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Perfect! Really nice. I'm not a big fan of watch movement cufflinks, but these are truly beautiful.Some may think this look it's only a question of money, but that Universal Genève itself shows it's all about taste.Congratulations.
Beige never fails.Light grey or lighter brown, as you have already been advised, would look great .Even light forest green would work fine too.
I like the combination of color and patterns. Really. It seems easier than it is.If I had to change something, it would probably be the tie. Maybe a little bit too much Prince of Wales pattern: jacket+tie. Anyway, it works as it is.The detail of jacket, cardigan and shirt sleeves' length is fantastic.There is something about the jacket that makes it look much better (way much better) when unbuttoned.I especially like, the pocket square, the cardigan and the scarf.
Ok, here it goes: sad, too sad. That's my opinion looking at the first picture.Brown everywhere except for the tie (different tones but same sadness). The shirt cannot fight everything else just by having a more vivid color.Anyway, a stiff collar would have improve the look quite much.Add a slim fit on the jacket, a purple silk tie with white polka dots, a white pocket square and a smile,... now you're done.Of course, do not take me seriously, you have your tastes I have...
There's the reason I used quotes. It's not exactly "following a rule" it's just about doing something different to what's supposed to be the best option.It cannot be seen on the pic, but I like the way the tie can be seen going around the collar when using an extreme cutaway one. For that matter, a slim knot shows more of the sides of the tie on the collar. That was my intention: finding a new look out of the ordinary.
Nice look. I especially like the shoes.
 Yes, it's not a common shirt, but I wanted one with horizontal stripes and I like it. I'm not a big fun of the white cuffs, but I found this shirt before I found a good shirtmaker.I agree, with the quality of the picture.  Thank you for the welcome. I don't always wear three pieces suits, it depends on the occasion. I do believe that if I had "followed the rules" I should have chosen a Half Windsor Knot, but I did not felt in the mood to follow all the rules. Concerning...
Ok, here's my first look on SF:  
Not goodyear welted???? they will disintegrate in 10, 9, 8, ....
Nice to meet you...both
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