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Where's the best place to try out and buy LVC jean in SoCal?
Is Unbranded Brand jean the best bang for the $ for raw selvedge denim?  They go for $82 a pair at Nordstrom.
LVC noob here.   Never owned a pair of raw denim or STF.  Which vintage model is best for those who workout and have big muscular thighs?  The modern 501 is too slim fitting for me.  Even the relaxed fit modern 569 feels "tight" for me around the thighs and not very comfortable.   Any suggestion?  Thanks!
I saw the blue lens (S3) at a Sunglass Hut.  It looks hideous in person.  I doubt anyone can pull that off without looking like a complete tool.
Does anyone know what jacket is this and where can I get one?  Thanks!  
Is there any style rule against the lower edge of a sunglasses frame touching your cheeks or it depends?  Thanks!
Does anyone know the Persol sunglasses model that Marcello Mastroianni wore in "La Dolce Vita"?  Thanks!  
Any vintage Persol expert here?
What exactly is "Persol Ratti"?  Is it just a nickname to describe anything vintage Persol?  I know Ratti is the last name of the founder of the company.  Thanks!
Any idea?  Persol?  Thanks!  
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