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Hey, Could you please post more pictures of these? Specifically, some angles from the side. I'd be really interested in having this done but I want an idea of how the sole will affect the profile of the shoe. Thanks! 
Finally received my first pair of Red Wings, the IR's in Amber today. I love them, but I have a couple questions. Any help would be much appreciated.    My main concern is that I'm not sure about my width. They feel snug around the sides of my feet but not painful, which is how I read they should be, but my foot is pushing the leather out beyond the sole. The pictures don't show this as well as I would like but hopefully this gives an idea of what I mean. When they're...
Oy blinchiki c myasam kak uzhasna!! Lol greetings tavarish. Red Wing has amazing customer service! Email their customer services team and include pictures and see what they say! Maybe they'll be nice enough to cover the shipping for you (send a shipping label or reimburse you). Couldn't hurt to try! For such expensive boots you should be 110% satisfied.  Good luck bratan
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