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Well this did not work at all. The jeans are seriously vanity sized...31 was WAY too big and I think I would probably need a 29 in JE (which would be sizing down 3 from my SLP size!).  Also, not sure how you tall guys are wearing anything smaller than a large or xl. I'm 6'4" and under 170 (not sure about the 120lb guy but this is very skinny at this height) and even the L is too short in body and sleeves for LS mercer, just had to return the dune LS because of this. My...
Sorry for another sizing question, but I'm about to pull the trigger on some denim (Mica) and want to check. If I'm 32 in current SLP and 31 in old dior raws, will 31 be my best choice for JE?
Same question for NYC...anyone? My jeans are now a size too big (lost weight/jeans stretched more than I thought) and I need to tailor
Wanted to give a shoutout to the LS Extended Mercers, don't get a lot of love but for those of us 6'3"+ they are great. Can even dry them and know they will still be a tall fit.
Update with measurements:   P2P: 20.5" Length: 27" Sleeve: 31" (measured in straight line to collar opening, ~34" to from sleeve hem to center of collar)
Up for sale is a Margaret Howell Fair Isle sweater, size Large. This is a beautiful piece that has been worn at most a couple of times, never washed or dry cleaned and in excellent condition. Wish I could make it work but it is just too short for my 6'4" frame.   [I have perfect feedback on eBay under the same username]
Up for sale is a like-new pair of Balmain Biker jeans in a dark green color, size 33. Purchased from Maxfield LA last year, worn once, never washed and in like-new condition. As shown in the photos, the jeans still have half the tag attached. Comes with original (ripped) tissue paper from Maxfield. Asking $700 $630 shipped in the US.   [I have perfect feedback on my eBay account of the same username]
Up for sale is a rare Nom de Guerre High Neck Sweater in the black/white marled knit pattern. Barely worn and in excellent condition, has been sitting in tissue paper at my family's house for years and I am finally getting around to selling it. Size Large, asking $150 shipped in the US.   [I have perfect feedback on eBay under the same username]
Someone was looking for knit pants...   http://man.totokaelo.com/journal/high-knit-pants/black/H14E61
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