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Thanks. It's Topman Select Homme, so one of their higher quality lines. Don't usually shop there, so kinda lucky to have ran into them.
 My gf thinks my cargos make my butt look good. (don't like the outfit, but the trousers part looks good I think).  I got two pairs of cargo trousers in tweed ordered from Luxire. I look forward to them a lot. I'm personally spearheading a one person cargo trousers revolution here.
I'm definitely not wanting to be dissuaded.
I'm really really tempted now, but I have so many shoes, like way too many boots.   Chukkas I have: brown calf, black calf, tan suede desert boots, dark brown suede, taller boots I have black calf, brown calf, tan calf brogues (brighter than this), #8 cordovan, blue calf, and some cheap clark blue suede ones. That's way too many, but these just seem to fill a void/niche Maaan, I want them so bad. It's not like I can't afford them, but I have so much stuff already.
Omg if we get a third I'm snap buying them. I've never heard them as a brand but I assume nmwa has them because they are good quality. Any info on them?
Oooh, do you have a pair or similiar? Any when-worn photos?
I really want these boots to go with jeans and cords/tweed trousers. Someone please talk me into/out of it.   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/boots/tan-suede-malko-brogue-boot-rubber-sole.html
Black jeans maybe.
 I don't think a weak is necessary for most cases. Anyway, just bought a pair of Kempton Suede for a friend; I already have the Pimlico, and I have to say I far prefer the lighter shade with the Kempton pair.
Re Reeves: You do look a lot like the guy from kingsman.
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