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I hate to take my sunglasses on and off if I have to go from indoor to outdoor or vice versa frequently.  Do photochromic sunglasses work as advertised and they look just like slightly tinted eyeglasses indoor?  If so, which brand is best and you can really notice the transition in the lenses?
 Montgomery looks like this.  The boots in question have unusual stitching on the sides. 
What Wolverine 1000 Mile model are these?  They look less chunky and more stylish.  Thanks!    
Where can I buy a 27MW Steve McQueen these days in the US other than waiting for one to show up on eBay?
Any thoughts on Cult Of Individuality denim brand?  Is it worth the asking price in general?  Thanks!
 How much does he charge for a job like this?
I just bought this new selvedge denim jacket.  The denim is from the Kurabo Mill, Japan.  I noticed there's some fraying around the buttonholes already after buttoning and unbutton just once or twice.  Is this normal or even desirable from an aging standpoint?  Should I trim off the fraying with scissors or just leave it alone?  Thanks!  
My waist 31-32", front rise 11-12".
Bumping this old thread.  Any current jeans that fit 25-26" quads?
What are the skin tone/hair color rules for menswear?
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