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Just bought these in Milan. Super nice!
I love Santoni. Great leather, requires no break-in period, very hard wearing soles. Finishings on their calf shoes are awesome. My recent purchase: BTW, anyone knows where to get good priced Santoni's in Milan?
Go for it. You won't regret.
38R Navy all gone???
Sorry, I mean Church's benchgrade.
I owned a few pairs of Church's before joining this forum. Got to know Crockett & Jones from here so bought a few pairs including 3 pairs of Handgrade. After a few years I sold them all. Now I own none of them but still keeping 4 pairs of Church's. Why? The leather quality, even Church's handgrade is better than C&J Handgrade. I own both brands therefore I can make a comment. But then I admit that Church's is a bit overpriced.
EUR size 8 Very nice leather Soles show some shop wear Outsole length 31cm US$229 -> 199 -> 179 -> 159 + shipping Paypal only
US$349 -> 299 -> 269 -> 249 -> 229 -> 209 -> 189 -> 169 + shipping EUR size 9 Awesome leather Goodyear welted Rock solid construction Outsole length 31cm Paypal only
Hi folks, I am heading to these three cities in late September and would like to have your input. I am a budget traveller so 20 to 30 EURO a meal is what I am looking at. Of course anything under 20 EURO is also welcome. Thanks in advance!
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