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I've worn other clothes between those you know :/ I'll post another fit later and hope to see if your mind can be changed, but I hope you'd judge me going forward.
I mean I'm sure you're right, and lots of people try this stuff and stop, but I don't see much harm in trying. Actually I have a personal interest in things that are more dress-like and less masculine, and this kind of aesthetic feels like a good starting point as opposed to an end point for me. Gotta start somewhere in any exploration, I'm aware that what I feel now is likely to be completely changed, that's okay with me.   Also I kinda liked the way the sleeve/tucking...
Hey, thanks for the comments.   I'm quite dedicated to this kind of look, or at least committed to trying it, though probably will take it slow. I like it a lot, it feels right to me. That said it's my first foray so I want to    I occasionally do more standard casual stuff, jeans and tee, rolled up button up, whatever. I like that, and it's not that I can't improve on dressing that way, but it's not really the way I'm super interested in delving deeper, it's just a...
Continued attempt at clothes that aren't cm and feel right. Help please. This okay? What for shoes? Sandals, monochrome sneskers? I only have leather shoes.
These are definitely becoming my favourite boots.
+1 on dark suede chukkas being the one shoe. I volunteer Loake Pimlico.   I think the pick obviously depends on how you dress/where you work. A casual pair of boots just make more sense if you live in Cambridge for instance.
Is Loake Whitehall any good for pricerange? I don't see it posted about much. I think I won't be wearing it much, in fact I'm not sure if I like penny loafers much so I want something cheapish but good to try it out.
The sales person at SuSu at Regent street was ridiculously ignorant. That said I'd say SuSu and TMLewin/CT are your best choices, and Loakes for shoes. (Pediwear). I've found TMLewin to be a good source of staple ties, just avoid the garish and overly slim ones, and get the knitted pointed end ones on sale in dark colors. I believe TML and CT suits are both considered respectable on this forum for their price range. I'd get those first before you begin adventures into...
It's ironic because I specifically got these pair of trousers (from luxire under other posters' suggestions) trying to get something fuller cut and with full break compared to my usual slim trousers with no break ones, and I also picked one of my less waisted jackets. Thanks guys anyway. ps. I posted the question in the alterations thread, but if anyone can give suggestions on how to get the trousers adjusted I'd appreciate it. I've walked by Kilgore but I might bring a...
I got these from luxire to be beaters. Thoughts? It's far from perfect and too long/needs belt but I was thinking maybe they're adequate. I usually go no break and quite slim and wanted a fuller pair with full break to try different cuts, so I'm not sure if this works or not, as it's not something I go for very much. Here's a pic from a fit where I wore no belt. Should I just shorten it or does rest of it need significant work too?
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