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Price drop!
Interesting. So it is not consistent. I ordered from B.C., not sure if this makes a difference.
Yup. And when I ordered two tuxedos from them in May 2015 both taxes were charged.
Wow, thank you razl!
$220 -> $200 Brand new Colour Tobacco UK 8.5 Outsole length approx. 31cm Very soft leather and beautiful patina, iPhone pic doesn't show the real beauty Wrong size bought but costly to return for an exchange (Canada Post is very expensive) US$220 + postage Paypal only
Could someone who owns a pair of size 42 Achilles low top give me the insole measurement? I am not sure about my size. Outsole measurement would also do. Thanks!
Thanks! And is it possible for you to tell me the outsole length of your Mirfield?
Anyone has experience with the sneaker Mirfield? How does the size run (in terms of length)?
Size UK 9 Outsole length approx 31cm width approx 11cm Top quality leather and craftmanship US$349 -> 299 plus shipping Paypal only Shoes are in Canada
So do you mean Yanko 915 is slightly longer than Carmina Rain?
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