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Yes. And Yoox hardly gives free shipping to Canada.
Brown is good. But grey should not be ignored.
Invalid for Canada
Queen last
I wear the same size in both lasts. 348 is longer but in terms of width I would say they are about the same. And I am assuming you are talking about UK size.
Was tidying up my closet and found the box. Lol!
Forgot I bought this pair more than a year ago. First wear today.
Pricey Limited Edition.
Agreed! I am a UK8.5 but my Santoni loafers are in size 8. So I asked for size 8 on the double monks in the shop. Then the sales person gave me 7.5 and said they should fit. It turned out that they fit! I remember I wore size 7.5 when I was 15 years old. Crazy sizing.
Just bought these in Milan. Super nice!
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