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 I've heard some people say their's get lots of dents and need to be brushed a lot.
 I could probably be talked into shell, but I don't think shell looks particularly better and I'm not too fond of all the maintenance for what I want to be a casual shoe.
Anyone interested in the following GMTO? It's just a remake of the TrickersxSuperdenim black shell derby, but in calf instead.   Model: Robert Leather: black calf Last: W2298 last Welt: natural storm welt Sole: Dainite Eyelets: blind eyelets Lining: natural calf lining Laces: black laces Welt Stitching: white welt stitching Other: midsole (natural)
Can anyone post pictures of opening on the sidezips when worn?
Skoak advised me to go 6.5UK for 804. I'm a 7.5D on Allen Edmonds 65 and 6.5UK on Meermin Hiro.
He's saying he takes 9US generally and 7UK for the 804. So actually 1 size down but 2 numbers down, if I'm not mistaken...
No, he's saying go down 2 sizes.
 Wow you size down a whole size? So you're a 9US generally?
Can anyone compare the 804 last to Allen Edmonds 65 last or Meermin Hiro?
Thanks guys. I'm leaning more and more towards Buttero.
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