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Btw, I am heading to Tokyo in early March. Beside the Menswear Dept in Isetan, Ginza, TOMORROWLAND, Beams, Tokyu Hands...where else should I visit (for clothing and shoes)? I will be there for 3 nights only.
No machine is involved. I am speechless
Alfred Sargent
+1. I have exactly the same pair and I also use Saphir's light brown (03) on all my tan shoes. Their colours are the same. No lighten no darken.
Thanks for the heads up. I was trying to order 2 shirts from them.
Did anyone get hit by custom when the items were sent to Canada (Luxire uses Fedex)?
Look at the price of this pair of Santoni: Are they (Yoox) crazy???
Just tried and found out the tax/duty adds 30% on the top. Really, WTF?!
Just my route to all new shoes. Who knows how long they have been sitting in the factory/ shop.
I am worrying because the affected area can become bigger when I wear the shoes more and when the next polish time comes.
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