactly the ones I wanted. These are size 42, if they don't fit there's also a size 41 in black on grailed, so it's nice to know I can fall back on that.   A RO tee that I bought a week ago has been stuck in customs :/
98,000 + 640 = 98,640
what season is that julius tee from? does it have a specific name that you know of?
wow there's not many people with 2010 dr orders
Come on, be serious now. If he came in here and kissed ass people would just find something else to whine about. Maybe it's better that he's stayed removed as this thread went to shit.   Also, what is he going to say that he hasn't said already? "jackets are still being made *by hand*, I would think that I know how long it'll take, but obviously it's been proved very hard to make estimates"?   Every time he's given estimates it's just made people more pissed off when...
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