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I got the impression from this thread that most consider Uniqlo outerwear to be meh. I do like their designs, but they might not hold up. I haven't got much of it so I can't say.
Just woke up and paid a 2.5k invoice for a shipment of fabric. Living the life over here. Also ordered some from Edmorel who's as always great to work with. Ordering a lot for my trip to HL: some Minnis, Fox, Dugdale, Harrison's Burley, Loro Piana, Colombo, VBC. Bit of everything (they aren't all for me to be clear). Thanks to everyone here for help picking stuff out and writing up experiences/recommendations in the thread.
They are black suede from Kilgour by Crockett and Jones.
Looks fine to me.
This was pretty much my late night uniform in London last fall, so it's coming back.    [[SPOILER]]
They look pretty cool; do you know their price range?
Seen them already.
I don't find silk greens too versatile (I do have a grenadine and a knit though), but in wool a forest green is excellent. I got one from Exquisite Trimmings that I found very usefull. Otherwise brown is just such a great color in any fabric. Linen, to Shantung, to Grenadine, to Wool, and in different shades. I found tan brown more useful in summer myself, since I think I tend to wear darker jackets in winter, and it's harder to pair a lighter neutral tie with those.   I...
Gonna be honest this would be my dream hair. Would require a bunch of product though I imagine.  [[SPOILER]] I already ask my hairdresser to get it super choppy, and I'm relatively happy with the effect. My friends I've asked tell me the hair looks better in real life than in photos because bad lighting and unclear images tend to lead black hair to look like a blob when in real life you'd be able to distinguish the layers. I think that's true anyway, idk.
There's tough competition of navy suits with brown tie, but here's mine:       Color is actually closer to first one, it's a very dark navy glen plaid.   I'm getting some new trousers made for the suit since it's too narrow for my (improved) tastes, so I'm trying to get some wear out of the old pair for now. Most people can't tell the difference anyway and it's not unwearable. Ah well.
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