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 Still waiting on September MDR order.
 Thanks for the sizing advice! I don't really plan on wearing it zipped too much, but I would like the option. Most likely not while layering though. Will the chest and shoulders stretch out at all over time?
 Arm length I used for my TOJ jacket was 24" (although I don't have it yet so I can't say how good a measurement that is).
Fit pics and sizing advice would be appreciated. For reference, I'm 5'7", 125 lbs. Jacket is XS.   Honestly I feel like I could size up to an S and take an inch or so off the body length. The jacket is tight when zipped up, but not unbearable. Will it loosen up over time?   Unzipped:         Zipped:
That's all I got because those were the sizes I was deciding between.
Looks like emails are going out for people that ordered fit jackets. Here are the sizes for XS,S, and S/M...   Size XS: Shoulder Width—15.75 inches Chest—17.5 inches Back Length—24.25 inches Front Length—21 inches Sleeve Length—25 inches Mid-section—16 inches Hem—16.75 inches Bicep—7 inches Elbow—5.75 inches Cuff—4.5 inches   Size S: Shoulder Width—16 inches Chest—18 inches Back Length—24.5 inches Front Length—21 inches Sleeve Length—25.25...
Wonder if all these August jackets are from storage or were just made...
Damn... Glad I got impatient waiting for measurements and just paid the deposit.
Maybe these will finally be shipped out today... 
 Thanks, I'll definitely check them out.  This looks like about the right size, but I'm looking for something with a bit less structure. Thanks though.
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