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Just picked up this Belstaff racer jacket.  I'm not sure if the sleeves are too long.  What's your take on the proper sleeve length as I've seen different fitting pictures of this particular jacket?  My current sleeve length is like the last pic (pic 3) where it ends at the base of thumb/palm attachment area.  Should I get it tailored?  
Just came back from Barneys Outlet and found this Barneys house brand jacket.  The leather is paper thin and supple.  It's a bit plain but that makes it very versatile.  You can pretty much wear it everyday and no one will even notice "it's that jacket again".  I tried on the size M and the fit was decent.  I wanted to try size S for a more fitted look but they didn't have it in stock.  Do you think this jacket is worth the $400 asking price?  It's made in China.  Is this...
I did already.  This Schott Cafe Racer arrived the other day but I didn't like it one bit.  Way too thick and heavy.  I'm returning it. 
So what brand uses RiRi?  I've never seen this zipper in person before.  When a jacket features RiRi, does it automatically mean it's a high quality jacket?
What's the least expensive leather jacket brand that uses RiRi zipper?  Is the hype of this zipper justified?
Is it necessary to keep the corduroy collar from getting wet when it rains?  I'm concerned the rain will ruin its soft texture over time.  Thanks!  
Does anyone have experience with Matchless leather jackets?  How's the quality compared to Belstaff?  Where can I buy them in the US?
Yes, I went to the other stores but they didn't have what I'm looking for.
Has anyone bought anything from Nordstrom Rack online and experienced shipping delay this past week?  I'm wondering if they are really having some shipping issues at the warehouse or CSR just handed me a line as my orders have been sitting there for a week in the queue already.
 It was the Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza that I went to the other day.  There was nothing there surprisingly.  Just a couple of passable black leather jackets and that was it.
New Posts  All Forums: