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Yeah but on the other hand tweed and country scs are a lot more common.
I love white trousers and (particularly db) blazers/non-country-jackets of that nature, how can you take that away? I like jacket no tie a lot, but wool, knit, or other casual ties almost begs for scs, and I think DB jackets generally go better with ties too. I'm okay with some suits with no ties but surely it's not as common a situation as jacket with tie?
That doesn't explain why you can't improve your jeans-and-t-shirt outfits by giving it more nuance or variety or introduce a more gradient scale going from formal to informal.
Nice shoes. Also: el oh el incomes. I've never had a salary in my life, no chance of mortgage ever either.
Critique please. Wearing this with suede Chukkas and belt, dark indigo jeans.
Hey quick question, will the merino sweater shrink much under cold hand wash? Any experience?
  Ow ow ow my ankles ow
Call me boring, I prefer textured solids. I guess a wool shepherds or something would be nice, but I'd find it hard with stripes that aren't autumnal colors.
I'm tempted to get a nice pair too but I don't wear sneakers enough to justify that. Did get three pairs of simple sneakers on discount, so I'll wear them for the next few months see how I feel about them. Right now I'm breaking in my fresh calf Chukkas and have done an hour and a half or more of walking, let's just say my ankles are building a lot of character and might appreciate a change to something softer.
Anyone digging the silver/cream houndstooth? I like it quite a bit. What color of velvet would you recommend? Feels like it's a bit too gaudy, not that I'm really one who can complain. I did just get a burgundy blazer.
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