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I'm 5'7" and have 20" front length...
You could have just sent your address in the time it took you to ask.
Has anyone bought or sold a spot recently? What date was it originally placed?
What did you order...?
 Thanks for the reply! I might try to stop by and get sized if they are still open.
Going to Tokyo in a few weeks, does anyone know how pricing on Meermins there compares to just buying online in the US?
67 weeks for my full leather here.
Is there anyone that sizes down a full size from Leydon to Barrie? I got a chance to try on a 7.5 Leydon chukka and a 7 Barrie shell chukka. 7.5 on the Leydon fit perfectly, but a 7 on the Barrie last seems like it might have been a bit big but they didn't have a 6.5 for me to try on.
Would love to have another update from Drew.
Also got tracking for a July TOJ0.
New Posts  All Forums: