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Lemaire stuff looks amazing, but I think the women's stuff seem a lot more interesting than the men's.
I've found Hyde to be a very different kind of boot than most, in that it's very sleek and almost not casual enough for some situations. I think you should pick based on your needs, but I really really love my hydes even if I don't wear them much.
I'm looking to get a set of tux made. Is it acceptable and traditionally correct to get a black (or very dark midnight blue) matching jacket and trousers in 1 button sb peak lapel, and cream db shawl lapel waistcoat, and also when wearing WC with tux are you meant to button the jacket?
Cross post~
I'm very much in love with white trousers and blazer combo. This time wearing my 3 piece as one, which arguably is in bad taste, but I quite like it.     [[SPOILER]]
Suede chukkas are the most beautiful things.
I like navy in subtle patterns, but I do have a special preference for glen plaid so maybe that's why. I feel like for solid navy it's best to be lighter or in a weave with texture as well (or both). I don't have any charcoal, but I assume I'd feel similar, but maybe not. I might just not like solid charcoal that much.
I'm on SF withdrawal, but because of summer I've basically gone casual. You can have more of my shitty sub-classic fits in a month or two. I've got a linen and tweed trenchcoat comissioned and I'm waiting to post it so people can tell me how linen trench coats make no sense.
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