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I think it's great too.
1:1 seems a bit high. I like white linen folded in non TV fold though. I don't think that's too formal. I do have a few white with coloured borders too.
I agree about flannels they strike me as a bit serious at times, though in an elegant way. Cords and moleskin (and denim imo) have their place. I just dont see a gap that chinos fill that linen and cavalry twill don't fill better. You might be right it's an American Classic. There's definitely something preppy about them that I can see them perfect for a navy blazer on some boat/seaside. Perhaps I'll make an exception for chinos when they are white/offwhite, and...
I own some chinos too and that's what I'm saying, they basically only act as beaters. I find flannel/cords, and fresco/linen better for any season.
I think linen or fresco is almost always better than chinos personally but I'm a bit prejudiced. I also like denim and tweed though apparently many disagree about that. I definitely think the texture if denim is good, same with cords and moleskin. Chinos just seem kinda boring, if I wanted creases I'd get linen, or cords in winter. It matches a certain preppy lol I suppose.
I think you should specify chinos. I doubt anyone would argue that moleskin and cords are inappropriate with tweed. Also I think these fits look great I'm just not convinced that flannel and cavalry twill would not be better.
It think cost and versatility/practicality are legit reasons but also the only legit reasons.
Anyone has compared dugdale moleskin with others? Seems overly fuzzy, unlike the olive moleskin jacket posted in the tweed thread which seem more finished.
I posted a while back about entirely cycling out chinos, but I do think cords have a place that's kind of unique. Moleskin too.Cavalry twill is wool right? I think them, flannels, and linen make chinos obsolete. Chinos are versatile and easy/cheap though, but I think they are generally subpar.
Something in burgundy, mahogany, or chestnut. Brogue oxford for first, derby/monk for the other two. I personally find brown and black chukkas indispensable both to have an extra pair of black/brown shoes in case I need them twice in a row and because I find then generally versatile. That said it doesn't seem like they fill a gap that much.
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