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sorry I am no expert, but a buff might make it worst as it is of chrome finish.
since mine is an old model, the closest I can get for you is this: there are also some leather straps available from an ebay seller that I just found:
sorry sir, what do you mean?
Price drop!
Now US$49 only!!! (+ shipping) Price drop to US$59 plus shipping Size 42" Armpit to armpit 22" Sleeves length 32" (the way we measure shirt sleeves) Armpit to end of cuff 20.5" Overall length 25" Worn once last year, cleaned and stored in cedar wood drawer Very hight quality wool Asking US$69 plus shipping Item in Canada
It works in Canada! Spend more bucks...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mathew J Hyundai Omega Agree with you about Hyundai. I used to drive a Honda Accord. Now I drive a Hyundai Sonata 2009. It's assembled in the States. Very good quality indeed. I saw their Genesis at the dealer this morning when I brought my car for an oil change. Wow, what a beautiful car! I am so impressed by their craftmanship.
I faxed my order form to Ricky last night (afternoon in Hong Kong) and told him that my friend is going to pick up the shirt for me. Got he email this morning saying that the shirt is ready on Friday. So its good if someone can offer us proxy service in Hong Kong.
I bought my first pair of AS from Pediwear in 2003 and have owned 4 pairs since then. They are of great value - 10% discount and free shipping from Pediwear. This is sad...
The shoes are sold!
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