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I believe the adjective "hideous" is a little strong.  While it is merely personal preference, I commonly employ a button down collar or point collar under a crew neck sweater.  Allows you to dress it up and add more structure to your neck area.     However, i 100% agree with everything else in your post.  Think Ari Gold in the closing scene of entourage season finale.  massive spread white collar out of his tan sweater - great.
wanted to add my two cents, as I am an official suit supply owner now.  I purchased the London fit.  Was very much impressed by the quality of the wool and the canvas/how it laid on my body.  The problem is the working cuffs.  While it is a nice touch, it makes tailoring a nightmare.  My tailor was able to take some material from the trousers and incorporate it into the sleeve lengthening, but was quite the process.  I believe the suit fit true to size.  The trousers we...
thats a great jacket, truly great.  Been looking for something like it, preferably in camel hair.
for me, that jacket is too formal for jeans.  Throw a pair of more casual wool pants perhaps...if you want to keep it casual add nice loafers?  Just me though, never been a huge fan of dressier jackets and jeans.  It either looks like 90's, or like a professor at a cocktail party.
quick question for my first post...   does anyone have the dress shirt measurements 15.5 neck 36 sleeve?  I find problems locating dress shirts in that size.  My closet is full of BrooksBrothers in that size and slim fit...dont get me wrong, the fit is great, but im just looking for additional options, to be greedy.  Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: