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I wear both Zimmerli and Hanro and I prefer Hanro. The waistband of Zimmerli is irritating. Recently I found Derek Rose is even better ( I mean their 100% mercerised cotton briefs). Their waistband is the best (wrapped by the same material of the brief).
Yup. Just a few bucks can change the whole thing
Rain last collection. Still have one pair of single monk in my closet
What about Vancouver???
Grey leather and beige laces
One of my favorites
US Size 9.5 (UK 8.5) $129 + shipping Bought from our forum member This pair was a second (see last pic) Outsole length approx. 30.7cm Outsole Width approx. 10.1cm Paypal only Shoes are in Canada
European Size 8 (runs big and long) Retail price 550 EURO Now only $229 + shipping Worn two times only Outsole length approx. 31.5cm Outsole width approx. 10.3cm Paypal only Shoes are in Canada
Many thanks for the info!
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