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But there are pics of other colors in different angles and shots. I just can't believe that's the only pic of the grey body. The rest of the pics are of either the all black or some other random color.
Damn did not mean to derail the thread. I did do my HW when I ask my next question though. They offer the TOJ0 with a grey body, now what does the grey actually look like? Here is a link to the only pic I could find in their gallery. I also emailed them and the redirected me to their gallery for pics.       Essentially I'd like to pick between an all black or grey body/ black sleeved TOJ0.
my bad. Just first time ordering something custom made. So I have my concerns.
Im thinking of just giving them my body measurements. How do you got about altering the length of both the jacket and sleeves? Just tell them to take off a little?
Great. Appreciate it! 
Hey everyone I' new to SF. I know its frowned upon to ask a question that can be answered by going back a few pages (which I have) but how does payment for a TOJ jacket work?
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