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Does anyone know what Barbour shirt is this (dark blue with white polka dots)?  
What should be the proper "fitted" length of the International or other similar style belted Barbour biker jacket?  Should the hem end just before the lower buttocks like a suit jacket or else it's too long?
Are the HF suits from STP any good?
Saw this HF suit at the Rack for $599.  Original retail is $1495.  It has a square yellow label that says "Hickey Freeman New York Est. 1899".  Is this good stuff?
Are you zipped up all the time with the belt or you just wear it unzipped and let the belt hang loose?
If your biker jacket comes with a belt, do you usually wear it with or without the belt?  
Is it normal for Barbour waxed cotton jacket to trap moisture?  I tried on one indoor.  It made me sweat already after a couple of minute.  It became so uncomfortable like sitting in a sauna I had to take it off.
No, I don't ride.  I'm just in it for the style.
Are you saying take the waist in from the center back seam is the easiest and cheapest way to go or just as expensive?
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