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Do 877s run narrow?
What RW model are these?  Thanks.  
Any opinion on this International Saddler leather jacket?  It's made in Pakistan.  Is it worth ~$500?  Thanks.  
Just in time for the summer... "guaranteed uncomfortable or your money back."  https://tateandyoko.com/products/naked-famous-weird-guy-super-heavyweight-32oz-selvedge-indigo
I'm 5'7".  Where can I buy shorter length (~25") and shorter sleeves T shirts from a mainstream store?  Thanks.
What shoes are these?  Thanks.      
What should be the length of a properly fitted denim jacket?  Is it too long if it covers up the belt?
Can a regular cotton T-shirt be hemmed shorter if I find it an inch or two too long in length (short guy) but the rest of it fits like a glove?  Or it's not going to come out right unless it's done at the factory?   Thanks.
Do these boots look more summer friendly?  
I have an International A225 Scrambler beeswax jacket with sleeves that are too long.  I want to get it tailored.  Can any tailor handle this alteration job or it must be sent back to Barbour USA?  The cuffs are just plain ones and don't have any side opening or button.  Thanks.  
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