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My pleasure. A good idea to practice if you are new to this, but don't be scared of making mistakes.  Just go gently .... any errors can be cleaned back. You aren't going to ruin those boots. All the best,MM
Thanks @Organika. I liked the result that you achieved so much that I have just done the same to a pair of Marron Woodstock's.  After sanding I simply applied some Crème Surfine and then, having let it soak in for half a day, I finished off with some Pâte de Luxe, a lighter brown followed by a mid brown.  They have buffed up a treat and look so much nicer. Grateful to you for sharing. MM
@wjames - Happy to tell you what I would do, but please forgive me if I am teaching you how to suck eggs or if you don't agree with some of my thoughts.  It is all very subjective.   All of the products that I am going to mention are by Saphir, manufactured in France by Avel.  They aren't cheap but they are worth every penny.  They are available from The Shoe Healer and A Fine Pair of Shoes ... and other places too.   I would start by cleaning the boots...
I am really happy to tell you what I would do, but I am just a bit busy at the moment so if you can wait a while I will share some advice later. By the way, which country are you in (as some of the things I will suggest might or might not be available where you are)?  MM
Oh my ... what terrible grammar. So, would you mind letting us know which stain you use? Cheers,MM
Do you mind letting us know which stain do you use?   Best, MM
Hello Namor. It didn't involve the sole, it was a split on the upper, along the outside quarter panel seam, just back from the facing, level with the second eyelet up from the bottom.  It wasn't the two parts coming apart, as the stitching stayed intact ... it was a definite tear of about 4cm in length. I cannot be exactly sure why they split there, as it isn't a high-stress point of the boot.  Either a weakness in the leather or possibly a manufacturing error.  I can't...
Thanks ... I love them. MM
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