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Yeah obviously I can't see sleeve length but it looks pretty good as it is to me.
Very nice suit noodles.
Thank you very much.   If I give my jeans semi regular soaks/hand washing so the grime couldn't really build up could I get away with not really washing them (unless it smells obv, so I'm asking could I keep it from smelling). I manage all my other clothes by hand washing them a lot and they don't smell (just use hotter water or some manual agitation if necessary). I am really not a fan of the washing machine I guess. I imagine it should be fine just denim is a denser...
Oh yeah, I don't use my washing machine for anything, I just hand wash or soak all my clothes. I had assumed you can get away with just soaking and never washing them. That's what I do with my CM clothes, chinos, linen pants, etc. as far as I am concerned unless the stains are really really bad, the only reason to use a washing machine is to save time, and not even much since it's not really that hard to soak something.
Yeah that's what I meant, a soak because it's way too rigid atm.
Right, but in the long term if I just give it a cold soak it won't have too much of a detrimental effect right?
So I keep reading conflicting reports about whether to wash your raw denim. I probably wouldn't wash them that often either way as I probably wear them 1-2 times a week max, so my 6 months is different from other people's 6 months, but is there any conclusive opinion at least on SF on this matter? Seems like lots of people in the denim industry even just say right out the not washing denim thing is basically bs if it's sanforized.
I just got a pair of skinnies, and straight off they are JUST a bit too tight to button the top button, talking about 1-1.5 cm, probably can make it if I try really hard. Is that too tight or reasonable? Aside from rigid behind the knees I can fit in them about okay.   Okay I managed to get the top button done, but not the middle one. Does this sound like a familiar experience with people's new unbranded jeans or is that a bit too small?
Haha, a very good friend of mine is from the netherlands but he just went to tiger of sweden for a suit to my wedding. Very disappointing.    VBC is nice and smooth, good handle, but I do recommend looking into Dugdale if they have it as well for cheap options with more texture (personally anyway). It depends on what you like.
I recommend Simpson Sin too, though I use Dream Bespoke now, which is slightly more expensive.   Where do you two live/work at? That probably should inform your fabric choice. VBC is a nice entry point. I personally like Dugdale Bros if they stock it, quite good value. Make sure armholes not too low, otherwise the tailors should get the other things okay. I'd go for half break, have the trousers above hips. 2 buttons (or 3 roll 2 if they know what that is), notch lapel,...
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