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Nice jacket but I can do away without these tacky patches.
You CANNOT win PayPal CC SNAD chargeback.  The bank will almost guarantee to side with the buyer and you end up losing the money AND the item.  I just learned it the hard way.
Where can I buy RRL stuff without paying full retail?  The RL site and Stag are sold out on most sale items.
Stag cancelled some RRL sale items on my order due to "inventory shortage".  What BS is this?
Any experience fighting PP CC chargeback for SNAD?  I just lost a case over buyer's remorse.  The buyer made up some BS excuse to try to force a return.  I won the eBay case and then he proceeded to CC chargeback.  The bank obviously sided with the buyer.  Now I'm out of the money and the item.  Any advice?
How does the RW fit guarantee work?  Does it only apply to boots bought directly from RW?   I'm breaking in my 1907 at the moment.  The heels are slipping on every step.  I normally wear 8 1/2.  I only went 1/2 size down (8) and wondering if I should go 1 full size down (7 1/2).  I read here you should go for the tightest fit possible OOTB.
What's your opinion on this distressed denim shirt?  Too over the top?  
No, I don't wear SLP or RRL.  I need more room for my thighs.  I just like the wash.
I really like the wash of this distressed SLP jeans.  It has a warmer yellowish hue to it.  Is there any cheaper alternative?  Thanks!  
Which leather conditioner is best for RW leather before first wear without darkening it?
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