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EFV is a good example of someone who wears very high wasited pleated trousers without looking old. I use his pictures actually, as a demonstration when people speak of pleats and high waisted trousers as "old looking" and so far everyone concedes that it doesn't look old fashioned.   Anyway there's nothing wrong with looking "old" per se, anyway, I think the "grandpa" look is just someone who's body shape has changed since their more robust years and stuff generally...
That's the one I use too, but I wouldn't put it in a jacket pocket.
I like stripe shirts like that sometimes.   Anyway quick one, thoughts on the following for a shirt to wear with tweed jackets?     I had a brown/green gingham in mind but my tailor sent me picture of some different ones instead. I think I'm going to pass, but I do sorely lack gingham. As Sugarbutch pointed out, stripes don't work that well with tweed, but sometimes I really just don't think a solid shirt is good.
  rly like this scarf a lot a lot.
 I think those would look great, tbh. 
I might order from them next, but I just ordered 6 from hober, so maybe another time. I do really like the one brown rough silk I got off an SFer here though.
I much prefer the knot I have on the one Vanda tie I have comapred to the Hober Grossa Grenadines. Should I change a specific construction, is it the nature of rough silk vs grenadine grossa, or a Vanda vs Hober interlining construction thing? The hober is good, but the knot feels a bit too clunky to me, whereas the vanda has, hmm, more dimensionality as they say? idk.   I WANT...
 Thank you. It's raglan, and so far the tweediness and loose structure gives it a bit more flexibility worn either as overcoat or on its own, so I find it quite versatile.
Kent Wang is probably a price/quality tier over suit supply, and I imagine he brought it up because you were showing interest in spending more per suit. For the its price tier, suit supply is a very solid choice. Kent Wang is also one of the preferred brands of its price bracket on styleforum. Also, if you do not plan on wearing a tie, you might consider wearing odd jackets and trousers instead of suits instead or as well.
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