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US$139 -> 129 UK8.5F Last 173 This color is no longer in production Outsole length approx. 30.7cm Width approx. 10.4cm Personal Paypal only
I would say 8.5. For 173 I am 8.5UK. I tried a pair of Simpson before and 8.5 is too tight.
US$169 -> $149 ->139 -> 129 US Size 9.5D Worn a few times only Great for Summer time Outsole length approx. 30.1cm, width approx. 10.2cm Personal Paypal
Not cheap - £395.00. And there are five of them.
Dark Brown Color Outsole length approx. 30.2cm Width approx. 10.8cm Blemishes on left toe (see pic) US$179 -> $159 + shipping Personal Paypal only
+1. All my dress socks are from Falke. Very high quality. I bought mine from:
I only own a quartz Grand Seiko because I am not really into those manual winding, how many jewels,...One thing I can say is the finishing on GS is BETTER than a Rolex (compared to my friend's Explorer II). The reason why I like GS is that this line is very subtle, but of very high quality.
Yoox. Lots of them are heavily discounted.
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