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For lighter blues (a lighter navy, french blue), if you do want to try pull them off, I'd definitely have it worsted and untextured so it's more formal.
I'm not in the finance world but I'm going to say no.
I'm getting a dozen or two new shirts made next month, I'll take pictures if it helps. I'll have 25-30 shirts from them by then, if that's any indication.
I've said the same thing and wish they supplied thinner MoPs too, as Jantzen uses those without extra cost.
Navy blazers are a very versatile and nice item, I don't think you can go wrong, but you said jacket, so I'm not sure what you mean? If you want it to stand out more you can always use a lighter blue for a more summery look.
No, I understand, but personally I'm the kind who wouldn't care much about seven-fold ties until I can personally observe the supposed improvement in drape. I feel like with a lot of small things I can tell the difference (canvassing etc) and would be happy to pay the extra, but I haven't yet been convinced with regards to 100% cotton/wool socks, and in fact have been told that it might be less practical, so I was curious if there's more to learn about the situation.
It was a genuine question, not sure why you have to respond like that. Those things you listed are all superior, and have very good reason, but I personally don't know of any significant practical improvement of 100% cotton socks over mixed ones.
Yeah I think a light cream or offwhite shirt would be better.
I actually don't own any stripe ties and was looking to get some. What do we think of something like this? Sam Hober:           I really like them, actually.
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