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 That shirt is sick, what is it?
They soften after use I believe, but I actually quite like them being stiff and thick.
Strange, I really like the ones they come with, actually.
Foxtooth (and others who may have experience), do you know how the waxing process would look on a linen shirt/safari jacket? I imagine it'd be kind of weird since linen is kind of there for the texture.
Finally tried a down vest, a year later than everyone else, and now they are all out of stock. =[
I have a shirt jacket thing that I might try dye first, just something I got for 4 pounds from a charity shop, thickish cotton, should be okay?     Also cross post from SWD, look at me attempting the bright red dress shirt:    
More trainwrecks incoming:   Got a uniqlo down vest half a year later than everyone else, tried it on a few ways the past week:         Thoughts appreciated, thanks.
Thanks! What kind of dyes/where? I'm from the UK so maybe the brands will be different, but I have no clue where to look for those.   And thanks, I have to say you're partially to blame for trying out stuff like leather jackets, it's not something I'm usually into. I kind of want a black cherry cafe racer, this one I got is nice, but the size is wrong and I really kinda like the burgundy. Might go to NY some time and check it out in person and decide then. 
Foxtooth, if you don't mind can you tell me about the dying/waxing proccess of that rothco field jacket you posted last page? Is it difficult/easy for someone going into it completely green? It looks pretty cool and I'm suddenly keen to look into that kind of aesthetic a bit.
I was just about to post a more awkward version of that. Here I am with my first ever leather jacket:     [[SPOILER]]
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