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I like the idea of a fashiony black blazer/jacket actually. I don't see why it couldn't work, it's just going to work on very different principles.   I'd wanted to get one in some kind of rough silk/linen type textured fabric with some asymmetrical detailing.
Very nice, Patrick R.
Equus (they have affiliate thread here) if you haven't seen them.
I like gingham bds and ecru/cream ocbds more personally. I do have a nice thick blue ocbd that I find versatile but I don't find it particularly exciting, especially with denim. I really like white/offwhites with denim, even though that goes against CM thinking of white being too formal.
You're literally repeating the same thing every post. If you post actual reviews of individual Baotou or show some examples or anecdotes of your commissions with one I doubt people would mind.
I very rarely wear uncollared base layers with tailored jackets, but here we go:    
I've only gotten stuff from Hardy Minnis's side, got their flannel and fresco, and liked both. Haven't had the chance to really compare them with Fox, Dugdale, or Huddersfield. I've decided mostly based on design and weight that suited my needs. Of course, Huddersfield Fine Worsted's offerings tend to be more expensive. Also Harrison Burley doesn't offer anything that's specifically fresco/high twist.   I've mostly enjoyed some of the "rib weave" fabric which is a bit...
Well, I wasn't suggesting Dugdale, I was specifically suggesting a replacement for Dugdale in Harrison Burley.
I'm just sharing my experience, I can't say for the other fabrics.
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