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Do you have any dot fabrics, or some more casual checks and plaids?
I've looked up some old topics on this, but most of them has very few posters and opinions on them, which is strange since presumably most of us wear shirts and those of us who customize our shirts or have choices open to us will at some point make decisions on which kind to wear.   For me I'm planning to make a dozen or so shirts and am not sure which cuffs to use, though I've had both. Specifically I'm considering them for my barrel cuffs, I think I'd far prefer square...
I liked Kulata's outfit so much I went back a few pages just so I could like it. I'm very lazy so it's a significant commitment.
I have to be honest I haven't worn them too much but it's mostly because the fabric I chose is not very versatile. It fits better but honestly I can't say that I feel the improvement is worth the extra cost. I'm very happy with the 350-550 price point.
Why do people want 100% for their socks I don't really understand.
I use Jantzen and Moda Republic. I like the pricepoint. I think it's good value. I've got two shirts from WW Chan but can't really offer any useful insight in comparison to other makers. I have had good experience with Jantzen and Moda.
I've used HJ Hall soft tops for half a year. No regrets, don't need to replace them yet, would recommend though I haven't tried other brands. I hand wash them in the shower and just let them dry, and in winter I can get a few wears before I need to wash them if I don't wear them for too long. I imagine if you machine wash they might need replacing sooner. I have a good variety of solids. I'd check them out.
I looked at some pictures and thought the turnback cuffs aren't actually that noticable, I guess it depends on how I have it down but I thought it  is mildly subtle.   I wasn't planning to get it extremely roped, just so the shoulder has a clean line, which I prefer, and I think I want it on most my suits not just my DB anyway so I don't think it's a huge deal. I'll talk to the tailor and see if I can try turned back cuffs and have it removed if I don't like it first....
As a blazer, yes. You sound like it's outrageous. Maybe it is, but I'm pretty set on it. Am planning to use this fabric: http://www.dugdalebros.com/online-shop/bunch-140-new-fine-worsted/8976/ planning to use MoPs, quarter lined, and pagoda shoulders. I think it'd look pretty good with off-white trousers for spring/summer.
As mentioned before I'm about to have some plain light weight double breasted blazer and blazer suits made in light solids (burgundy, French blue) and was considering adding turnup cuffs on the jacket sleeve, what do you guys think? I think the jackets will mostly be worn in a semi casual outfit anyway, as I plan to pair them with light trousers (offwhite jeans or slacks, tan linen) and wear them for summer/spring, and I'm going to get them quarter lined, so I think the...
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