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How can you get the wax to look super blotchy like this to the point of looking faded and distressed?  
Try eBay.
Barbour International "Duke" jacket fitting question:   I'm torn between size Small and Medium.  I'm 5'7" athletic built (lift weights).  Small looks better (slim fit) but feels very snug around the shoulders and chest areas to the point of slight restriction of my arm movement.  Medium is more comfortable (regular fit) but has too much billowing to my liking.  I plan to just wear a T-shirt under it (mild SoCal weather).  Which is the way to go? ...
I don't think the 2943 is readily available in the US.
I have this jacket.  Is it OK to wear this color during fall and winter (40-70F) in SoCal?
I just received a pair of RW boots from STP.  I don't see any hole or special marking on the tongue.  What else do I need to look for to tell if they are "seconds" or not?  Thanks.
Does anyone have a pair of 9016 Beckman "Cigar"?  I find the color a bit too orangy in person.  Will mink oil darken it to a darker brown color?  Will this leather give crazy patina over time?  Thanks.  
Am I the only one who thinks the toes look collapsed already?
I tried on the jacket again.  Lo and behold the sleeve ends exactly at the base of my thumb.  So it's the perfect fit.  I thought the sleeve is meant to end at the wrist bone or maybe half an inch longer but no more. Thanks guys!  
The product description says it's lambskin leather.  It's super soft and almost paper thin.
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