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What's wrong with coats for slim builds? Try a trenchcoat (in wool for warmth).
Blue Flannel would be nice, yes.
I'd use Uniqlo and Luxire. You must not confuse nice guy with "Nice Guy". The latter is someone who thinks he's nice and is in reality a self pitying, bitter, self righteous, and self obsessed fool. Be wary of the whole "I'm not like other guys" thing it rings alarm bells for people. Let actions speak. Not meant to criticise you just alerting you to the fact of how some would associate with the way you phrase things.
Your post has a really strong hipster/NiceGuy vibe, lol. What price range? NMWA has some nice stuff on higher end but quite a few regulars on this thread use uniqlo for basics. And to finish off the previous discussion, I shave my legs, but only when I'm wearing skirts without leggings.
This is true, but I think some tailors are more helpful for people new to suits than others.
There was xs available in the london store last I checked. I have an S available too, and going to return it. If you want a proxy I can try pick one up.   A lot of my stuff are going back if anyone wants, pm me.
Right I think cords and moleskin and flannel are all good, it's one of those "posher" clothes if you get what I mean, whereas a tweed coat, probably with military styling (epaulets, etc) would work better with denim.   I say preppy with the air quotes, it's something between preppy and posh, as much as I hate that kind of perspective it's kind of how the world sees these things.   I think the rustic vs city dichotomy is only effective if you're doing coat and tie type...
I think it's that camel is more, idk "luxe"? preppy? Doesn't go well with a more gritty aesthetic as with denim and so on.
I'm so angry. My order tracking says it has been shipment  confirmed, but I never received anything and I stayed at home all day waiting for it.
I agree on the burgundy front.   Also yes, that's where I got my black hydes, though I already had one for my spouse, so technically I've bought three pairs of hydes.
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