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Charcoal looks very good alone with a white shirt (sometimes the social situation is just such that's going to happen a lot or if you're wearing a trenchcoat and you take it off inside). It just doesn't pair well with lots of usual SF approved jacket, but I think it pairs very well with light gray (or like mid grey check) or light brown/tan jackets. I would usually pair a camel cashmere jacket with jeans or olive cav twills, or dark brown flannels, but charcoal is a solid...
Yeah not charcoal at all was my thought.
I wouldn't hate a Dugdale ETC for workhorse at air con temperatures if you want something that drapes well and isn't too too warm.
Fresco is perfectly fine, it doesn't have to be worn in summer afterall, just when it's hot.   Mohair is not a bad option too.
It's not equus is it? Looks like one of theirs, in any case. They also use Sedgwick bridle and oval punches.
I have a different hopsack from that book, can confirm, good 3 season, liveable in summer for trousers, though jacket would seem on the heavier side (though if you are in air conditioning a lot it'd be okay). Think it drapes very well, really like it.
I should probably say my comment is mostly about their jackets, which are still generally a bit too short. Trousers definitely seem too low rise and skinny.
Susu value really is unbeatable for RTW.
They definitely have good down to earth patterns, but my compulsions draws me to ridiculous things. I have nobody to blame but myself.
Yeah SS salesman consistently try to get people into things at least 1 size too small, usually 2.
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