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Yes it happened to mine (fw14) in a big way, soles are very pink.
Mine came in yesterday. Got turned away at first by UPS who said I had to write a check or call in a payment for customs, but they came back later that night once my payment went through.   I am very impressed--initial impressions of quality and shape are excellent, and packaging was really well done. Feels significantly nicer than my tods chelseas which were 3x the price. Tight in the toes right now but should fit fine once they stretch.   46.5 for those with big feet...
 Thanks. I hope you eventually at least offer an all-leather strap as an upgrade, even something similar to the filson straps would be a huge improvement. The canvas strap cheapens the look IMO and I would really only want to use the bag with a leather strap. I look forward to seeing more photos of the different colors and hopefully matching leather straps somewhere down the line.
I'm just finding out about you guys now...product looks excellent and I am excited to purchase a weekender. Couple quick questions:   Do you have any photos at all that show the inside of the weekender? And do you have any more "action" photos of the tan or black colors? (I am deciding between black and tan but the only lookbook photos appear to be the Chestnut color).   Finally, what is the strap made of? Is there a leather shoulder pad or is the full length just the...
Trying to guess my boucle size since the production run looks different from the sample on the model. I'm an XL in JE hoodies and tees (mostly for height as I'm 6'4" 175lb), but this seems to be really big on some people. XL or L to get an oversized fit similar to the model?
Well this did not work at all. The jeans are seriously vanity sized...31 was WAY too big and I think I would probably need a 29 in JE (which would be sizing down 3 from my SLP size!).  Also, not sure how you tall guys are wearing anything smaller than a large or xl. I'm 6'4" and under 170 (not sure about the 120lb guy but this is very skinny at this height) and even the L is too short in body and sleeves for LS mercer, just had to return the dune LS because of this. My...
Sorry for another sizing question, but I'm about to pull the trigger on some denim (Mica) and want to check. If I'm 32 in current SLP and 31 in old dior raws, will 31 be my best choice for JE?
Same question for NYC...anyone? My jeans are now a size too big (lost weight/jeans stretched more than I thought) and I need to tailor
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