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I tried on the jacket again.  Lo and behold the sleeve ends exactly at the base of my thumb.  So it's the perfect fit.  I thought the sleeve is meant to end at the wrist bone or maybe half an inch longer but no more. Thanks guys!  
The product description says it's lambskin leather.  It's super soft and almost paper thin.
Anyone? Do you think this medium heat iron over a soft towel trick will fix those hanger bumps? http://www.leatherrepaircompany.com/question/leather-jacket-small-bumps-shoulder-hanger-way-get-rid-will-eventually-disappear-wear/
Just picked up this Belstaff jacket on clearance.  Everything fits, except the sleeves run a little long.  I need them shortened around 3 inches for perfect fit.  Can any tailor handle this kind of alteration?   Also, some idiot at the store put the jacket on a flimsy plastic hanger for too long.  The leather developed minor "hanger nipples" on the shoulders.  How do I fix them?  Will the leather stretch itself back to shape with a proper hanger or from wearing it...
For Montague, I recommend TTS or half a size down at most as the toe box runs narrow.
What's your opinion on these Belstaff boots for $250 new?  
I like this light colored suede bomber but not the price.  Does anyone know any good alternative?  Thanks.   http://www.toddsnyder.com/collections/sale/products/tobacco-nubuck-pottery-goatsuese-baseball  
Seems like blue-ish leather jackets are all the rage here.
Any thoughts on this Schott Perfecto P262 A-2 suede jacket?  Too orangy?    
I just bought a new K Racer jacket.  The 2 way zipper is very finicky and takes some practice.  It feels substantial but not smooth.  I'm wondering if it needs time to break in.
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