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I've seen at least one picture from him I thoughts was very good in a standard cbd way. It did have that vanda pindot tie I really like though.
I don't see why spread looks bad in a casual context. You're just saying that because you relate to spread as formal but that's not aesthetically true I think. Something like black being formal or at least striking is connotations as well as the nature of the color. Plain fabrics being formal and texture being more casual has good reasons. Spread? I don't see why it's more formal than a point collar for instance at being worn tieless.
Are they full grain? Sounds like you're meaning polished leather.
I was going for 2 and 3 or 1.
I don't know why you guys hate belts, I love them, even when I don't need them.
I'd use a neutral polish as well for belts.
Sounds like a good idea.
Those looks nice to me too.
I like the second pair more too fwiw.   Darkside that looks pretty good to me.
Friend seduced me with promise of laughter. He was right.
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