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lol hypocrisy of a generation who got gifted the world, takes everything, ruins the economy, and then pretend it's fair to the next generation to give them nothing, or that just because they managed to find jobs and stability without so much as a degree or going in debt, the same should be expected of their children.
Men who are emasculated by successful wives have always confused me.
I bought boots for my spouse without telling them. They were annoyed.
I actually think it'd look worse because if I stand weird it at least hides the imbalance somewhat. I wish the armholes were higher. It looks huge right now.   Also it strikes me as a bit weird to talk about CBD staples in comparison to tweed and moleskin when they are completely different things with completely different purposes. Seems weird also to call tweed and moleskin, especially a boring blue herringbone tweed, "avant garde" when I'd have thought it's the...
Yeah I'm considering buttons on three blazers: a black hopsack sb, navy fresco sb, and brown fresco DB. So far I'm thinking the inlay on the black hopsack, white MoPs on navy fresco, and plain gold on brown fresco.   I already own the black hopsack in case people want to dissaude me from having that at all. I think it works on me, and anyway, I'm just deciding what buttons to have on it because the ones on them have fallen off and were pretty ugly to begin with. I think...
Now that we have Noodle's convinced, what do you guys think about these buttons for a dark blazer? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gold-Metal-Buttons-Smoke-Mother-Of-Pearl-Inlay-Suit-Blazer-Sport-Coat-/271458940144?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f3436b4f0   I'm thinking between that or white MoP, or something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Quality-Gold-Blazer-Buttons-For-Suit-Blazer-or-Sport-Coat-Metal-Shank-/271471594871
Noodles why do you think the gray suit won't look good?   Like to be fair I personally prefer more british styling and stronger shoulders, but that suit is just objectively good looking, and having variety is not bad. Complexion wise when I said some grays don't look great for east Asians I don't think this applies because it has enough textural interest and you can still have high contrast.
 I'm not sure exactly but these are my shirt measurements:  Chest: 37Waist: 31Hip: 40Shoulder: 18 1/2 Those windowpanes look good. I personally really want to get some windowpane SCs, specifically brown, wheat, and various shades of blue.
tbh I think both are really nice and staple.   I like patch pockets but personally see them as a bit less versatile especially on suits. I mean it's nice on a casual suit but how often do you get to wear a casual suit, but a SC won't be as good?   I guess I'm still used to thinking of suits and jackets as formalish things and flapped pockets. I basically only like patch pockets on light weight unlined stuff, maybe a light weight worsted flannel, or a cotton or linen...
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