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That is indeed! I was all about Ibanez guitars and basses growing up, but now I'm suddenly wanting to get a fender, or at least something warmer. Still, an ibanez feels the most comfortable in the hand to me.
Army surplus and the czechia jacket from a poster before thanks for the headsup. HALLOWEEN AROUND THE CORNER.  
Not sure if you mean unlined as well but without lining it could be uncomfortable and scratchy to wear. I own like 30%~ unlined jackets, and I have to say that the difference is not as much as I thought it would be, but definitely feel that a more lined jacket is more practical/easier to put on, better movement, and I can believe that it'd be more durable as is said.   I feel that structure does some of those things too (wearability etc)
oooohhh that jacket Claghorn.   Suddenly slightly regret getting a darker chocolate jacket.
 Yes for sure.
Thanks! I am self employed, so both technically, but mostly for myself.
Cross post
In fact, that's the reason my hair is that long; it allows me to cover it up in case I cause traffic accidents.
By popular demand, no head:  
CJ Savile  
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