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+1. All my dress socks are from Falke. Very high quality. I bought mine from:http://www.socksfox.com/falke-milano-socks-p-394.html?cPath=77_51
I only own a quartz Grand Seiko because I am not really into those manual winding, how many jewels,...One thing I can say is the finishing on GS is BETTER than a Rolex (compared to my friend's Explorer II). The reason why I like GS is that this line is very subtle, but of very high quality.
Yoox. Lots of them are heavily discounted.
Yes, please.
Yup. Santoni sizes are very very confusing. But then that's good. Save some money.
Are the sizes they list in US?
Royal Mail. Period.
Calm down guys. I think we are just too Yoox'ed. Lol!
Do it on April 1, please.
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