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Royal Mail. Period.
Calm down guys. I think we are just too Yoox'ed. Lol!
Do it on April 1, please.
neither in Canada. =(
Price drop!
US$319 -> 289 -> 269 + shipping Model Moorgate UK8.5F (run short) Very very fine grained leather (seen from photos) Original approx. US$400 (exclud. VAT) Paypal only Outsole length approx. 30cm Width 10.2cm If no one interested I will return them for refund See detail description from Grenson website http://www.grenson.co.uk/en_gb/shop/moorgate
Canadian product?
I am also in B.C. I bought mine from this ebay seller. So far no issue at all.http://stores.ebay.com/CHELSEA-SHOE-CARE-AND-REPAIR-SHOP?_rdc=1
Yes. And Yoox hardly gives free shipping to Canada.
Brown is good. But grey should not be ignored.
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