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Just found this thread.  Which cheaper alternative in the US would you recommend with the red tartan?  The original G9 costs an arm and a leg and I think it's overpriced..
Looking for a conservative looking, light weight summer suit suitable for conservative fields like banking, law, etc.  What fabric and color work best?  Do you think a darker color looks too hot in the summer even though it looks more conservative and professional?
What's the best Steve McQueen style reference book out there if you can get only just one?
I'm looking for an interview suit for the summer.  What material should I look for so I know it's a lighter weight summer friendly fabric if I'm buying it online?
Is it a big no-no to wear a double breasted suit for a job interview unless you are interviewing for the head honcho position?
Checking out this Hugo Boss suit.  I noticed it's made in USA.  Is it a real Hugo Boss suit or a "rebadged" suit from a supplier?  Also, what does it have to do with Pasolini, the late Italian film director?   http://www.hugoboss.com/us/boss-pasolini-movie-classic-fit-virgin-wool-suit/hbna50229482.html
Which LVC 501 model is most suitable for people with athletic big thighs and butt without going all the way to relaxed, baggy fit?  Where's the best place to buy LVC online with liberal return policy?  I want to try out different sizes for best fit without getting the pressure from salespeople in a store.  Thanks.
Nike Air Vortex Vintage  
I workout regularly and have an athletic physique.  I have big muscular thighs and butt from squatting.  What jeans should I consider because 99% of the jeans out there these days are made for skinny hipster guys.  I even find the new Levi's 641 athletic fit a bit tight around my thighs.  I don't care for the baggy, relaxed fit jeans.  FYI, here are some measurements I took on a very old pair of jeans that fit OK using the Blue Owl measuring method:   Front Rise:...
Is it OK to wear dress shoes with jeans for smart casual?  Some say it's a big no-no to wear dress shoes with jeans.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!
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