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Re loakes Chelseas, I got a seconds pair of Bayswater and I like it a lot. Comfy, easy to put on, and held up well.
I've enjoyed ordering and communicating with Dugdale.
Thanks, any more opinions?
I'm getting a linen coat made, and I want it quite light. Do people ever get the sleeves unlined/self lined, or is that impractical?
Looks quite generic/conservative, but Id venture to guss it'd be alrigt judging by what I've seen of the related offerings.
I think monks are more on the sharp/dressy side of casual-ish and don't look as good with jeans and sockless. They are better with city-casual fits I think.
What are good sources of shoes for formally dressed women, both in tailored suits/clothing, and tradition womenswear? Just have to go with fashion brands?
I think if you can get a darker pair than both, then I'd get that one and the lighter one, if you just want one, then yeah, the darker pair.
 Thanks (and everyone else too). I personally really liked the juxtaposition between the rugged items/silhouette (the robe thingy, boots) and what is a feminine, exposed, and vulnerable looking piece. I would've liked a less dressy pair of boots, and yeah I don't have many items, but I was thinking something quite chunky and perhaps more, well SWD I guess, but before you said that I was just going to go for shell jumper boots instead of chukkas to emphasize the contrast...
Thanks. I really do appreciate everyone's comments, and like I feel that I've gotten to know SF guys a bunch and I feel like sharing progress is cool even if it's not everyone's cup of tea, that's all. I don't mind negative feedback when I do get it, and I admit I'm not always going to agree to everything or, well, immediately stop trying the things I'm trying, but like, I don't get offended by it, so I hope people don't get offended that I don't listen to everything, and,...
New Posts  All Forums: