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67 weeks for my full leather here.
Is there anyone that sizes down a full size from Leydon to Barrie? I got a chance to try on a 7.5 Leydon chukka and a 7 Barrie shell chukka. 7.5 on the Leydon fit perfectly, but a 7 on the Barrie last seems like it might have been a bit big but they didn't have a 6.5 for me to try on.
Would love to have another update from Drew.
Also got tracking for a July TOJ0.
What is the consensus on sling backpacks (if that's what they're called) like the one below? I'm looking for something small just to carry around a second phone/sunglasses/etc.  
You forgot to subtract 4 weeks for winter holidays.
I'm still at "I'll believe it when I see it."
 According to the spreadsheet, this would take us to about end of September after 2 weeks.
Whoa guys he said "finished" not "shipped."
Can't wait to see how the rest of this month plays out and the impending shitstorm if Drew fails to deliver again.
New Posts  All Forums: