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Any thoughts on double monk strap dress shoes, especially in tan?  Are they too much of an oddball these days and you need a lot of confidence to pull it off?  Can I wear them with dressy jeans for smart casual?
Any thoughts on Wolverine Montague chelsea boots?  Are they worth the asking price?
I have this raw denim selvedge trucker jacket.  The fit is perfect except the sleeves are super long to the point that they cover up my entire hands.  I'm 5'7" and athletic built.  Is it OK to cuff the sleeves (2x turns) or cuffs are for taller guys only like pants?  Is it difficult to get the denim jacket sleeves tailored?  The model in the pictures is 6'2" and I'm wearing the same size as him.     
Are LVC Levi's jeans worth the asking price of almost $300 a pop?  Is there any better made raw selvedge jeans at this price range?
What's the best bang for the $ chelsea boots in brown leather or suede with leather sole and at least 1.25" heels?  Thanks!
Dress shoes question:   Is there any unofficial "hierarchy" of classic men's dress shoes (oxford, derby, etc.) starting from the dressiest to the least dressy that you can pair them with dressy jeans?
Looking for a good quality cardigan like Steve McQueen's under $100.  Any recommendation?  
Are most raw denim jeans unsanforized?  Is there any easy way to find out whether the denim is sanforized or unsanforized just by looking at it?  If the description says "true to fit", does it mean it's sanforized and you should just buy your normal size and expect little to no shrinkage after soaking?
Does anyone have experience with 3x1 NYC raw selvedge jeans?  Is it a good deal if you can find it for $90 on sale?
The Baracuta G9 is now available at Nordstrom if you want to check it out.   http://shop.nordstrom.com/sr?origin=keywordsearch&contextualcategoryid=60133919&keyword=g9
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