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They probably just know you don't know much about cuts and want to steer you away from trying to imitate cuts that don't work as well for you.
Brown Navy Burgundy Black Dark/Forest Gren. Excellent and versatile staples. Also can be had cheaper for a starting wardrobe too.
I finally had s chance to look through the last few pages of fits, many excellent ones. Good stuff.
No you entirely misunderstand me. I don't really mind/care that you guys don't like it. You all have great taste and are good dressers, but ultimately I like it, I do, and all else is moot. This is pretty obvious, CM, you're just being intentionally belligerent here, misinterpreting my words. If you don't like it (the cut) you don't like it that's fine what's more to say? Other posters who don't know my preferences have also commented that some of my jackets look...
No I wanted to know if the texture/color was why people didn't like it or if it's just the cut. If the latter then I don't personally mind, it's the former I'm interested in for critique.
Thanks guys.
Yes but where else can I post fits? It's not like you have to want to wear something yourself to think it looks good, so I don't think just because I have a different sense of aesthetics means you guys can't have useful thoughts and advice. I want to know why it doesn't look good not why it doesn't look masculine, because effeminate does not, I'd hope, equate immediately to "ugly", otherwise you must think all women or feminine or androgynous people are objectively...
Yes, but what's the problem?
Do people not like the color/item combination of the outfit (too matchy?) or the cut of the jacket? I honestly really liked both. I even like the pocket square fold tbh.
New flat. Decided to decorate table with swatch books and playing cards, think that's quite fitting. Also using single swatch samples as coasters until further notice. Apologise for photos. Camera-person still in Cambridge.
New Posts  All Forums: