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With the pound crashing I figure it's time to try some British tailors. I'm deciding between Steed MTM and Whitcomb and Shaftesbury classic. Thoughts? My understanding is W&S will be cut by SR cutters while Steed MTM is just measured, so I'm tempted to try W&S for 1.4k vs Steed's £900.
Clags how do you even wear coat and tie? Yeah sand would work but it's basically offwhite still yes I think I might get them just to wear with those colors. Thoughts?
Also: America is hot. But at least I can wear these sunglasses where nobody can recognise me. Unfortunately you will all see how short the jacket was ordered it off jcrew but cbf to return it so here we are.
What do you think of these CJ unlined loafers? I'm thinking of the navy to wear with white/cream trousers almost solely (don't think blue shoes goes well with too much else)
Some casual travel photos while I'm in Amurica. [[SPOILER]]
I'm in LA and is blinded by the shorts socks and sandals. Also I've brought all my casual clothes and still feel way overdressed.
Can you explain more? Is it because it's hopsack or??
I think a tee shirt is valid for sure, or linen crew neck knit, or say a henley.   Of course polos are an option but again I hate them (though I saw a linen one on NMWA that could change my mind).   btw I have a linen shirt very much like that one and yeah I think that'd work too, though I might ditch the tie with a pattern like that. In general I think safari jackets don't generally go well with ties unless you try hard to make it work, like it'd be I think a specific...
Would prefer either darker or lighter trousers. Perhaps I'm not a fan of that kind of jeans, but I think either unwashed denim or more faded or cream linen pents would do better.   The formality dissonance doesn't work for me either. Tie is too formal, as is shirt. I think a white or white linen shirt, or a blue oxford would be good, but lavender (and other pastels) are almost entirely business in a dress shirt context (polos being different but I hate polos), speaking...
I was and am going to make a 2 piece out of this with plans of wearing the jacket as a blazer.   http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/916/directors-cut/navy-stripe-hopsack   I'm gonna take Claghorn's posts as a go-ahead. ty
New Posts  All Forums: