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Sunil, as others have said, these marks are cosmetic and won't affect the performance of your boot. It is up to you whether or not you can live with them. If you can, after a very short time, a couple of creme and polishes and some wear you probably won't even notice these things any more. If you cannot then you could contact the Tricker's store and tell them how you feel.  However, what you will likely find yourself up against is their argument that they are a...
"Many a true word spoken in jest."
Humour doesn't always cross oceans, I know. As for where and when I wear my boots and shoes, suffice to say that I am not any kind of a dandy and they certainly do see some rugged use.
The only problem with that idea is that it might happen ... and then I would be trapped in a world of welt-fear!
You have the beginnings of a good make-up there. I shouldn't pitch in as I am not in the market for shoes right now, but what the heck?  I would go for blind eyelets (especially if you want to wear them with a suit) and I would definitely consider an edge binding.  Beechnut Antique is beautiful.  And I would also go for an interesting coloured lining.  Not seen unless they are off, of course, but will remind you every time you pull them on that they were made to...
Having said that, if there is enough interest, perhaps we could start a WELTS AND WELT-MEN thread. Any takers? : )
I can't believe what I am reading on here ... where has all of this welt-worry come from?   I enjoy my shoes and boots by wearing them, and the patina that they acquire over time reflects that.  But each to his own, I guess.   MM
You will have to discuss those things with Richard.  Generally the minimum order is 6 pairs.  The cost depends on the spec, naturally.  Time frame?  That depends upon Tricker's/time of year/phase of Jupiter's moons etc., but expect it to take between eight and twelve weeks at least.
I think that you will love your Bourton ... I have two pairs ... one in waxy suede (originally Champagne Waxy but I have since dyed them brown) and a special in Acorn with a commando sole and natural welt.  They are great shoes. I have never owned Aldens but I have held them.  I prefer the build quality of Tricker's ... they are more rugged and feel to me like they will last longer.  I also prefer the shape, but then I am European.  Aldens are finer and, although it is...
You have pretty much got it. Decide what you would like (examples of what is available on the Tricker's website ... The Shoe Healer website is also wonderful for looking at some examples of what has been done in the past. Once you have decided, contact Richard at The Shoe Healer and have a chat with him about it.  He will know if you are being realistic or suggesting something that might not work.  He will also be able to give you the number of orders required, a costing...
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