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What about Vancouver???
Grey leather and beige laces
One of my favorites
US Size 9.5 (UK 8.5) $129 + shipping Bought from our forum member This pair was a second (see last pic) Outsole length approx. 30.7cm Outsole Width approx. 10.1cm Paypal only Shoes are in Canada
European Size 8 (runs big and long) Retail price 550 EURO Now only $229 + shipping Worn two times only Outsole length approx. 31.5cm Outsole width approx. 10.3cm Paypal only Shoes are in Canada
Many thanks for the info!
Btw, I am heading to Tokyo in early March. Beside the Menswear Dept in Isetan, Ginza, TOMORROWLAND, Beams, Tokyu Hands...where else should I visit (for clothing and shoes)? I will be there for 3 nights only.
No machine is involved. I am speechless
Alfred Sargent
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