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lf I could get 1 dollar socks I might wear a new pair every day.
I agree. I've thought this myself having at first tried to comply with this advice. My spouse has a rounder face and I can't help but think the stronger point collars just makes their head look weird and accentuate the roundness via contrast. I will say perhaps it's not how spread they are that should vary but their height/length.
So I think I'll buy a pair and I'm going to buy 1 inch down, is that wise?
 I have a brown linen shirt, seems okay, but I wouldn't say it's the most useful thing, even for casual outfits. Thanks. I think by and large I prefer the SF aesthetic, but I don't like that preference to keep me from looking at other stuff that I like. I do actually think the majority of the whole GQ/#menswear stuff to be tacky but there are bits and piece I find appealing and I like to find out what about them I like, and if I can learn from it I don't see why not. I do...
The uniqlo socks I have are pretty disappointing too as they lose color and become very frayed after 1 or 2 wears, and I hand wash and hang dry my socks/underwear too so it's not like I really ruined them washing/drying. That said that's kind of true for all cheap socks or even slightly more expensive ones. That's just the nature of socks, + the price is low so I wouldn't say they aren't worth it. They are just somewhat disposable, especially if you wear the color ones. If...
It looks like him alright, and it's definitely too tight, but I guess he prefers it...? eh. It's obviously a conscious choice on his part. I kinda do like the silhouette but don't like the pulling. Maybe a corset IS the way to go.
 I think it looks really good as a photograph, that's just how I feel and I imagine a lot of people think this looking at it, but I totally understand that a really good photo doesn't mean the clothes in it are good in their natural habitat. I just wanted to understand what about it appealed to me. I think fwiw it does illustrate what I like in a suit's silhoutte even it it is clearly exaggerated. I tried on my blue suit and found that in certain angles it looks quite...
I think linen db jackets and light blazer are a good way to get to wear db jackets when your situation doesn't allow wearing of suits much. They go well with tan, offwhite, and light gray trousers, and some jeans (I think). I've gotten some ironheart white jeans for that purpose.
That's how models do it, right? They know all the sexy poses.
 Yeah I'm trying to figure out if that's it, or there's some aspect I could look into. idk I just personally find that kind of thing attractive, I know most people on SF prefer more masculine cuts and things. All that aside I kinda like a light brown odd waistcoat paired with a blue suit, looks fine to me. I agree the picture is obv click/reblogbait, I mean it's a bit incongruent, maybe a solid beige is better, or like a houndstooth could work? I dunno I just like how the...
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