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I think I'm going to try get a jacket made by luxire. My partner wears like an xxxs so.... not many options. I'm going to send in a bespoke suit jacket to get the measurements, but I assume CM and SWD stuff don't fit the same, any ideas on what I should do to try get the best fit? Will probably get a canvas trial at some point to make sure it fits well.
I'm tempted to try, but I go around looking at pictures of people wearing them and they usually look terrible, not that that's not true with most things, but I still feel moreso with a peacoat. It just strikes me a bit like a formless blob a little, and the details, lapel roll, etc, feels like it will not be noticable from any real distance due to how dark it is. The luxire one looks quite good, is it well received here?
I had a fox one made that I liked, but I think it's somewhat heavier.
It doesn't strike me rugged like waxed jackets or tweed and so on do. Seems just kinda puffy/boxy. Also ha... ha?
I'm only posting that because I feel like I can be won over if someone can explain to me the beauty of it and what not. I do get that it's practical, but I think that's one advantage out of many disadvantages.
The luxire peacoat looks really good... on a hanger. Can someone explain to me what it is about a peacoat that is good? It's like some kind of suboptimal compromise between a trenchcoat and a db blazer, both being things I love and prefer. It just makes the body look puffy like a wonton, whereas a trench gives flow (and can be tied to give it more shape, and a db is very sharp/dressy and often tailored in. Would be nice if someone can explain it to me.
I've always really loved your stuff. Pray tell, what's your price range for MTM and Bespoke right now? I'm coming by NY and might just about tempt myself into getting something.
Wow, real.
I don't like those jeans. I think Blazers can work well with white jeans, though then again you might as well go for white chinos then. Lighter SCs than that go well for denim. This has too much structure.
Re loakes Chelseas, I got a seconds pair of Bayswater and I like it a lot. Comfy, easy to put on, and held up well.
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