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Of course, just an easily graspable example. Comparing everyday sadness with debilitating depression from people who have no suicidal tendencies would also be bad, but that's something that most people seem to not grasp. "They are just sad, just need to buckle up and stop moping" etc etc, as I assume you're familiar. It's unfortunate but without using specifically tangible and graphic results (ie. suicide) it's hard to explain to people how serious the issues can be.
"OCD" tendencies should not be called "OCD tendencies" is what I mean because OCD is a very specific situation, especially when there are English words that mean the same thing, ie "being neurotic". I agree with those things being worse, but I think yeah, hyperactive is a perfectly fine word and doesn't trivialize actual conditions. Being neurotic, obsessive, hyperactive, all perfectly reasonable description, it's when you take a very specific part of the spectrum and make...
I've become in love with 3 roll 2.5. I am tempted to get all solids in the future in it. Is there such a thing as 3r2.75 or something where it looks less weird when you button the top button?   Also attention deficiency is a spectrum, so saying you had adhd unless you really have it is a bit inaccurate and problematic even if you have neuroticism or show traits of it. Like if you're a little bit unhappy, you wouldn't call yourself chronically or depressed and compare...
 I just sewed on braces buttons on a pair of trousers and I'm now changing my blazer buttons to the MoP Inlays I showed earlier. I'd show you guys the jacket but I'm pretty sure you'll hate this RTW piece of crap. Undeniably, though, the buttons will at least improve it from awful to awful but at least has cool looking buttons.
Hey, anyone got guide/page/site recommendation on learning how to do your own alterations and sewing and stuff?
        Panda panda panda panda
What's the eBay link? How much did they charge for it?
Where do you live? MTM might be the best as it's hard to get bespoke at the cheaper price points unless you can go to somewhere in Asia or something.
I just mean the fabric not the cut. I kind of like it in a darker gray.
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