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 How much does he charge for a job like this?
I just bought this new selvedge denim jacket.  The denim is from the Kurabo Mill, Japan.  I noticed there's some fraying around the buttonholes already after buttoning and unbutton just once or twice.  Is this normal or even desirable from an aging standpoint?  Should I trim off the fraying with scissors or just leave it alone?  Thanks!  
My waist 31-32", front rise 11-12".
Bumping this old thread.  Any current jeans that fit 25-26" quads?
What are the skin tone/hair color rules for menswear?
Where can I buy decent suits with functional jacket cuff buttons without breaking the bank?  What's the minimum I should expect to spend to have these?  Thanks!
Speaking of non-Luxxotica sunglasses, does anyone have experience with Randolph Engineering aviators?
Are there any wholecut shoes suitable for pairing with smart casual jeans?
  Is black even better than navy or it looks a bit too serious like going to a funeral?  I'm in SoCal if that makes a difference.  Thanks! 
What do you think about this suit for job interview?  It's made by Hugo Boss.  The fabric is "sharkskin" with some sheen to it.  Is this slightly glossy fabric appropriate for an interview suit?  Thanks!    
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