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I agree on the burgundy front.   Also yes, that's where I got my black hydes, though I already had one for my spouse, so technically I've bought three pairs of hydes.
I have it in the brown and black, and almost want to collect all 3.
I got everything fine on the UK online store (until sold out). Why don't people just order everything then return the ones that aren't good?   Also people who think the collection is meh inevitably aren't looking at the womenswear stuff. It's amazing.
Fresco loves you too <3
Bought like 1.2k worth of stuff in different sizes, and going to return the wrong sizes, if anyone wants I can ship them instead if you pay the shipping and so on (I'm in the UK but will be going to US so actually can send to both places). I've only got mostly women's stuff, though so I assume not many will want this, but figure I'd post here in case someone wants something for a gf or family or something. Let me know if anything is wanted (most of this is sold out by now)...
Who are you kidding? We are all nerds here.
Re trousers, those were my first luxire ones I received, I'd sent them back and had them fixed since then:     I guess it's an improvement, at least, hopefully next pair I get from them will be better. Material itself doesn't drape well/hold crease. For some reason I'm really bad at recognizing what's wrong with trousers.
I just spent 1.2k on everything getting 2 sizes of each in case size is wrong, going to return a lot of stuff.   Most of my stuff was women's though. Only got the shawl lapel caridgan from men's section.   The sweater that is also worn as a scarf in size small and xs got sold out within 5 minutes I swear.
So this is a picture I saved from WAYWRN that has stayed with me for a long time. I generally prefer british cuts by far over italian, but there's just some je ne sais quoi with the casualness in the photoset that strikes me, and I don't know how much of it is just the well put together outfit, poses, and photography, or just the material (I really like the choice, I'm not sure if it's definitely worsted flannel, but that's what I'd go for, in slate blue or...
Good fit Gezzzzzzza, where's the jacket from? I agree the scarf works really well in the fit.
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