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I'd go fresco or similar too. I liked the dugdale new fine worsted I used.
Some gems that appeared on my tumblr dash.
Whole cuts look like dancing shoes to me. There's no value judgment in that comment fwiw.
What do you mean crusade? Telling someone they're being a prick is a crusade now? So basically you're saying he can say whatever offensive stuff he likes, but I have no right to be offended by it or judge him for it? Why can't I call your attack against my position a "crusade" also? It's just meaningless emotional rhetoric. Save it. I said he's a PoS and explained why what he did is obnoxious, and you went on to say that you think mocking those in worse position than you...
Oh my god did you just say disease? You know transgenderism is by definition not a disease or mental illness right? Do you know how insulting it is to describe a person's identity as a disorder? Yes I do know that people make fun of people with misfortunes. That's exactly why I called him a piece of shit. It's lazy and uncreative to mock people who are already marginalised. It's not really original or funny either. I suggest a more sophisticated sense of humour, and a...
Are you serious? Women with penises look like woman and are women. Have you actually familiarised yourself with what women with penises look like to make a non stereotyped comparison of what looking like a woman with penis means? You don't see how making their having of penises the punch line of a joke a problem. Some of these people undergo extensive treatment and suffer occasionally fatal depression trying to not stand out as women in penises, and even those who...
I can post some stuff if you like. They don't really have patterns well suited to jacketing, that's possibly their biggest limitation, but they have a large array of solids and subtle patterns. Some caldonaire tweed herringbone, new fine worsted for blazers, and linen or corduroy for SCs are great.
I love dugdale. Ive recommended it and other customers at my tailor has asked about it. I haven't had minnis made to compare but I can say it's very solid and have more than a dozen jacket-trouser combos made in various dugdale fabrics and will make more in the future.
Honestly I'd love to make a trip to Hungary just for some sweet sweet Vass. They are beautiful shoes and as much as I like CJ they just seem a level more hmm ethereal. Jfrater that's a really good combination. Good job.
I felt like I had to be several times more forceful to compensate for all the peope who chose to not say anything.
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