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  anybody knows what the numbers mean? like batch number of manufactured date?     Just received and officially joined the club! Applied LP on all the leather.
it stain my canvas abit near the edge but i feel its beautiful! haha
Hey guys, I would like to buy a pair of 47s. But wonder how much shrinkage I would get? I definitely am unable to do the wear-on soak. So only hot soak or machine spin dry. My waist is around 37+. Current Jeans are at 37.5. What tag size do you guys recommend? 36/38? Thanks.
any other products i should get to care for the bag? i read about some wax thing for the canvas?
yes i agree! i use obenauf for my boots!
nice looking bag! guys im curious do u guys condition the leather on these bags?
Superbly happy bought the Filson at 199usd before shipping. Total after shipping is less than 250usd. U guys in the states shut grab it quick.
Ok great thanks for the help guys. Just curious are there any fakes? That would be my main concern..   this guys selling 265usd wif free shipping to sg is insane! rating is good but still have my doubts....the other would be this target is to get it below...
Hi guys i posted a while back asking about the filson rucksack. Dropped by my store and sadly its too small for me. Looked like i was wewring a kids bag lol. IM Quite tall over 6 foot so yeah. Thus i have decided to get a filson sling bag. I so wan join the filson family xD. Looking between the 232 and 240 dadly this 2 models are not carried at my local store anymore. I need it to fit a 13" laptop. From what i heard the 232 opening is small and cant fit? While the 240 has...
Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm very interested in the 70262 but am unable to see one in real life thus i need the help from fellow forumers.   Firstly, I'm 6.3 foot. Is this bag to small for someone my size? 2nd, I'm looking to fit a 15 inch mbp or alienware 14 in it. Is it possible?   Thanks a lot for your help, i really love the filson look but am not looking at a messenger as i would like better weight distribution carrying my stuff. If it doesnt fit the above 2...
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