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Too hot for wearing in the summer?
What RW model is this?  It doesn't say on the Nordstrom site.
Just picked a new K Racer leather jacket but find the front zipper a little "stiff" and tricky to unzip.  Will it improve with break in or I need to lube it up?  What's a good lube for Belstaff zipper?  Thanks!
I bought a bomber jacket.  I noticed some fuzz balls around the collar and the cuffs where the skin rubs after trying it on a couple of times.  Is this normal as I've heard even some expensive jackets do this?
Do you tuck your pants into the boots? I'm in SoCal and an urban dweller.  Is 875 a more practical choice?
I'm 5'7".  Is 877 too tall for my height?  McQueen was only 5'9"ish.  
I'd go with M for slim fit or L for regular fit or if you are going to wear a thick sweater inside.
I'm looking for a suede bomber similar to this one.  Is it a deal breaker if I see some minor signs of fuzz balls inside the wool collar and inside the wool cuffs where the skin rubs on the floor sample?  
Any thoughts on this Belstaff K Racer jacket for $600 new on sale?  Is this "cadet blue" an ugly color?  
I have a pair of pinstripe dress pants with leg openings that are a bit too wide for my taste.  Is it possible to get them tapered at a tailor or they are not going to come out right with the pinstripes?  Thanks.
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