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So I work in a conservative field and have stuck to the conservative mantra of navy, grey and charcoal suits: 1 solid navy, 1 navy with very fine stripes, 1 light grey, 1 flannel dark grey, 1 charcoal. All 2 button, notched lapels. Also have 3 blazers, one of which is grey and one of which is navy. Wear a suit or blazer with tie 4 days a week. I was thinking the next would be navy or grey with pinstripes and perhaps peak lapels to change it up, but am starting to notice...
So do you think it's short even for a "short" jacket? Any real options to lengthen here? Not sure how much extra fabric they really have in that area to work with, so I presume not.
I recently got an MTM suit and the jacket is a shorter than what I'm accustomed to. I realize that shorter jackets are the fad du jour in some circles these days, but is this too short (or can it fall within the range of acceptability)? This is meant to be a work suit and was looking for a relatively modern cut. Other than this point, I do like the suit.   As points of reference, it goes past my wrists and when making a fist, it reaches the edge of my fingertips (just...
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