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At first I thought you were talking about the pattern matching.
Just received my shirt jacket from Moda Republic (inspired by Crompton's), and I'm very happy with it. Will post pictures if I get a chance.
It's my sole source of income, and has been since I was 19, if you include poker related investments, anyway. I've never actually had a job besides poker in my life, so I can't say conclusively, but I think I'm not cut out for most other occupations.   I just received a shirt jacket/safari jacket I had made will probably get a chance to wear it next week when it gets a bit warmer again. 
It is indeed, the jacket looks really good. I wonder how New Kingston compares with Dream, I think the pricing is similar? Dream did just put their prices up.   Still I wanted to make sure poster knew it wasn't 300-350 euros total because that would be an incredible steal.
Haha, hi.   Also sorry for getting a bit carried away =P   I am grateful for poker, if only for the fact that otherwise I wouldn't have occasion or ability to wear all the clothes I want.
Yeah I'm interested what the fabric is as well.   fwiw he said 300-350 CMT, so that's price not including fabric, so the total cost is more I imagine.
Here are my mahogony cornwalls next to newly conditioned and polished aldywch for my friend.      
That's a pretty cool jacket.
Haha, it's basically a vampire job, isn't it, sleeping in the day, stalking prey at night, sucking money from the scum of the earth.  I highly disagree with the sentiment. I think people romantiice poker to the point of claiming some kind of ungodly control over body and mind. No, most poker players even those perform very well are just doofing around picking up easy money by not being absolutely godawful, both in strategic understanding and mental control. Most pros lack...
Don't they have the bayswater?   I just received a pair of Aldwych for my friend's birthday, hope it fits, but I guess if not it'll just have to be a belated present. I never had a pair of those myself so I look forward to having a look.
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