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Well, although it is a sale item, I bought it http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/HUSSEI...3900_7_5_1B_70 by using the smallprivilige@yoox code successfully! May be it is placed in the Autumn/Winter section. Amazing deal!
Hi, could you tell me the measurement of the outsole?
The shoes are sold. Thank you all for your interest!
Quote: Originally Posted by skin1879 What size are these in US? I'm interested if they fit 9D. Let me know. Sorry, there is no US size written in the shoes. But I think they fit like US9D. They are 1/2 size too small for me. I am UK8.5E or F. The shop that I bought from only stocked full sizes. The UK9 is too big. But I like the design and the color very much so I bought them! My Moreschi in size US9.5D fit me well. So the Cheaney would be a...
Sleek design Cheaney for sale. Worn 2 times. Bought in Hong Kong. SOLD! Size: UK8F Colour: Brown Last: 11525 US$160+Shipping from Canada PM me if you need more pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC China can produce high quality goods and Italy can produce shitty goods. Italy can produce high quality goods and China can produce shitty goods. Totally agree!!!
Sorry, I spent hours on uploading the pictures and failed. Will get them done tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by mg428 Really? Which one is better for you? Aldeburgh or Althorpe? From the photos Althorpe seems to be really wider than Aldeburgh. I know that I am EE on AS, so probably I will stick with Aldeburgh. Also, although I liked the Althorpe, I think I want my plain oxford captoe shoe to be as classic as possible. On the other hand, I like shoes that have a longer look. Damn it will be a tough decision! I...
Quote: Originally Posted by mg428 I am 99% sure. Unless, as you said this is a country specific model, this model is Althorpe! I quicly eliminated all other AS captoes from all lines that I found on pediwear's website. One had 6 eyelets whereas this one and Althorpe have 5 eyelets. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/detail.php?stock_ID=484 2 of them were 87 last, which is very different than...
Quote: Originally Posted by mg428 Perhaps this shoe is Althorpe, what do you think?? http://item.rakuten.co.jp/aluk/10009892/ Not quite sure, because there are so many Japanese-only versions available in their country.
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