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Confirming my decicion to get a flannel navy chalkstripe.
Dugdale has served me fine. 23~GBP/meter.
I think navy wouldn't go well with otter green, but aside from that I think not matching is better.
Just came back from Uniqlo on Oxford St. Lots of nice stuff my friend picked up from the women's wear section, also feel like Uniqlo has some of the best mannequins for high street stores.   For me I picked up some cheap sale stuff that's pretty good, but besides that I got a nice waffle henley and the denim jacket (don't own an indigo one). No side pockets but otherwise solid and simple, fit looks good. Any thoughts on that? First time they've made a denim jacket I think.
EFV always looks good, but I am not too sure how I feel about head to toe of brown and then a blue jacket, it looks like a wooden pillar got a jacket draped on top of it. That said all the elements themselves look nice and like I said EFV always carries a cool vibe with him so it still looks nice. I would've liked either a much darker shade of brown or like a gray, or textured/patterned waistcoat I feel like.
Thank you for weighing in, I'm keeping all the advice in mind for the future. I'm glad to hear that more people think I'm improving, or at least getting some sense of direction. :)   Like I said I don't usually dress casually, so experimentation happens more slowly for me, but I appreciate your comments.
Uniqlo x Lemaire, Belfast.    
I think it's more that the opening is too small than the length being too short.
I'd put money on Molloy.
A shirt, a sweater, and an sc (occasionally a scarf as well) is hardly too many layers? Seems quite reasonable for 10-15 degrees. I wear an overcoat quite often at those temperatures, sometimes gloves..
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