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I love them. I have suits, trousers, and jackets from it.
Oh I mean, I have not tried their MTM.
I've never seen SS trousers from suits that were appropriately full though, even if the waist fits me.
Problem with suit supply is that they're often a bit too slim, especially trousers, and too short. Otherwise I think they are very competitive. Still, having trousers that doesn't stick to your legs is important so I'd still get it bespoke. Some low mid range tailors in HK are okay imo.
Unlined, feels quite nice, but hard to say more beyond that, just kind of what you'd expect from Loake, and I've worn similar lasts and they fit me. I haven't worn them out yet. I feel like 2 eyelets makes it not tie as well but whatever.
  Thanks for the tip. I don't like 2 eyelet chukkas, but otherwise these are very nice.
Central, they have a website with address.
I posted some pictures with Moda Republic previously at around that price range which I thought was very good for the price. I don't think lots of posters here are interested in stuff at that price range to begin with, but I don't think many would argue that it's bad for comparable prices.
I like this, very nice.
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