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Thanks. Was able to grab for <$500 with yooxgiving so worth a shot, will see how it turns out.
MMM. To wear oversized, I'm 6'4" so thinking it will hit above the knee. Thoughts?
Anyone know if they will restock overcoats in XL (beige or navy)? Or if stocked in any stores?
Damn. Had my cart set last night--not item one included in sale.
Any plans for a waxy black denim?
Damn those look great.
How do the velcros size? If I'm a 46 in rick dunks could I fit 45 raf velcros?
Hmm, footwear excluded?
Does this actually work? Tried just typing it in at checkout and no luck
Rickdidas still in stock anywhere in a 46?
New Posts  All Forums: